Fall outfit for the theater

Happy Sunday, friends.  Hope all is well your way.  I thought I would share with you how I created a fall outfit to wear to the theater again.

First, a little background:  Texas in the fall can be up and down and all around with the weather.  Many days start cool and end hot.

The fall/winter weather here always presents challenges for best outfits to wear.

I love the fall clothing…but some years we do not wear it full on until after Halloween.

Fall outfit for the theater

Last week was very cool with less humidity, and I decided I would wear a cute, stylish, gold jacket to see The Lion King at the Majestic Theater.

So, I got dressed first that day and while I was waiting on Mr. B, I began to feel very hot.  It was a much hotter, more humid day than the week before or even the morning of that day.

I needed to quickly improvise without much thought.

 I went with an old faithful…a beautiful brown silk coat by Eileen Fisher that I have owned for a long time. 

I put it over a column of black with an Eileen Fisher long tunic tank over Chico’s Tailored Ponte Leggings.

With a coat this long and flowy, I wanted slim legs on the bottom.

But, when I looked at it in the mirror it all seemed so dark…remember I have been wearing bright, vibrant colors since last June.

Mr. B was getting closer to being ready….so I knew accessories would have to quickly tell the story.

Fall outfit to the theater

Who would have guessed that my silk scarf would match the opening curtain and theater lights!!

I picked up the colors of the scarf in the Goldtone Adjustable Pendant Necklace, bracelet, and leather clutch. (The scarf, bracelet, shoes and clutch have been in my wardrobe a long time)

It wasn’t what I originally wanted….but it worked.

I was surprised at how dressed down many in the audience were…some around me looked like they were at a football tailgate party.

Mr. B smiled and said…”May we always be the best dressed in a crowd.”  He wore a suit without a tie.

Fall outfit for the theater

The Majestic Theater requires all attendees to wear masks, so Tux wanted to make sure we did not forget before rushing out the door!!

This is the second time I have seen The Lion King…it is still a gift to the senses and so much fun to watch.  I also enjoyed being with someone who had not seen it before.  He was mesmerized.

Since then, he keeps trying to figure out how they did certain things with the animal creations!


Fall outfit for the theater

We made it to dinner before the show and RODNEY STRONG was the house cab.  It is excellent…if you are a cabernet sauvignon fan.

Such a smooth, delicious, non-sweet wine made by a sustainable winery.

Fall outfit for the theater

I am happy to return to colorful me this week, but also glad I kept the pieces I wore in my fall outfit to the theater.

It helps to have a backup plan when needed.  Most of the clothes I have purchased since I became a VIBRANT AUTUMN are casual clothes.  

Since we have season tickets and for other occasions, perhaps I need some chic statement looks going forward in my colors.

Here are some possibilities:

What is your favorite musical/play to see on stage?  Would love to hear…have a wonderful day…and always….


By Pamela Lutrell

Fall at Over 50 Feeling 40



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