Casual Weekend Life and Holiday Prep

Whew! It’s Monday…and I am discussing my Casual Weekend Life and Holiday Prep thoughts.

This past weekend was another exhausting one with family and grandchildren visiting once again.  (The reason I did not respond to the excellent comments yesterday)

Playing with my grandsons for a casual weekend life means that I must have my own brand of “play clothes.”

This past weekend I was throwing balls of catch…getting balls off the roof (with a long pole) and playing toys on the floor…we are an active crew!


Casual Weekend Life and Holiday Prep

Shopping at Loft this fall has helped me to build a play clothes wardrobe…which I did not have prior to this.

LOFT has fun pieces with great prices…especially since I have shopped only sales.

They helped me to find one more striped tee in my autumn colors.  This is the Striped Boatneck Tee in Pure Rust (I told you I would find the orange stripes somewhere!)

And when it is cold outside…like we are expecting at the end of the week, I can throw on this Hoodie Poncho in Oat Copper. …I should’ve sized down, but it works for my play clothes.

I wore the striped tee recently with the JC Penney a.n.a. Women’s High Rise Skinny Pant in tan acid wash…this is my favorite pant right now for fit, color and price.  I am so glad I decided to bring it home.

I am loving all of my fun new sneakers ….especially the gold ones!  Here are some great selections currently at Nordstrom Rack:

Also, here are more play clothes selections at Loft and JCP:


Casual Weekend Life and Holiday Prep

When we were downtown last week, we saw this lovely Christmas tree in a window.

I would call it the San Antonio Tree…the ornaments were special to this community and anyone who lives or celebrates here.

The tree decorations I love the most are the ones special to a family or a heritage.  I have two trees (one artificial and one real).

The real tree is where each ornament has a story for our family and I add to that story each year. 

I say this often…it is never too late to begin family traditions.

Here are some lovely ornaments currently on the market to get you thinking:

What story does your tree tell?  Please share with us….have a fabulous start to your week…and always….


Sometimes in a warmer climate, my autumn decorations get visitors…and the youngest grandson loved it….

Casual Weekend Life and Holiday Prep


By Pamela Lutrell

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