EQL by Kerrits: a brand with purpose

EQL by Kerrits: a brand with purpose

Hello everyone!  Welcome to the horse stables with me to discuss EQL by Kerrits: a brand with purpose.

This is a new brand for my blog and I am thrilled to share EQL by Kerrits with all of you.



EQL By Kerrits: a brand with purpose

I was like most little girls and loved everything about horses.  

I still own this book from The Horsemasters series Walt Disney created with a young Annette Funicello…the copyright is 1962. 

My daughter was the same way and on road trips would yell out for us to slow down or stop when she saw a horse.

Someday I will share it with granddaughters who I hope will love the stories also.  

Though I have not ridden in years, I love to watch horses.

So the mission of EQL by Kerrits really resonated with me: Our mission is to thoughtfully design and responsibly create clothes that let women unbridle their personal style and their power to help horses. We opt for materials and processes that are kind to people and the planet. Then, we donate 1% of proceeds to support equine causes.

I love the idea of a clothing brand created around a love of horses.

EQL by Kerrits: a brand with purpose

Today and tomorrow, I will share with you some of the beautiful clothing they offer…these are definitely pieces I will wear.

They are very cozy, comfortable, and quality garments.

In this outfit, I am wearing:

The New Turtleneck Poncho Sweater

The Roam Leggings in Walnut

The Horseshoe Multi-chain Necklace

EQL by Kerrits: a brand with purpose

I want to thank EQL by Kerrits for reaching out to me and sending clothing for this post.

I am very impressed with what they are doing with this brand. Tomorrow I will show you one of their blouses as we prepare for the last weekend of October!

EQL by Kerrits: a brand with a purpose

Maybe this is a good weekend for some time in the countryside!

Any other horse lovers in the group?  What do you think of brand supporting equine causes?

Thanks so much for being here and for all of those who take time to participate in the discussions….see you tomorrow with “sale” information and more gift ideas….


By Pamela Lutrell

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  1. I LOVE this!!! Definitely going to spend some time going through their site. Your boots are beautiful too, Pam! They caught my eye first thing! I love this cause, and like you, I grew up with a passion for horses, even pretending I was riding in the back yard when I found a huge log out there! I also have a horse book from the 1960’s that I have kept. I never heard of yours, but that’s a treasure! It’s been years since I’ve ridden too. We had a friend from church who had a farm and used to let me ride when we went out there. Treasured memories! I’m definitely going to look into this site. Thank you for bringing it to our attention!

  2. You are so welcome, Karen! I was excited when they got in touch with me and to share it with all of you!

  3. What an interesting company! There clothing that you are wearing is very pretty, and their jewelry is unusual. I well remember the days of Annette Funicello and the Mickey Mouse Club! I was a daily fan. I grew up on a farm so I was around horses daily. I did not often ride since someone else would have to saddle the horses for me, but when I was angry or upset, I’d often walk out in the pasture to find a horse where I would vent /cry to the horse! Sadly, I now little in town and am no longer around horses, but I am concerned for their well being and safety which is apparently the purpose of this group. Thank you for our introduction…I will investigate their website.

  4. This brand is great looking. Just like t he others, I’d like to know what brand are your boots? Just what I am looking for.
    I really like the idea of supporting horses. I, too, was horse crazy as a child.

  5. That poncho looks so cosy on you. What a great idea to donate back to the horse community. I had horses to ride from the time I was 12 until I left home, and was always riding in my spare time, It helped that two of my friends also had horses and we would go off on an adventure together. That book brought back very real memories, I was given them for every occasion and loved them all. Very tragic that all my childhood things went up in flames in a house fire, oh how I wish I still had some of them. I will take a peek into the site and see what you are showing tomorrow.

  6. Hi Jane…these are Aerosoles that I have owned for years…so sorry I do not have a link.

  7. Oh Diane…so sorry that you experienced the loss and pain of a house fire. Hopefully everyone survived just fine. That has to be awful to go through. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Oh my goodness, YES!!! I grew up riding in Nevada and spent weekends trail riding and after school exercising neighbor’s horses. Even got to spend several summers at horse camps up in the Sierras. As an adult I have continued to ride when at the beach, or on vacation in Hawaii or Montana. The love and affection for horses has never left me. Yeah for this brand connecting the dots! 💓🐎💓 Also, you look fantastic in their outfit.

  9. So sorry to hear, Diane! We know our love for horses never goes away as well so check out our page on giving back and see what equine causes we have partnered with!

  10. We’re so happy we’ve connected with you, Connie! Check out all of our new arrivals from our Fall collection. We have styles, prints, and sizes that are for everyone!

  11. We’re so happy we’ve connected with you, Connie! Check out all of our new arrivals from our Fall collection. We have styles, prints, and sizes that are for everyone!

  12. Love your outfit, so stylish .
    I’ll be definitely looking into this line from Kerrits, my daughter is a competitive hunter rider and I look forward to having a great spectator outfit .

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