Would You Wear It – Printed Leggings + Gift Ideas

Would You Wear It - Printed Leggings + Gift Ideas

Wow…already Wednesday in the last week of October!  Today is Would You Wear It – Printed Leggings + Gift Ideas!

I understand that everyone is hitting you with gift ideas early, but I think the supply chain issues are on everyone’s mind.

Some retailers are guaranteeing before Christmas deliver, and I noticed Macy’s is currently offering same day delivery! 

But first, it is the mid-week Would You Wear It pop up…today featuring a display with printed leggings.

Would You wear it - Printed Leggings + gift ideas

Rules are the same…look the display over and explain with constructive thought why you would or would not wear what you see.

You are always welcome to suggest a different way to do things as well.

So, please ladies, tell us……………………………………..


So many printed leggings on the market…here are a few…



Would You Wear It Printed Leggings

My favorite season of wonder is underway…at least on the Hallmark Channel!  I know it is early, but supply chain issues have many of us thinking early!

I wanted to begin my gift ideas with a slide show of brands and actual items I have personally gifted.

I have received compliments and thank yous after these gifts!  There is one new brand for me in this slideshow which was recommended by a reader…Bombas.

I love to gift fun socks, so I was excited to discover the brand…Thanks to Linda!

So, here we go with the first round of highly recommended gift ideas:

Also, remember that today is the last day for Talbot’s Friends & Family Event….

Let us know what you think of today’s display…and if anyone else would like to recommend a brand for gifts, then please let us know!  Let’s have some fun this holiday season!


By Pamela Lutrell

Fall at Over 50 Feeling 40



  1. I would definitely wear this. I do like printed leggings that are more subtle, like these. Also really like the top and the color of the whole outfit. Definitely like the understated, subtle prints. You found some great gift ideas! I can highly recommend the Voluspa candles. They come in those pretty jars and there are many beautiful fragrances. I have one by my bed right now!

  2. I love them, but I don’t wear them out…I wait for clearance sales and they serve as my at home uniform, with either tunics I have found on clearance or xxl t shirts. I love bright colors and prints, but I know on the bottom they are not my best look. they can work for me in like a palazzo pant but in leggings kind of raises eyebrows..lol
    ive seen the bombas advertised, I will click on the link and investigate.

  3. My Bombas socks are one of only two brands that hold up for my trail walking (the other is Darn Tough Vermont, but they are thicker for very cold weather). They both also have cushioning in strategic places that you would not believe makes a difference, but it’s noticeable. My first pair led to a few others and resulted in a huge sock drawer purge :). I hope you like them, Pam! I love the top in today’s display and have been eyeing a similar one. I was late to the leggings game, and for a while would only wear solid black. Then I bought a barely there cloudy dark print at Costco, of all places, and they garnered compliments and made me happy to have something to go with all my black (!) tops. Since then I have bought several in subtle, dark prints, and I wear them all the time for walking, working out, at home, and even for errands. So yes, I would wear this … and often do!

  4. I have still not enjoyed enough fall, so thinking of Christmas before the end of October is pushing it a bit for me. I do love Christmas, and will think of that by mid November or so. As for the leggings, I was in a mall yesterday for the first time in 2 years, and saw an entire store dedicated to leggings, how would one choose. I thought of my granddaughters having fun in that store. Me however, I cannot wear them due to a noticable difference in size of my knees. I do not want to draw attention to that so leggings and skinnies are out for me now. I do wish ladies would wear a bit longer top with skin tight leggings. Some things need to be covered in public.

  5. I don’t care for the look of leggings on anyone but very very fit young women. I know they’re comfortable, but there are so many more flattering ways to dress that are just as easy , like soft jersey straight or wide leg knit pants. So no one has to look at any jiggly bits! And it never makes normal sized women look thinner, especially when paired with an oversized top.
    So I’m a “no” for this outfit. Also, orange is my least favorite color, probably because it looks dreadful on me!

  6. I do wear these leggings to yoga classes and will also wear them to Rai Chi once it opens up.
    I probably would not wear them to run errands (my age). They are cute on younger women though!
    I have worn solid black or navy with long tunics to shop in but these printed styles are just not in my comfort zone except to wear to exercise classes. .

  7. I was slow to accept anything but black leggings but then I bought 2 pairs at Soft Surroundings in prints and I discovered they can be very slimming. I like subtle designs like the ones here so I would definitely wear this outfit.

  8. I’m all in for giving friends socks as gifts. Most of us have more stuff than we need or want, but socks can be thoughtful (like Bombas for hikers/walkers or smart wool socks for skiers) or just plain fun. I’ve found novelty socks with the Eiffel Tower, the Union Jack, pets, hobby themes, seasonal motifs, sports teams and alma maters etc., and countless fun plaids, stripes, etc. They’re easy easy to mail, too.

  9. No slim leggings. Never. Whatever the color. Not my style (I am drawn to oversize-oversize, if I think comfort:)). Not my life either (there are not so many leggings on Parisian streets, I do not know if it is because the temperature is too low or why). On the other hand, I would probably wear the orange top, with regular, straight pants, it seems soft and simple.

  10. I think we will look back at wearing leggings with humor/horror. As my local boutique owner says, “leggings are not pants”. I would buy/wear slim pants in a subtle plaid. houndstooth or herringbone print.

    My family gets cash for holidays. They can buy something they really want or wouldn’t otherwise get for themselves. Last year I made laser engraved wooden ornaments. I prefer to give small love tokens, handmade, or purchased.

  11. I am not a fan of print leggings or pants of any kind for myself. It’s just not my thing. That said, the receptionist at the salon where my husband gets his hair cut was wearing a pair of Halloween print legging with a simple black top the other day. She looked quite cute, but she is a very tiny women.
    One of my son-in-laws is a big fan of Bombas. He likes them because they are long wearing, & the company gives back to society.

  12. Like many said today, I tend to wear leggings for exercise or to take a walk. These are super cute and I would give that outfit a try. I enjoy early holiday shopping and have already started mine. We like to give event tickets, specialty food gifts, and outdoorsman store cards to our grown sons, along with something personalized. Last year we had a pillow made from Shutterfly of our family cat, Grizzly-Bear, with a mouse in his mouth (from our years at the ranch) and gave this to our youngest since he had moved north to his first apartment and missed the cat terribly. He says he cuddles with it every evening. 😹

  13. I only wear leggings like these for my Zumba class. One pair is a camo print. Then I change into a slim ponte or a Chico’s Brigette pant. I actually prefer denim to leggings when not in an exercise class. I have a best friend who lives in leggings, so wear what you like and feel good in.

  14. I wear printed leggings with tunics or a short dress or skirt; I love Bombas socks; they are cushiony and never slip.

  15. I do wear print leggings with tunic tops, but the print has to be small and/or subtle. I have a tiny leopard print that is cute. But I have larger, muscular thighs so I have to be careful.

    Loved the Bombas but a hole wore in them after less than 10 wearings. Too expensive for that.

    Second the Voluspa candles–they are always a hit. And as a Chicago girl I love the little boxes of Frango mints as a gift. Indulgent but only four to a box, so no diet issues! 😀

  16. Cute outfit; I would wear! Not a fan of print leggings in general but this subtle print is nice. Thanks for the gift ideas…time to get shopping

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