Accessories make fall outfits easy

Happy Monday!  Today, let’s discuss how accessories make fall outfits easy!

I am completely convinced that if I owned only a few basic pieces, yet a variety of accessories, that I could make a different outfit every day!

Accessories make fall outfits easy

This was an early blogging picture…back when I didn’t need glasses 24/7 and kept my hair darker…and you can see I have always loved bold accessories.

I rarely style a fall outfit now in a manner some may call  “understated.”   In fact, I do not mind standing out in crowd.

Many of you know that I allowed my busy professional life to gradually take the fun out of my personal style. 

But, thank goodness, I came back to the fun…with a little help from my friends!

Accessories make fall outfits easy

My preference is to take a foundation outfit and build upon it for a creative, confident style. 

Accessories are such great wardrobe builders and keep me from looking the same twice…and in such an economical way.

Accessories make fall outfits easy

This is what I looked like in December 2020…before the great reinvention!

I wanted you to see that even then I was a proponent of a wardrobe with great accessories…and yes, I kept all in this picture…the scarf, the purse, the pin, the bracelet and the shoes.

Though I am now straying from wearing black, I can still use all of these to style a fun fall outfit.

I wore this to meet a reader who was passing through San Antonio for lunch.

Today’s outfit is also one I wore out to a family dinner at a local eatery.

Accessories make fall outfits

I recently purchased the orange scarf on sale at Chico’s.  I needed to beef up my accessories in my new colors and Chico’s has some lovely scarves. 

 I have selected several in my new colors which beautifully complement my vibrant autumn outfits and bring color up near to my complexion.

Today’s necklace was actually found on a display about college football…kind of amazing that my school colors are burnt orange!!

Here are some fun accessories I recently pulled together for you in a variety of price points:




Accessories and fall outfits


I will be with Susan of Une Femme tomorrow to discuss COLOR!  If you cannot listen in tomorrow, there will be a video available to watch and I will let you know where to find it! 

Now, how important are your accessories for your fall outfits? Do you wear accessories more in the fall than other times?  Please share….have a joyful day…and always, always


By Pamela Lutrell

accessories make fall outfits easy


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