Casual Weekend Life and Holiday Prep

Casual Weekend Life and Holiday Prep

Whew! It’s Monday…and I am discussing my Casual Weekend Life and Holiday Prep thoughts.

This past weekend was another exhausting one with family and grandchildren visiting once again.  (The reason I did not respond to the excellent comments yesterday)

Playing with my grandsons for a casual weekend life means that I must have my own brand of “play clothes.”

This past weekend I was throwing balls of catch…getting balls off the roof (with a long pole) and playing toys on the floor…we are an active crew!


Casual Weekend Life and Holiday Prep

Shopping at Loft this fall has helped me to build a play clothes wardrobe…which I did not have prior to this.

LOFT has fun pieces with great prices…especially since I have shopped only sales.

They helped me to find one more striped tee in my autumn colors.  This is the Striped Boatneck Tee in Pure Rust (I told you I would find the orange stripes somewhere!)

And when it is cold outside…like we are expecting at the end of the week, I can throw on this Hoodie Poncho in Oat Copper. …I should’ve sized down, but it works for my play clothes.

I wore the striped tee recently with the JC Penney a.n.a. Women’s High Rise Skinny Pant in tan acid wash…this is my favorite pant right now for fit, color and price.  I am so glad I decided to bring it home.

I am loving all of my fun new sneakers ….especially the gold ones!  Here are some great selections currently at Nordstrom Rack:

Also, here are more play clothes selections at Loft and JCP:


Casual Weekend Life and Holiday Prep

When we were downtown last week, we saw this lovely Christmas tree in a window.

I would call it the San Antonio Tree…the ornaments were special to this community and anyone who lives or celebrates here.

The tree decorations I love the most are the ones special to a family or a heritage.  I have two trees (one artificial and one real).

The real tree is where each ornament has a story for our family and I add to that story each year. 

I say this often…it is never too late to begin family traditions.

Here are some lovely ornaments currently on the market to get you thinking:

What story does your tree tell?  Please share with us….have a fabulous start to your week…and always….


Sometimes in a warmer climate, my autumn decorations get visitors…and the youngest grandson loved it….

Casual Weekend Life and Holiday Prep


By Pamela Lutrell

Fall at Over 50 Feeling 40


  1. From the time we were married, my husband and I started a tradition of collecting an ornament for every trip, marked on the bottom with a fine sharpie with the place and year. As we’ve downsized our housing, we’ve also downsized our trees, from two large, to one, to more of a tabletop tree, and these ornaments are the ones we kept. It’s so fun to unpack the one from our honeymoon 40-plus years ago. We started our son with the same tradition, and he had some nice ornaments to take when he set up his household.

  2. Great choice for play clothes, comfortable and colorful! Your words brought back memories of playing with my grandsons and what a joy that was. I believe it forged a special bond with them as I was the only grandmother who got down on the floor to zoom their trucks around and play outside, doing all the little boy things like you mentioned. I wouldn’t trade those years! Now that they are all grown, we still communicate regularly and they send pictures of things going on in their lives. And we will always have the privilege of praying for them.

    You asked about the tree….I have two trees also. One is for antique ornaments, many of which are family heirlooms, and is very special to me. All ornaments have to be 50 years or older, which is technically not antique, but this tree showcases some very special treasures and is a focal point in my home. My main tree contains ornaments that all have meaning, of places visited when traveling to the ones my sons and grandsons made for me through the years, and an ornament for each of our family pets through the years. I love putting the ornaments on the tree and recalling the special memories.

    Like you, I like to look put together and modern when I’m in my play clothes. You certainly do! Just have to seek out the things that can take a pounding!!

  3. wow, what a great idea Linda M had…I sure wish id thought of that in ’78 when I started with the airlines….
    I guess my tree and living room at Christmas just says my husband and I are children at heart, I go overboard. big storage bins all over the house full of decorations…I love a real tree but just can’t wrestle one anymore, so its a prelit two piece that resides in the master closet in a bag with a cover, and its an excellent hidden place for a nap for one of the cats, if I can’t find her I know she’s in there on her spot.

  4. The year we were engaged we bought an ornament painted with holly and the year. Each year since, we have added a dated ornament; I call them The Years of Our Life. We also have ones from trips, births, and other special events (the alma mater went to the Rose Bowl). Last year’s count: 45 years married plus made for 69. They don’t go on the tree, I hang them across the bay window. Now, we’re downsizing; I have to figure out a new display. What fun!

  5. Thanks Karen…I so hope as my grandchildren age we will always have a close and special relationship!

  6. It is never too late to start a new tradition, Sheryl. I love to recall all the stories behind my ornaments…you can start stamping trips going forward.

  7. I told my husband that as I downsize to remember….all decorations stay…no matter where I am. We will see if I live up to it. Thanks for being here Marin!

  8. Happy Monday, Pam! Love your outfit!

    There is a lovely old-fashioned florist/gift shop nearby that sells hand crafted ornaments. Every year my husband and I purchase one and we now have a huge collection. This collection is one of our most cherished possessions.

    We have other ornaments as well (gifts and so forth) and are at the point where we need two trees to display all of them.

    We still get a real tree which is so much fun.

  9. I love this, Beth and you are supporting the unique local businesses I love so much! Great idea!

  10. I love reading about everyone’s special ornaments. We have those too, but my big tradition is to add one new holiday music c.d. each year. I have my parents’ stack of albums as well, but just ordered a replacement in c.d. form of the old Julie Andrews Christmas songs album. For me, there must always be a soundtrack to the season. This year, too, a good friend of mine and I are preparing a program of flute and piano holiday songs to play for our friends and families.

  11. Oh my…this sounds amazing Connie! I completely agree about the music and would love to hear your program!

  12. Hi Pam, great outfit for playing with the grands! Our Christmas tree is beyond special to us; it is a history of our family. Every year since our boys were infants we purchased an ornament for each of them. As they got a little older, I hunted for ornaments that spoke to their interests or events in their lives, even ones that were “throwbacks” to childhood toys. They are both in their 40s now, and I can’t stop looking for ornaments for them every year. Lol. Now, we have eight grandchildren ages 6-15 for whom we have done the same thing. They all LOVE getting their yearly ornament, placing it on our tree, and looking at all the ones from their years past. I love hearing them say, “Remember when…” Great memories for the entire family.

  13. My Christmas tree, like others, is a collection of ornaments from my first year married, so 45 years (wow!). Each one is a reminder of a special person or time. I haven’t downsized them yet. Hopefully not for awhile. Oh, and Christmas music. All the ones I grew up with.
    As soon as Halloween is over… 🎅🎄

  14. I love to decorate for all seasons. We have taken/enlarged/framed a Christmas photo of the kids each year. Fun to find new settings each year. That’s 24 photos to display! They go up December 1st and stay out through the winter unless I get lazy and leave them up all year.

  15. I have Christmas pictures of the grandchildren I leave up all year…I agree that some things are too cute to take down!

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