5 tips for a brighter face

5 tips for a brighter face

Happy Monday!  Today, I would like to share with you my 5 tips for a brighter face!

It was such a amazing weekend with family and crisp, gorgeous fall weather.  Such a great way to enter a new week!

I am often asked about my complexion at age 68, and in pondering it at this age, I believe I have narrowed to five reasons it looks brighter.


In5 Tips for a brighter face

I believe since last March, I have eaten the healthiest food ever in my life.  More fruits and veggies and purposeful supplements.

Also, during the past two years, I have spent more time outside.  So, I was very pleased when my recent blood tests for a physical revealed that my immunity is the strongest it has been! 

My doctor and I both were pleased.  The biggest difference in my supplements is that I have added Zinc to my daily intake which before COVID was not the case. 

Also, daily I drink a lot of water and green tea, and try to remain faithful to do this daily.

We all know that what goes inside is perhaps more important as what we put on the outside of our skin.


5 Tips for a brighter face

For the past three years, I have exclusively used daily these products from Chamonix, antioxidant based, all natural skincare with plant stem-cell technology.

I noticed a difference and a brighter face from the first week I used these products and I have stuck with them.  They often run specials.

Yet, in the past few months I added something to my nightly routine….

5 tips to a brighter face

I added retinol to my routine at night.  I began with the 45 Day retinol treatment called The Reversal by Beauty Bio.

It was excellent and my face took a major turn for the better during the 45 days.

5 tips for a brighter face

Then I was asked to try this new line by THE ROUTE, THE GOLDEN RULE NEXT GENERATION RETINOID.

Both of these businesses are female owned and developed by women with impressive scientific backgrounds.  I only have used them at night and feel like they were a perfect addition to my daily products from Chamonix.


5 tips for a brighter face

Once again, I want to say how much I did not realize what wearing our best colors does for our face until I saw a demonstration.

When I discovered and made a commitment to wearing my autumn colors, it was like a bright light Illuminated my face. 

I could actually see then the dark cloud that rolls in when we are not wearing out best colors.  It is truly amazing to watch your face when you put on something that is not in your personal color palette.

So, now I understand more about this next tip.


5 tips to a brighter face

When I made the commitment to wear my best colors, I also changed my hair, glasses and makeup.

The longer I wear these colors, the less makeup I am wearing.  Why?  

Well, when I wore the cooler colors, they put a gloom on my complexion.  Circles under my eyes appeared darker, and wrinkles were more pronounced.  My face seemed puffier.

So, I wore more makeup to cover all of those little “imperfections” up. 

Now that what I wear helps my face to look brighter…I do not need as much makeup…and I even go more days feeling confident without it.

In the past, if you had asked me to wear an eye palette like you see here, I would’ve scoffed!  But, these are the exact colors I wear now…and love it.


5 tips to a brighter face

I made a promise to myself years ago to be the most optimistic, joyful me I could be each day.

It means I choose Joy One Day at a Time…no matter what.

Of course, the pandemic and even recent times have brought my family the same challenges as the rest of you, but I CHOOSE to see the silver linings and remain hopeful.

Of course that is a wonderful way to have a brighter face. 

These 5 tips working together have resulted in a brighter face for me and I am certain can do the same for others.  I started with baby steps and gradually added all of these and see they do work.

Start with baby steps to see what works best for you!  I am not attempting to look younger, but attempting to look healthy and the best possible me at 68.

Please share any secrets you have as well….and remember your face is brighter if you will…..


5 tips to a brighter face

Just a reminder to relish and breathe in October days…it is half over……goes too fast…

By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I was provided product for this post, but the words are my own.

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  1. Hi Pam, Thanks for sharing your tips. I recently had my colors done snd am also an Autumn-so I enjoy following your posts. Can you share any blush and lipstick brands and colors that you have found that work for you in your new colors. Thanks

  2. I appreciate that you said you aren’t trying to look younger, but to look your very best at the age you are. I am the same age as you, and believe that if we try to look young we are going to face some discouragement. Looking our best is a very individual thing, because we are all different. We find what works and run with it until we need to change again. Like you, I eat a diet focused on vegetables, grains and fruit, with just occasionally having some seafood, fish or chicken. Lots of water! Spending time outside daily is a given. Even a short time makes a big difference, but I’d much rather be out than in! I have a question about color. Currently, my hair remains my natural brunette color. I know the colors that work for me, but do you think that when the time comes that my hair becomes gray those colors will necessarily change? Today’s pallette is for my brunette self, but those colors, I’m thinking, will look “off” when my hair and skin change. Then we start over? What do you think?

    1. Hi Karen, Annie says our colors are the same even when we go gray. She says many women immediately try to change and discover they don’t look their best. She told me you are autumn and will always be!

  3. Totally agree with it all… good points, and you started with the most important one first. I would add a number 6: regular weight-bearing activity, and I favor walking. It will get the blood pumping, and bring color and vibrancy to your face. It helps me maintain healthier habits (I just walked, do I really want to counter that burn with a snack?). I also find it makes me feel better mentally to be out in nature, and physically prevents some stiffness, aches and pains. In their absence, it’s easier to keep smiling!

    1. I agree, Linda…and I should’ve added walking because it has become the major part of my workout during the past few months as well. You are right…it is a big contributor!

      1. I agree with Audrey, your change to Autumn is amazing. I could not believe the change in you, what a difference it has made! You look so much more vibrant and comfortable and your style change seems more suited to you. I have been enjoying these posts immensely. Also love how you choose to be optimistic and joyful each day! You are definitely inspiring me.

  4. Such great suggestions, Pam. Thank you! Regarding Karen’s comments about hair color and seasons, I’m totally a winter. About two years ago my hair dresser talked me into blonde highlights as my very, very dark brunette color began to turn gray. Amazingly, it looks really nice, but what I wanted to say is that I am still totally a winter. I could never get by with the lovely autumn clothing that you have been featuring. So, Karen, take heart: you don’t have to toss your wardrobe and start over. 😊. Also, Pam, I saw a wall plaque at Kirkland’s online that says: “Autumn is my favorite color.” You should definitely check it out. 👍

  5. I believe that one of the reasons your face looks bright is because you have such a warm smile and you take good care of your teeth!

  6. So enjoyed your post. Your change to autumn is amazing. I am not an autumn but am applying your tips and changes to my wardrobe. The best always

    1. Thank you for commenting Audrey…I hope to encourage everyone in different color palettes as well. Thank you so much!

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