Shop Fall Casual at Loft with Leigh & Me

Shop fall casual at Loft with Leigh & Me

Happy Monday, Ladies!  Today, I want to show you shop fall casual at Loft with Leigh & me!

Leigh Ann is looking for a casual chic fall outfit to wear at a baby shower she is hosting, so off we went to shop fall casual.

Though she did not purchase anything on our recent shopping trip, there were some fun casual outfits I would like to share.

As we shop, remember we like to show you pieces for other color palettes besides our own…so some of these are not in our autumn palette.


Shop fall casual at Loft with Leigh & me

Leigh began by trying on the Lou & Grey Henley Tunic Sweater in Dusty Pistachio…it comes in three colors and she sized down from her regular Medium to a small.

She paired it with the Petite Lou & Grey Side Pocket Leggings in Harvest Green.

Shop Fall Casual at Loft with Leigh & Me

In the top photo, I am wearing the Henley Sweater in Golden Shade….but never fear, it does come in seven colors!

I was taken with so many great hues of gold and yellow.  My particular favorite is this this Cap Sleeve V-Neck Sweater in Golden Shade and comes in four lovely colors. 

Shop Fall Casual at Loft with Leigh & Me

To truly shop fall casual, I always look at the cardigans and I liked the fit of this V-Neck Pocket Cardigan in Dark Caper, one of five colors. 

Shop Fall Casual at Loft with Leigh & Me

Shop Fall Casual with Leigh & me

Leigh Ann really liked the Floral Mock Neck Sweater. 

She tried on the blue one in regular Misses size, but the second purple (Lavender Frost) one was displayed in the Petite department.  We decided we loved how they added the rust and green to this print.

Shop fall casual at Loft with Leigh & Me

This is an oversized, cozy at home garment that really liked…I did size down on it. It is called the Hoodie Poncho in Cool Oatmeal Heather…but if I ever purchased one I would go for the Oat Copper color.

I do not know why I like me in hoodies…I do not own any…but whenever I try one on, I like it!

Shop Fall Casual at Loft with Leigh & me

I also liked the fit and feel of this Flecked Tunic Sweater in Brown Multi…there are other colors.  A really good casual option for cooler weather.

Shop Fall Casual at Loft with Leigh & Me

Leigh Ann loves to wear skirts and dresses for fall casual and she looks great in them.

She wanted to try on this Faux Suede Button Pocket Dress but wanted a top to go with it that looked like the top on the website….short sleeve ribbed mock neck top which is out of stock in white & black. 

 All we could find was this Plaid Ruffle Trim in Honey Olive.

She liked both pieces but did not see that she would ever wear them together.  She envisioned this jumper with a turtleneck or mock neck and high boots.

Shop Fall Casual at Loft with Leigh & me

This is an outfit featured on a display that we decided she should try for the audience to see.  

It is not a style that Leigh Ann would typically wear.  This is the Henley Sweater in Coral Spice (again, it comes in seven colors); and the Plaid Ponte Leggings.

Shop Casual Fall at Loft with Leigh & Me

If this Lou & Grey Coffee Hoodie Tunic Sweater came in another color and not just black, I would have purchased it…I really liked the fit, fun and hoodie part of the top. It is super cute….but I no longer wear black like this.

If they do this again, I would wish for a brown version!  There is a Lou & Grey Coffee Sweater…but I wasn’t crazy about the cup…just liked the word better.

This FALL FEST sale for 40% off ends tonight at midnight at Loft.  Just use the code word FALLFEST.  

Here are some other styles on the website that we like…..

It is always fun to shop fall casual with Leigh & me….I hope you enjoyed it.  She is still looking and attempting to decide what to wear to the shower…will let you know!

Also, make sure you check out yesterday’s post and comments from the pumpkin patch…the Ohio readers really came through with wonderful fall celebrations.

Now, enjoy your Columbus Day and always……………………………………..


By Pamela Lutrell

Fall Outfit & reflections from the pumpkin patch


  1. You certainly found a lot to try on! I love the first hoodie you tried and can see that with a turtleneck in the winter. You should get one (or several) since you like them and they look nice on you. Typically the necklines on hoodies form a “v” which is always flattering. I also like the coral spice top that Leigh Ann is wearing. Beautiful color! I think those plaid leggings would look great in a trouser style. It’s always fun to see what you two discover on your shopping trips.

    1. We always learn on these shopping missions…about what is happening in the retail world. It’s fun and yes we like our new discoveries!

  2. I really loved you in the shorter sleeve hoodie in oatmeal heather. I know you said you would need another shade but I thought it was very flattering. Cute “coffee” tunic! It’s a fun piece but I realize you’re avoiding black now. On Leigh Anne’s choices I love the pinkish/coral Henley with plaid (?) pant. She looks adorable I think. You both look really happy and confident here!

    1. I remarked when we left this store that trying on these clothes made me feel happy and confident. A brand should do that for us and for me LOFT has been delivering the smiles!

  3. You certainly showed us a colorful variety of items today. I’m am like you in that I too do not own any clothing with a hoodie. I think my hesitation is that hoodies seem so favored by teenagers and much younger people than I so I never look at them. However, like you said there are many items with hoodies that are made for older individuals like we are. I still have the same hesitation about leggings even though you have advised me about good selections. However, I have been wearing leggings to yoga and when I walk so I’m slowly getting used to seeing myself in them.

    1. I am going to breakdown and purchase a hoodie…or two…Celia. I like the way I look in them and they are perfect for at home casual.

  4. I never wore hoodies either, and now I have several. I love them, and have found that if you buy them from a good retailer and not the discount places/Amazon, they often have a slight shaping that helps you not look like a kid. I often layer mine under a light vest. I love the look of them under blazers or denim jackets with the hood sticking out, but this feels too bulky on me when I try it. Eddie Bauer is my favorite for hoodies; top quality and fits me well. Plug for Pam: she has a link!

    1. Thanks so much, Linda! The shopping links are at the top of the page. Thanks for the plug and for joining me in “hoodie-land”

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