Everyday fall outfits for women over 50

Everyday fall outfits for women over 50

Happy Fall Sunday, ladies!  Thank you for joining me to discuss everyday fall outfits for women over 50.

Last week, I (after a request) began to show you fall outfits I wear out to certain events…such as to the theater and family events.

Today, I would like to show you everyday fall outfits and what better way to do that than to show you what Leigh & I wear when we go shopping and to work on this blog.


Everyday fall outfits for women over 50

Recently, I was out doing some shopping and walked by the mirror in the restroom….I thought, “You know, I like this everyday look alot” so I snapped a picture.

I know …kind of a random place…but I wanted to catch the moment….(This is where I should put the laughing emoji).

I was going simple that day because I planned to try on clothing and I did not want to worry with accessories…but normally I would have on a scarf or perhaps a necklace with this.

I chose that day to let the shoes and purse and bracelet do the talking.

I am wearing the Bryn Walker Enola Bamboo French Terry Short Elbow Sleeve Cowl Neck Tunic in a brown color called Ostrich.

I paired it with the Kohl’s Simply Vera Vera Wang Simply Modern Twill Skinny Pants in Stone (slate gray). I also purchased these pants in plaid…I love the way they fit.

Everyday fall outfits for women over 50

Here are two more everyday fall outfits for me for out and about….you can tell I am enjoying the Talbot’s Easy Knit Jacket in Orange Zinnia.  Makes the fall statement that I love.

In August, I purchased three Talbot’s jackets and already getting so many fall outfits from them.  Once the weather here really cools down, I will do even more.

The same for my Talbot’s pull on jeggings…a new workhorse in my wardrobe.


Everyday fall outfits for women over 50

Here is a typical everyday outfit for Leigh Ann when we are out and about.

She loves these JJill Authentic Fit Fringed-Hem Cropped Jeans…for the style and the comfort.  She says they are “like butter” and have been perfect for our warmer climates.

You can find the same pant in other colors here.

The rest of her outfit were all pieces she has owned for awhile.

Leigh Ann is a very solid light autumn/huntswoman/adventurer….and some natural thrown in!!


Everyday fall outfits for women over 50

I wanted to show you a few pieces I recently discovered while shopping at Dillard’s that would work for great everyday fall style.

I liked this jacket by Liverpool…and, of course, for me I would style it with a burnt orange top.  The navy plaid goes great with denim.

The only problem is that I cannot locate it online at the Dillard’s web page.  I know some retailers are beginning to offer some items only in store or only online.

But if you call Dillard’s La Cantera and ask for Denise in Women’s fashion, she will help you out with this cute jacket…(210) 558-6121.

Everyday Fall Outfits for women over 50

This is a comfy, cute look for everyday from Ming Wang…..

The topper is the Contrast Stripe Color Block Cowl Neck Short Sleeve Knit Poncho Top paired with the Easy-Care Knit Jersey Long Sleeve Scoop Neck Top.

 I actually tried in on with Bryn Walker French Terry High-Rise Skinny Leg Knit Leggings.

Everyday fall outfits for women over 50

I do not know why this beautiful Nicola Bathie Vivienne Boucle Faux Fur Collar Pearl Button Coat could not be worn with jeans or a lovely dress.

I can see it being a multiple occasion coat and it is so lovely….and soft!

I tried the coat on at a special event at Dillard’s La Cantera…where, as usual, I was the oldest blogger.

The conversation I had with the younger ladies was interesting.  They were also tired of the pandemic robbing them of looking nice for their every day lives.

One said, she was ready to burn her pjs and ready to look nicer even to go to the grocery.

I want to dress for my every day life as often as I can…because that every day life is short…I want to always look my best.

Here are some more everyday fall outfit pieces …so much beauty on the market right now…you can look fabulous daily!


Everyday fall outfits for women over 50

This time of year, nature looks gorgeous every day which inspires me so much to have fun with my style.

Do you take time to look your best daily from a confident clothing to makeup and hair?  Do you find it helps your joy?  I know it does mine.

Thanks for being here…please join in the conversation…and always, ladies….


By Pamela Lutrell

Every day fall outfits for women over 50


  1. For the 10 years that I have been retired from teaching I continue to dress, put on makeup and usually tie on my sneakers which always makes me feel more comfortable and prepared to deal with the day. I still rarely go anywhere except the grocery store and doctor appointments because of the number of unvaccinated people in our area. However, when I do go out, I normally dress up more than when I’m at home though completely dressed. I may still be in jeans and some top but I’ll put on accessories, scarf, necklace, etc. I often think of comments others have made about not saving your better clothes, but rather, wearing them even for grocery store visits.

    1. Yes! That is what I did, Celia. I saved some of my professional wear to now wear for every day. It keeps away that frumpy-depressed feeling that so easily can set in when we don’t take care to look our best each day.

  2. I am trying to buy and wear casual wear that looks spiffy. When I am going to be gardening or cleaning I usually wear comfy jeans and an inexpensive white or black tee shirt, but otherwise, I try to choose a more upscale pair of jeans with styled tops/jacket/sweater or coordinated athletic wear. I notice that an elevated look that flatters me really brightens my mood. Having these choices is such a gift. Growing up frugally and poor, when our “good” outfit started to get small or showed wear, it became our everyday outfit. It took me years to realize I could actually buy new casual wear.

  3. Even if I’m not going out, I always do my hair & put on a bit of makeup. I also always wear earrings since I have pierced ears. My at home wear is usually a simple top & nice shorts or my Talbot’s jeggings, depending on the weather. I have banned all sweatpants in any form, including joggers, & PJs are for sleeping. I do wear fleece tops when it is very cold, but they are stylish. Like Sue, it took some time to realize that my at home wear didn’t need to be faded & time worn.

    1. I have moved out most of the ragged wear. Only kept what might be needed for working outside or cleaning a closet! I like to look nice even when I relax at home…more about that later in the week!

  4. I’m one who is also retired but I can’t relate at all to people who say they live in pajamas, covid or not. I get dressed every day in something that makes me feel confident and happy, even if I’m not going out. Makeup is every day, no matter what. Hair fixed, it helps my outlook. It’s not been easy transitioning from work (46+ years in the workforce, beginning in high school) to retirement. I love to dress up still. Lately, I’ve been more thoughtful about my lifestyle and see some changes I need to consider for my wardrobe, but it’s really gradual and nothing drastic. I spend three days a week with a very large dog and want to still dress nicely on those days, so that’s a new consideration for my wardrobe, a work in progress. Life changes require thought! Your everyday look is still very nice, easy to toss on accessories as needed, like you pointed out, easy to wear cute shoes and you’re good. Dressing in pajamas or sweats all the time would really depress me. But that said, it’s a really personal choice. The older I get, the more I try to TRY, you know? Good for mental health!

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