Would You Wear It – Fall Colors

Would You Wear It - Fall Colors

Happy October Saturday, everyone!!  Welcome to Would You Wear it – fall colors!

On this day, I team up with my friend, Jennifer, to bring you looks to evaluate on two blogs!

Many displays are brimming with traditional fall colors this year, and that is what I discovered recently in this one.

Would You Wear It - Fall Colors

Just a reminder to tell us if you would or would not wear the garments in the display and explain why or why not. Please explain more than “yes” or “no.”

You need not tell us if you would buy them…just let us know with constructive thought if you would or would not wear them if given the opportunity.

Would You Wear It - Fall Colors

I know there are five styled mannequins in this display…just pick what you want to give your opinion on…you need not discuss all of them…unless you want to….

Would You Wear It - Fall Colors

Soooo, look these over ladies with your best “stylist” eye and tell us………………………………………………………..


This display is from JC Penney.  As I wrote earlier, Leigh Ann and I were impressed with the quality and prices of their new clothing.  Here are more fall colors and styles you will find there….


Would You Wear It - Fall Colors

The season is brimming with color all around us….I love it when pumpkins and decorations hit my local market.

Take just a moment each day to enjoy the color!!

Thanks so much for joining in today…now head over to A WELL STYLED LIFE and tell Jennifer what you think of her display…and make sure you always, always…..


By Pamela Lutrell

Would You Wear It - Fall Colors


  1. Great seeing the fall colours. The first mannequin with the snuggly coat and slim pants, both in delicious colours, just needs a much warmer toned top perhaps also in berry colours – rather than white – and the outfit could be a winner, perhaps with a toning scarf, gold jewellery and brown booties. Yum!

  2. While nothing in the display really appeals to me style-wise, I did see a few things in the slideshow that do. I thought that the dress had potential, for me, until I saw that it looks like faux leather and that ended the potential appeal. The neckline is not flattering either. I do like the fall colors that are deeper and can wear them, but the styles here just don’t grab my attention. Happy Saturday Pam!

  3. I like the coat and the wide leg windowpane pants. I would like to see the details of each item and hopefully they come in other colors. The colors shown no. The windowpane pants would be fantastic in black or navy. The coat looks comfy from here and would be nice in navy or charcoal.

  4. I like the coat on the first mannequin, but agree with Kath that the white blouse needs to be changed to a different color or something with some detail. I do like the rust-colored fuller pants although I have not bought any full pants in years. The faux leather dress might look good on a younger body, but not on someone older. My favorite outfit is the v-neck blouse with 3/4 sleeves, and the slimmer pull on pants. The colors of fall are so uplifting after the heat and sun’s glare of our hot summers. There’s a definite difference in the sunlight as the angle of the sun changes with the movements of the earth as our days get shorter in the northern hemisphere. Now come on, cooler weather.

  5. Good Morning, I spent a few minutes thinking these over. the coat looks comfortable and warm, I do like the color, but the cut would make me look bigger. the pants with that outfit I would try on. I would also try on the orange/red plaid pants because that’s one of those items that sometimes work, sometimes not. but with those pants I would have paired a sweater in one of the two colors in the pants. I did like very much the cream colored sweater until I saw it was off the shoulder, and nothing would enable me to wear it (64 year old 40D) . I like the dress, but haven’t worn dresses in years. the outfit in the back has no visual interest for me so that’s a no.

  6. The clothing isn’t bad, not necessarily my best colors, but most of the items are OK. I thnk their merchandising needs an injection of excitement.
    I never know whether they leave the decisions about what to put on the mannequines to the local store or if Corporate sends out a detailed diagram.
    This display is a ho-hum. The coat in the front is attractive, but over a white top, with no scarf or dramatic accent? I like the window-pane pants, but the top is blah. It’s a cool weather display, how about a leather jacket with those pants, or a tank layered under the wide neck top?

  7. The car-coat a possible as well as the pants. As to the other garments a no due to style, pattern and colors as just don’t appeal to my classic taste. Also shall add re the dress that appears to be faux leather, I find it odd that its sleeveless though might choose it if it were a skirt and a vest.

  8. The windowpane plaid pants are so cute, but I’d go with a button down shirt look with chunky cardigan topper.

    The faux leather dress would be just the ticket with a faux suede moto jacket.

  9. I’d wear the first look with the coat, but I’d opt for a more interesting/creative top, perhaps a paisley tee or multi-tonal sweater, to tie it all together. The menswear pants are a “must have” for fall, and the plaid ones here are a great way to get that masculine vibe in a feminine way. The neutral top is OK and doesn’t compete with the strong pants colors, but I’d prefer bolder jewelry or a silky scarf for a finishing touch.

  10. I too thought the dress was a possibility until I saw in the slideshow it was pleather. It also looked much stiffer in the slideshow. The coat could also be an option if it came in a different colour but it does only come in the rose. The sleeves on it also looked sloppy in the slide show so I wonder if that is why they styled it just over the shoulders. It was nice to see on deep diving the slideshow that a few of the things do come in petite.

  11. The spiced apple pull on pants and the animal dotted blouse catch my eye. A nice fall minimal but interesting look. The print is not overwhelming and it is an organized print. The pants are not overly bright. I would wear a pair of suede flats. I would wear a simple bronze necklace to fill in the v neck along with simple bronze earrings. A great little outfit. Penney’s is making a come back, or yours is much better at grabbing the buyer’s attention. The last time I walked into mine,, I walked out. I will now explore again. Great prices. Thank you and have a wonderful weekend.

  12. I just love the outfit with wide leg pant! Adorable! I see myself wearing this often! The slim leg pant and top might appeal too, but for some reason I’m not wild about it. I really don’t wear dresses anymore. I’m the wrong person to ask about this dress. Cute for someone !

  13. I like the wide-leg pants but not with the loose sweater. Unless one is a size 2 I find it best to wear a more fitted top with wide-leg pants, and vice versa (as illustrated on one of your other featured mannequins).

  14. I so like the rose car coat and the looser arm and shoulder would make it easy to pull on over a sweater. I would wear it with a burguandy or navy cowl neck sweater or a vibrant scarf filling in the neckline. Dark jeans tucked into tall boots would finish off the look for me. The cream sweater looks like something I would take a second look at until realizing that it is an off the shoulder style, which I like but cannot wear. I will not go without good support.The window pane pants would be great in a pewter and black mix but did not find the link to them to see if other colours are an option. Loving October so far.

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