Would You Wear It – Transitions to Fall

Would You Wear It - Transitions to Fall

Happy September Saturday, everyone!  Welcome to Would You Wear It – Transitions to Fall!

This is the day I join in with my blogging friend, Jennifer, and bring two fashion displays for your scrutiny.

Would You Wear It - Transitions to Fall

Displays are beginning to offer gentle nods toward fall and I believe that is what two of these looks do.

Remember to offer constructive thought as to why or why not you would wear the clothing you see…feel free to offer styling advice as well.

Just pretend you were given the clothes…and don’t worry about telling us if you would or would not purchase them.

Would You Wear It - Transitions to Fall

So, please consider my display of three and tell us……………………………


I found this grouping in the Alfani department at Macy’s.  Here are some more looks from the current collection:


Would You Wear It - Transitions to Fall

While in Macy’s, I saw these fun Ralph Lauren faux straw slip on sneakers….of course, I love this classic tan color and it would transition into fall very nicely!!

Actually, the shoe comes in 10 design/color options….Lauren Ralph Lauren Jinny Slip-on Jinny Sneakers. 


Would You Wear It - Transitions to Fall

I was getting in the car this past week, looked down and found this amazing leaf on the ground.  Such a beauty that confirms it is time to transition to more color!!

Remember there are great sales this holiday weekend, not only at Macy’s, but also at Chico’s, Talbot’s, Loft, Ann Taylor,  Nordstrom, Dillard’s, JJILL and Land’s End

Now answer that question…WOULD YOU WEAR IT? …then head over to A WELL STYLED LIFE and tell Jennifer what you think…enjoy your Saturday and always…..


By Pamela Lutrell



  1. Overall, I like the look of the display but I’m not sure I’d find anything for me. If the necklace turned out to be more pink burgundy than brown, I would definitely try it on. But the top with it looks a little boxy for me. The top on the left is a lovely colour but I prefer sleeves, and the way it pulls tight around the hips would be unflattering on me; a wasted shape would be much better. The blouse on the right has a pretty pattern but for me, the colour is too light and the shape again too boxy. As for the bottoms, I feel that slightly flared A-line shorts to mid/low thigh, or long, dark, straight or bootcut pants would look much better on my legs.

  2. This is a very attractive display. Definitely would cause me to pause and look at the pieces. I’d wear that purple blouse and love it with white, though I would want full length pants. The jacket in the middle is a good shape, not loving the pattern, but if it came in different options I might consider that. I do like boxy shapes. I love the deep red pants and would wear those, they’d be full length on me. The eyelet blouse is nice, but that’s not a color that looks good on me so I’d pass on that. They did a nice job on this one. I like the Ralph Lauren shoes.

  3. I’ll take the berry sleeveless top to wear under my jean jacket. I like the color and the neckline. Nothing else speaks to me.

  4. Like the last comment. Nothing in the berry line says anything but walk on by.The blues however are much more attractive and I would be able to mix them into what I already have. Also the animal print purse. I am a fool for animal. Have some in everything-shoes, bags, pants, shirts,scarves,etc. goes well with everything. Happy hunting!

  5. i like the sleeveless tops color, some call it mulberry or shiraz…i would wear it, i wouldnt wear the white pants with it, i dont wear crops.
    the center one i would wear but tucked in so some black jeans with some black or maroon boots.
    the last one is just a no, reminds me of cute 60s housewives…like samantha on bewitched or mary tyler moore on the dick van dyke show….

  6. I would wear the middle top and would wear the sleeveless one under a jacket..denim for casual or a blazer for a more dressy look. I can’t wear skinny leg pants of any type…very unflattering on my heavy, sometimes swollen legs..unfortunate because I like the look.

  7. The left set is out for me as I do not wear capris nor sleeveless tops. I would wear the two other pants, in particular the red one. The reddish top in the middle appeals to me and I would certainly wear it IF (a big IF) it is not too tight at the hips. But as I see it, in any case, I would be tempted to exchange the tops and the pants. I find the red top a bit too short to go with these leggings-like, very tight, black pants, I would try this top with the red pants (with, of course, the necklace). I would be curious about the eyelet top and would try it, but I am not sure how to style it for me, perhaps open on a dress or with a longish skirt. It is an interesting display, in any case, and I like these colors (berry, red, even ivory) for the autumn. Nice week-end, Pam.

  8. The top in the middle, I would wear with my plum thigh length cardigan and a scarf with those colours as well as a brighter pink blend. I would wear this with straight leg jeans or plum fine wale cords and ankle boots in a dark grey. None of the bottoms speak to me today, but the top on the left I would also wear under a jacket or sweater. I often wear sleeveless tops under cardigans in the fall for a bit less bulk on the arms. The blouse on the right is not a colour I wear at all. September here has started with chilly temps in the morning so this does make me think autumn is on the way.

  9. Yes – I do think any of the pants or the pedal pushers (capris) could be mine but as with most pants I’d need to try them on for fit. Since autumn here can range from warm and humid on sone days to cool and crisp on other days I need a full range of options. I don’t care for any of the tops shown. The styles are varied but just not my taste.

  10. I’d love to have the fuchsia blouse on the left; even though sleeveless, I would wear a blazer or cardigan to cover my arms. I do not care for the pattern of the middle top, but do like the shape and eyelet material of the blouse on the right. However, I’d need it in a different color. I do not care for any of the pants because they are too short for my taste. But if they were longer, I’d be happy to have any of them. I have not been into a Macy’s in years, but do like several of the items in the slideshow. Hope you have a relaxing, happy Labor Day weekend!

  11. The sleeveless top is cut just like one I own and wear often. I would wear any of these clothes, but not necessarily combined as shown. The off white top with bright red pant is higher contrast than is my current preference. The necklace is not for me.

  12. The left and center tops are colours I would wear but the Vs are too low to not be wearing a camisole. That doesn’t make sense to me for a sleeveless top. The center top could be worn open as an overtop piece although I don’t wear that style preferring a sweater or jacket if an extra layer is needed for warmth or coverage.

  13. I love the purple top, depending on how warm toned it was in real life, and would wear it with olive jeans or joggers. The others are pretty, but I’m not a lace fan, and the pattern in the blouse reads too workwear for my style these days. I have great luck with the Alfani brand. It somehow carves out a waistline for me. I just bought a gold cardigan on super clearance from the brand that was really good quality.

  14. The top on the left is not my style or color. I think I would wear the top in middle. The neckline would be flattering, & I like the long sleeves & the style. It is something I would certainly take a look at. I don’t see the eyelet top as being very fall like. I associate eyelet with summer, & if it came in white, I would wear it as a fun fresh summer top.

  15. I love all three looks, and would definitely try them on. One of my go-to looks is slim slacks with a beautiful blouse or top that has interesting details. Being able to pair a statement necklace with a top is a bonus so yes to the necklace. For the pants. I prefer mine longer than the white pair. I go for cropped at mid- to lower-calf or ankle length. I like all three tops and have a version of each of these in my wardrobe. Thank you for the inspiration, Pam! I love this post from you and Jennifer and look forward to seeing both your posts each Saturday.

  16. Due to the climate I live in (Canada) I’m afraid other than the center garments, the others would be deemed impractical as a transition into Fall. That said; due to the length of the top I most likely would wear my black wool bouclè knit poncho/wrap (for added texture) with it on a cooler day, paired with either my black leather or suede loafers, mid calf/low wedge boots or ankle booties and might use the statement necklace in lieu of a scarf for a polished casual look which in turn would dictate my choice of handbag. -Brenda-
    Footnote: Did check out the RL sneakers but apparently it is an item they do not ship to Canada. Sad face 🙁

  17. Aren’t leaves so beautiful! The one you found sure is.
    I would wear all the outfits, even though I don’t particularly care for the checked blouse. That motif is not my style, but I like how all of the outfits are styles and I love the colors. They do say fall in a subtle way. Very pretty!

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