It’s a neutral…and it’s here to stay!

It's a neutral...and it's here to stay

Fashion experts seem to agree that this is a neutral and it is here to stay!

Whether you call it leopard, cheetah, or just animal prints, you can wear it with any complimentary colors…just as any neutral.

I love to wear these prints with red, orange, green…and sometimes even purple!


It's a neutral and here to stay

Regular readers of this blog know that I wear a lot of animal print…and actually always have.

I am glad to keep it in my wardrobe after the color consultation, and I have it in several options…like the V neck mesh tank (above) from Chico’s that I have owned for over a year.

It's a neutral and here to stay

It's a neutral and here to stay

Recently, I added these two tops to my wardrobe to wear for cooler weather.  

The first was purchased during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and it does cost more now than what I paid, The Vince Camuto Leopard Top. 

The second is Talbot’s Classic Cotton Shirt in Leopard, and is 25% off until September 6.

Here are more great options for tops currently on the market:


Its neutral for fall and here to stay

I confess I have a lot of accessories in leopard print…scarves, jewelry, a wristlet handbag,  ballet flats, boots, sneakers, and loafers! 

It is a staple in my personal wardrobe and I did not send any of it away in the closet purge….except for a pair of leopard pants that were just too baggy.

If wearing these prints in garments is too overwhelming for you, consider accessories…where you can still enjoy the stylish touch of animal prints.

Here are some fun options out there right now….


I know some of you are not fans…but the good news for the rest of us, is that it is here to stay!


By Pamela Lutrell



  1. I used to like the classic look of a leopard coat in 1930’s and 1940’s movies. When it started to get “big” years ago I bought a leopard scarf. As the years go on, I’m one who is really tired of animal prints. Where I live, we don’t see much of it but it’s all over the internet. Maybe it’s kind of a regional thing, and my area is not what I’d ever call fashion forward. To each his own for certain, and we should wear what we enjoy and feel good in. Uniquely expressing ourselves is the purpose of fashion, the way I see it. Wear what you love!

  2. I have always enjoyed animal print, but stay away from the warmer shades now. I have a black and white section in the closet in “big cat” prints and giraffe that I wear with with a bit of colour near my face to soften up the black. I also have a couple of the unnatural colours just for fun under a jacket or other topper. It seems as if you are either for or against but very few in the middle when it comes to animal print. I also have a couple shoe styles in snake, but that is the only place I wear that print. I really like the first shot of you with that pretty sweater over the print.

  3. I saw a woman yesterday while I was at the mall and she had on snake print pull on sneakers with a black top and white jeans…it looked so good! Enjoy your snake prints!

  4. I like animal print clothing and would wear more if I could find items that did not have brown, ecru, tan backgrounds which are not complimentary colors for me as a winter. I have several scarves, and two tops which have white backgrounds and more blacks and grays than browns and tans, but they are difficult to find. You look so lovely in your various outfits especially the opening picture with your dyed sweater and animal print top and long necklace. I’m always on the lookout for prints in whites, blacks, and grays, and nice to know they will continue to be fashionable.

  5. I love leopard. My favorite piece of clothing is a sweater blazer from JCrew from a few years ago in an oversized spot. It’s so dramatic I have to force myself not to wear it more than once a week (perfect illustration of Annie’s comment that it’s ok to stand out with a piece). I also have scarves, “milder” leopard cardigans, mules, loafers and a tank top. I usually only wear one at a time, though. I love it with red, maroon, and rust, but also with ivory and olive, and some of it looks surprisingly good with navy. I think the really warm versions would be amazing with purple … good tip, Pam! When you start thinking about all the colors it goes with, it really is a neutral. It even goes great with a striped top. In northwest Ohio, we are very conservative, yet I see it everywhere here. What I don’t see much of is snake, and I have a harder time styling that or enjoying it as much.

  6. I own one animal print scarf and a gold, black and silver bracelet I wear with it on a base of black. Enough animal print for me.

  7. I love leopard and I am from the Pacific Northwest. I have a 3/4 sleeve jacket that I have had for 8 years, that I wear every fall and winter. It is so versatile. I also have a leopard pullover sweater, a blouse, and booties and flats. My raincoat is a reversible black with a very subtle leopard design. . I have had this coat for 15 years and get compliments every time I wear it. I love your fashion today.

  8. You wear the animal prints well Pam. I am most drawn to the prints done in accessories, and have a fun handbag, a cardigan, and a black wool winter coat with just the furry lining showing up in Cheetah. I have to admit, I feel pretty sassy wearing that!! 😉 The boot selections in your carousel make me want to add something subtle for my feet (perhaps the boots with the print at the heel area). In any case, none of these pieces get worn together or terribly often but are good for a change of pace.

  9. The warm animal print with the paprika cardigan really suits you. You are an “autumn”, no question!

  10. The first time I bought a leopard print, it felt so out of my comfort zone. LOL! I love that it goes with so many colors!

  11. I know 😩…I wish I had known and embraced it before now…but finally having fun with it!! Thanks so much…that is the old pink cardigan that I dyed!!

  12. I can remember the courage it took me to wear it the first time! So glad we decided to step out of our comfort zones!!

  13. I’m looking forward to your slideshow of animal prints for “cool” skin tones. I have one short sleeve leopard print that is black and gray on a white background, but I’d love a long sleeve version for colder weather.

  14. I have a classic leopard print belt & a pair of black suede flats with the traditional leopard print insets. The only animal print clothing I have is a snow leopard print blouse. This print in the soft gray, white & black is a better choice for me.

  15. I like animal print in small doses. Right now I have a cute belt, a handbag and apair of winter loafers with leopard accents. I think it’s enough for me and my taste in clothes.
    To each his/her own…..that’s fashion!

  16. All the outfit combos you have on are winners in my book! They look great!
    I love leopard print and have several tops, and scarves and shoes too! Love it!
    “They” say it will never go out of style and I can see why it would be called a neutral.

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