Accessories make fall outfits easy

Accessories make fall outfits easy

Happy Monday!  Today, let’s discuss how accessories make fall outfits easy!

I am completely convinced that if I owned only a few basic pieces, yet a variety of accessories, that I could make a different outfit every day!

Accessories make fall outfits easy

This was an early blogging picture…back when I didn’t need glasses 24/7 and kept my hair darker…and you can see I have always loved bold accessories.

I rarely style a fall outfit now in a manner some may call  “understated.”   In fact, I do not mind standing out in crowd.

Many of you know that I allowed my busy professional life to gradually take the fun out of my personal style. 

But, thank goodness, I came back to the fun…with a little help from my friends!

Accessories make fall outfits easy

My preference is to take a foundation outfit and build upon it for a creative, confident style. 

Accessories are such great wardrobe builders and keep me from looking the same twice…and in such an economical way.

Accessories make fall outfits easy

This is what I looked like in December 2020…before the great reinvention!

I wanted you to see that even then I was a proponent of a wardrobe with great accessories…and yes, I kept all in this picture…the scarf, the purse, the pin, the bracelet and the shoes.

Though I am now straying from wearing black, I can still use all of these to style a fun fall outfit.

I wore this to meet a reader who was passing through San Antonio for lunch.

Today’s outfit is also one I wore out to a family dinner at a local eatery.

Accessories make fall outfits

I recently purchased the orange scarf on sale at Chico’s.  I needed to beef up my accessories in my new colors and Chico’s has some lovely scarves. 

 I have selected several in my new colors which beautifully complement my vibrant autumn outfits and bring color up near to my complexion.

Today’s necklace was actually found on a display about college football…kind of amazing that my school colors are burnt orange!!

Here are some fun accessories I recently pulled together for you in a variety of price points:




Accessories and fall outfits


I will be with Susan of Une Femme tomorrow to discuss COLOR!  If you cannot listen in tomorrow, there will be a video available to watch and I will let you know where to find it! 

Now, how important are your accessories for your fall outfits? Do you wear accessories more in the fall than other times?  Please share….have a joyful day…and always, always


By Pamela Lutrell

accessories make fall outfits easy



  1. This is a perfect example of the difference accessories can make! Having a stash of great accessories and some good basic wardrobe items makes it possible to scale back the closet and still have plenty of variety. It’s fun to see your older pictures! You have always had a knack for interpreting the real you, no matter where you were in your fashion journey. I remember years ago thinking that, that your personal style always came through, not some copy of someone else. I’m inspired by this post. Since I’m using less of what I kept in the closet, I can see where the good basics can take me a lot farther if I add to my accessory collection. Thank you for the inspiration!!

  2. I can remember from several years ago that I was always so impressed with the variety of beautiful necklaces you wore. It seems that you have such a wonderful, unusual variety. I have collected a variety of necklaces now too with most of them coming from sales at Chico’s. However, my scarf collection has probably gotten out of hand and yet, I’m still drawn to more. I love to wear my scarves not only as an accessory but also to keep my neck warm in cooler months or around air conditioners in the summer. Your colorful and stylish use of accessories has encouraged me to use mine over the years to the point that one friend refers to me as “ the scarf lady”!

    1. When I taught high school, one of my students called me the scarf lady!! I am glad to be back! Thanks Celia.

  3. Even though I’m far from a bohemian in style personality, I’m right there with you on accessories. They are the difference between getting dressed and having style, especially if your closet is smaller. Jewelry and scarves take up almost no room either. I use scarves for prints I’m hesitant about (ordered an olive snake print from Macy’s recently), or for prints that tie in something that might not otherwise harmonize. The hunt is so fun too! And after two foot surgeries, I will be able to finally wear something other than a mule …shoe shopping is in my future!

    1. I love what you said here, Linda…accessories are the difference between getting dresses and having style! I agree!

  4. Great inspiration Pamela particularly for those who like myself prefer to touch ‘n feel a fabric so therefore are semi hesitant to order garments online but do not mind doing so when it comes to accessories like scarves. Do like the slimmer versions of bottoms on you and that the pattern in your scarf gives a nod to that in your shoes.

    1. Thanks Brenda…I prefer slimmer bottoms on me and am mostly going for that right now. Thanks for noticing the nod to the shoes!!

  5. Pamela – accessorising is your superpower for us all to enjoy. So glad that you don’t seek to be understated Looking forward to watching tomorrow’s video celebrating colour.. Its inspiring to watch what brings you joy.

  6. Your “old” picture looks just fine! It proves that as long as the colour next to your face is good for your skin tone you can wear things other than your so called colours. This helps people transition to their best colours when they can’t afford a whole new wardrobe. Tossing everything instantly when you get colours done is wasteful and un-necessary when the transition can so easily be done in a gentler longer term way. There is NO colour system that is fool proof (just ask Jennifer who did about 4 of them) so we all need to be able to just look at an item next to our face in good light and see if it looks good with our skin tone. Having a friend who is good with seeing colour is a huge helper for those who are challenged by seeing colour (eyes can have issues).

    1. Lauren,
      I saw myself with my own eyes how wearing the wrong colors was aging me. I did not look vibrant or healthy. The black I was wearing made me look puffy and wrinkled where I wasn’t. I respectively disagree with you. I look way better than I did. You are looking at images that are about 10 years old. In my late 60s, I needed a change. I could see what wearing “cool” colors was doing to my complexion. I have been able to purchase new pieces by selling old ones and shopping sales smartly. I agree that eyes can have issues and many of us need help. I was given advice…I saw the change was amazing and it really changed my life. I am so glad that now I wear my BEST colors every day. Jennifer has chosen to something else and I am glad she is happy with the colors she has chosen. You comment of “so-called” colors may have been meant in a derogatory way…but those colors opened a who new world for me.

      1. “so-called” is not derogatory….just a simpler way of say “colloquial” or “commonly called” to refer to the colours that the various systems tell their clients are “their colours”
        Wearing colours that look good on us is always a good idea but they do not always comply with a neat tidy system. I was raised with an artist Mom and was steeped in colour and I am a spinner/weaver/dyer so I know that nuance matters., The fibre that is dyed matters, the fabric that your swatches are made out of matters, and how the dye company tweaked the colour matters to how any colour looks on us. It is not as simple as what the people doing colour analysis tell you but it is a good start.

        1. Thanks for clarifying what you meant, Lauren. I am very happy with the recent decisions I have made for me.

  7. Your column of black allows your fabulous accessories to stand out. I am one prefers more understated necklaces because I am of smaller stature & don’t want the necklace to be wearing me, & there were some great pieces in the slide show. Accessories can definitely change the look of the simplest outfits,

    1. I understand that Becky…I know many petite women who select smaller accessories and that is great way to go.

  8. Pam, I’ve sometimes felt recently that maybe you were trying a bit too hard to fit the confines of your colour season and style personality, but in my opinion, today’s outfit is perfect for you! The column of black and the olive jacket/cardigan provide a solid base and the colourful accessories are just right to finish it off. You look so confident and relaxed.

    1. Glad you like it Elaine. I have confessed to doing a lot of experimenting here, but that is part of the fun. I love my new colors, but still am working out the style personality part of this.

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