Home Life: Comfy, Cozy, Casual, Cooking

Home Life: Comfy, C0zy, Casual, Cooking

Good morning, everyone!! Welcome to my home, so we can discuss Home Life: Comfy, Cozy, Casual, Cooking!

I am enjoying my morning coffee (in a pumpkin cup, of course) and to show you these new COOL JAMS.

I was asked to try their product and I must say…they get a thumbs up from me!

I must be cool when I sleep, and these moisture-wicking PJs are perfect and comfy enough to stay In all day long.

Home Life Comfy Cozy Cooking

I am wearing…and sleeping in…the Women’s Moisture Wicking Short Sleeve Button Front Pajama Set on Merlot.  They wash well too!


Home Life Cozy Comfy Cooking

On a day when I am just going to be home ….most often working at my desk…I take off the PJs, pull on the athletic wear, and to walk the dog and then walk the neighborhood.

Then, I might pull on a comfy look such as this one. for a day of home life.  Yes, I have on accessories, but sometimes I do that just for me or Mr. B or even neighbors.

This look is made up of the Chico’s Leopard Print Ruana Wrap (Currently on sale); an older Chico’s tunic tank top and I am wearing it backwards (on purpose!); an older Chico’s necklace, and the Zenergy Pima Cotton Leggings.

Home Life Comfy Cozy Casual Cooking

Love my gold sneakers and there are so many cute ones at DSW, where I originally found these.

Just can’t feel frumpy at home in a gold sneaker…ups the game!

Here is more stylish at home comfort from Chico’s…


Home Life: Comfy, Cozy, Casual

I explained in this ode to October post last week that I am going to take you through some of the recipes in this little pumpkin cook book from Better Homes & Gardens.

The next one is a dish with Farro.  I have never cooked with Farro, so I wanted to give it a try. It uses the slow cooker.

I was drawn to it because so many of the ingredients are favorites…love onion, love garlic, love pumpkin, love Parmesan, love walnuts, love peas, love sage…had to be a winner!

As I did with the muffins, I made this recipe exactly as written except for the frozen peas…my comments will be below.

Home Life Comfy Cozy Cooking



Notes:  Hands on Time is 25 minutes; Time in slow cooker is 3 hours on high

4 Tbsp. Butter

1 cup chopped onion

3 cloves garlic, minced

1/4 cup dry white wine or reduced sodium chicken broth (I used the chicken broth)

1 1/2 cups uncooked farro (the whole 8.8 oz pkg.)

4 cups reduced-sodium-chicken broth

1 15-oz can pumpkin

2 cups frozen peas (I used one can of La Sueur peas because I like them better!)

1/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese

2 Tbsp. chopped fresh sage

3/4 tsp. sale

1/4 tsp. black pepper

1/2 cup toasted chopped walnuts

  1. In a 10-inch skillet, melt 3 Tbsp. of butter over medium. Add onion.  Cook and stir 3 minutes. Stir in garlic and cook 2 min.  Add wine (or broth) and farro; cook 1 min or until liquid evaporates.
  2. Transfer mixture to a 3 1/2 or 4-qt. slow cooker.  Stir in remainder of broth and pumpkin. Cover and cook on high for 3 hours…stirring once after 1 1/2 hours. At the end of cooking, stir in next five ingredients and remaining butter.
  3. Top servings with walnuts, Parmesan and a little sage.  Makes 6 1 1/2 cups servings. 


Home Life Comfy Cozy Casual Cooking

The consistency is similar to stew, so I preferred it in a bowl as a full meal.  Mr. B would like it better as a side dish with a meat served with it. 

My only recommended modification would be a dash of Cayenne Pepper.  We both felt like it could use a kick…though it had very good flavor. It might even be a good consideration as a side dish for a holiday meal.

Not sure which recipe I will tackle next,  but this is fun.  Stay tuned for more. 

Thanks for stopping by my home-life today…hope you had a good time…let me know if anything is on your mind!

Today, I will join Susan of Une Femme with a discussion on IG about how our colors can help us to create a more cohesive wardrobe!

If you cannot listen in at these times, (You just go to Susan’s IG Page)

It will be available on video afterwards and I will provide those details tomorrow…hope to see some of you listening and submitting questions for us. 

Accessories and fall outfits

See you tomorrow for a mid-week Would You Wear It pop up!


By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer: I was provided product for this post, but the words are my own.

cozy comfy casual home life


  1. I like your dressed up casual look! Taking time to look our best has many advantages in how our days go, I think. I have been enjoying farro for years so was interested in your recipe. I’m not a fan of pumpkin, but could easily substitute another squash for that in the recipe. I like the suggestion of adding cayenne (or hot sauce) for a kick. This sounds like delicious comfort food!!

  2. Unfortunately, I will be in doctor office at the live time today. However, I have a question I would really appreciate discussed. Where and how to consult with color specialist that is more affordable.

  3. Thanks Esther! I will put this on the list and there will be a video available! Hope all goes well at the doctor!

  4. Good morning, Karen. Let me know if your squash modification works with this! We love different types.

  5. A pleasant blog today…comfortable pjs, comfortable at-home outfit ( love the animal print ruana and gold shoes), and what appears as comfort food. I’ve never used farro either, but think I’ve seen it in some grocery stores. Was the texture soft, somewhat like oatmeal once cooked? I do like all the add-ins. And did you wear your top backwards because of the neckline you preferred?

  6. Hi Celia, the farro is soft but more like thick rice to me than oatmeal. I like to wear this top reversed with this topper to add interest. You can barely see the leopard print through the black and it gives that row of leopard at the bottom.

  7. Love all grains but cannot eat farro with my celiac disease. (Gluten) I wonder if I should attempt this with quinoa? I just might. It sounds great!
    Love your pjs and your stylish walking outfit too! Tres chic!
    Love your advice and your entire blog!

  8. Thanks Paulette! Let me know if it works with quinoa…I love quinoa. Thank you for the encouraging words you always share!

  9. I eat farro sometimes, and think it’s good, though I’m not a big fan of cooked grains overall. But they do fill you up! If you have leftover farro, try it cold, dressed lightly with vinaigrette, topping your green salad (I sometimes just use balsamic vinegar or a squeeze of lemon). Bravos restaurant used to serve it this way. You look great, as always, and illustrate perfectly the way I find myself dressing most days.

  10. Pam, can’t tell you how many times I start your blog by saying, almost out loud, “ how cute you look” ! Your re-coloring has made such a difference, you even look happier. Can’t commit to a consultation (yet) but your journey has made me hyper aware of what colors I love and maybe more important what colors make me struggle. Thank you.

  11. Love your PJs (I’ll be visiting the website) and the fun headband. A few years ago, I complained to an aunt that “I had trouble sleeping last night.” She said, “I’ve seen what you wear to bed, and I wouldn’t be able to sleep either.” I usually wore men’s boxers and a faded tee or tank. We went shopping that afternoon for what she called “proper sleepwear.” So worth it.

  12. Thank you so much, Suzi! I feel happier since I began this…it has been a joyful journey.

  13. Hi Jan, I should have explained that my head wrap is the belt that came with the Chico’s topper I am wearing here as well. I will use it more in my hair than as a belt!! I am wearing “cool” fabrics for sleeping and it has made a huge difference. I also have a sleep shirt from SOMA made with cool technology and I love it! Both brands are excellent for comfy, cool sleeping.

  14. Love your gold sneakers! I’m sure they put a little pep in your step. Nice sleepwear, robes etc. should be a part of our self care.

  15. I enjoyed your discussion with Susan today! I am a Texan, Fort Worth and am anxious for us to really have fall! I think we are about the same size and coloring. I like to shop at j Crew, Banana Republic, Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom. Do you have those stores in SA? I would like to see you show some things from those stores. I do find some things from Chico’s

  16. Hi Darlene, Yes of course all of those stores are in San Antonio. I just bought Christmas presents at the Banana Republic Friends & Family Sale. I will see if my shopping partner and I can get to one of these soon for you. Glad to have you here and I love Fort Worth.

  17. Walking 2-4 miles 3X a week…occasional strength training (need to do this 2-3X awe); high protein small meals; low sugar; 2 probiotics a day called Losers Chews; green tea and lots of water everyday; protein drink after I walk by Juice Plus. The more I walk, the more I lose. I have a long way to go but I am going in the right direction!

  18. I am trying this again because I don’t see my comments. I am a Texan from Fort Worth. I think we are about the same size and coloring. Really enjoyed your post with Susan today. I like to shop at JCrew , BananaRepublic, Neiman and Nordstrom. Do you have those shops in SA? Also like cabi.

  19. Thanks Darlene…perhaps refresh. your browser…your comments are there…have a lovely evening

  20. Hi Pamela,
    I got this post on Oct. 5th and haven’t received one since.
    Should I re-subscribe or is there something I missed as far as you not posting for a week?

  21. I post every day. If you just go straight to the website every day you will see the new post. I do not know why you are not receiving the emails. Try to subscribe again and see if that does it. The email service occasionally messes up. But I put up a new post every day.

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