Would You Wear It – Pattern Mixing

Would You Wear It - Pattern Mixing

Happy Saturday, everyone! Welcome to Would You Wear It on two blogs today, and I am showing pattern mixing!

This is the day I team up with my blogging friend, Jennifer, and we show two displays for your scrutiny!

Would You Wear It - Pattern Mixing

I realize this is rare for me to show a display with mainly one mannequin, but this one at Nordstrom just screamed out at me to show it to you!

Please look it over from head to sneakers and tell us if you would or would not wear it and explain with constructive thought why.

If you are not a fan of pattern mixing, please try to tell us more than just…I don’t like it….or tell us why you do!


Would You Wear It - Pattern Mixing

I also noticed the earrings do not match…this might be helpful for those who tend to misplace an earring occasionally….and there is a different color of lipstick! Does this motivate you to buy?

So what do you think, ladies?


Nordstrom has lots of fun sweaters right now and if you love pink, there are many choices…here are just a few (including the one in today’s display!)

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Would You Wear It

I just cannot get enough of all the color around me right now.

Would You Wear It

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Now, please tell us what you think of today’s WOULD YOU WEAR IT display….then go over to a WELL STYLED LIFE to comment…and then throughout this glorious October day make sure you…..


By Pamela Lutrell


  1. How great is it to see an interesting and thought-provoking mannequin. Well done Nordstrom. Although I’d love this look on the right person, these colours and patterns aren’t meant for me. But Ms Mannequin would inspire me to go searching for vibrant mix-matched prints (I love prints) in my colours and style (perhaps toning down the earrings and lipstick). Great fun. Thanks Pam

  2. Pattern mixing no. This outfit looks so confusing. The size and colors of the camo sweater are too much.
    I like the skirt and would wear it with a black tshirt, jean jacket, black tights and black suede booties. That’s how I roll. Happy Saturday.

  3. im sitting here trying to think of a correct way of expressing my thoughts….please delete if I miss the mark, and if there are any shrinks among us, they might get me.
    im sure from Nordstrom these are nice quality pieces, but I could never wear them because of the images and feelings they trigger.
    here in South Florida, on. the news, you will frequently see the coast guard bringing in people on boats who were desperately trying to get here….and they are always poorly dressed, and in mismatched items a lot. now, I am born and raised in the states, but we didnt have a lot of money, so what im left with, right or wrong, is kind of fear of being poor, and for whatever reason mismatched clothes stir it up….
    im sure thats way more than you were looking for, but you did ask why I wouldn’t wear it….both pieces separately are kinda pretty though.

    1. I get where you’re coming from. I work in a Tech workplace so we have a wide mix of people there, and sometimes I see Women from other cultures in outfits and I think -what was she thinking when she got up and put that on? They’re the same rank as I am so I can’t say “oh they don’t have the means to dress better.”
      What I’ve come to think is that pattern and color mixes differ across cultures. So I look again, and think what about these combinations did they see that goes together, and I begin to see it their way. Which doesn’t mean that I would put that on and go out in it!

  4. To me, this looks like confusion. The shoes look so out of place, and the pieces have such a clash, to my eye. I know it’s trendy to wear tennis shoes with everything, but it’s something, much like ripped jeans, that I just can’t get on board with. It’s just me and my personal style. In my world, skirts and dresses feel better with dressier shoes, very much a personal preference. Aside from the shoes, I just would feel so uncomfortable wearing this. I don’t like people staring at me and that would definitely happen with this.

  5. I’ll say that is an attention getting display! I like the individual pieces, especially the sweater. I like a little “mixing” at times but of a more subtle nature. The sweater would be great with blue or gray jeans. I picture the skirt with a black jacket and some cute flats.

    This is a very interesting and thought provoking photo. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Actually I like both pieces and would be tempted to wear them BUT not together. As I seldom wear skirts now would be more apt to invest in bottoms to go with the sweater. i.e.: A straight leg pant or jegging or legging. That said; would choose a colour from it that would be in a corduroy (cotton or knit blend) fabric which gives the illusion of stripes and would also co-ordinate with the top’s (cuff and hem) ribbing. Shoes and handbag as well as jewelry would depend upon the style/colour of pant.

  7. Yes I love this! I don’t usually wear longish skirts but in this case I’d make an exception. It’s creative and fun! I’d skip the earrings shown and substitute tall boots –not sneakers.
    Thanks for sharing!

  8. I like the idea of pattern mixing but I often feel that I would need to educate my eyes to really enjoy them. But in this case, I would not wear the clothes separately – I do not care for such camo-prints in any case (even if they go really against the original idea of camouflage in this case!) and as I am rather busty, a heavy sweater like this is not for me. The pattern on the skirt does not appeal to me either (and for prints, I trust my heart more than my reason!).

    I was very moved by Sheryl’s comments. I had a friend (now deceased) who dressed in a quite bizarre, excentric way and once told me that she did that because she could not afford good-quality clothes. She felt her bizarre clothes would be more easily interpreted as a peculiar mindset, and not as a consequence of poverty. There are so many emotions linked to clothing. Thanks to Sheryl for the reminder. And to you Pam for your positive and cheerful attitude.

  9. I like the shoes with the skirt, but I wouldn’t mix the sweater with the skirt. The colors are similar with the shades of the colors in the sweater are too bright compared to the muted appearance of the colors in the skirt pattern. Also, with the skirt having a black background I’d have been looking for a pattern on top with a bit of black to tie it to the skirt. When I mix patterns I also try to keep the size of the pattern in each separate pattern similar. So the big patches of color in the sweater don’t go with the smaller print in the skirt.
    Which is not to say that if I saw it on someone I wouldn’t think it was cute.
    I will say that I think the merchandising of this display is good. The background is interesting but not distracting and the outfits are accessorized.

  10. Interesting discussion! I too would not wear this but one thing I think they got right is the way to mix different prints. That is mixing different scales- yes! And relating similar colors in each print.

  11. I personally do not like a mixture of prints even in a single garment because to me they say look at the piece rather than enhance the person wearing it. As a sales strategy I see why they would put these two together. In this display they have put conflicting details in every facet of the pieces, large pattern/small pattern, casual/business, textured/smooth, cropped/middy . It’s like the Paris fashion shows where they put forth a multitude of details and hope one will become the ‘must have’ of the season.

  12. I like the skirt, but it’s too much with the top. Reimagined with a merino wool black turtleneck and whismsical pendant, I would like it. I wore sweaters like that in color and silhouette in the 80s, but not now; it would overpower my paler skin and hair as I’ve aged. The mismatched earring does indeed look like you lost one and compensated. I make jewelry and occasionally put the components in a different order for each earring (the round stone over the teardrop, the teardrop over the round), but then it looks deliberate.

  13. I like the sweater as it would be versatile with a variety of pants. I like the skirt as well for the same reason…and the colors are definitely in my color palette. I think the two look fun and fresh together, but not the sneakers with the two combined. I would add boots or a cute flat. I am 70 and would wear this with a fun confident attitude !

  14. I love this outfit – shoes & earrings!! Visually, I see collages when I look at the world so I love the mix of colors. It’s good to be exposed to cultural use of color & pattern as well as art & sculpture on a daily basis.

  15. I love pattern mixing, though these particular patterns and colors are too intense for my coloring. If I saw someone out in public wearing this outfit, I’d definitely notice and think they looked great.

  16. For some reason, I do like the sweater and skirt mix very much. The shoes and sweater give off a “varsity” vibe which makes me think of Fall.

    This outfit so different from what I normally wear, but it appeals to me. I don’t wear brights, but I like the mix of colors and patterns here. Nice!!

    I do wish they hadn’t paired the other mannequins together. As a group they are bit too much and don’t compliment each other.

    It’s really fun to find something new and unexpected! Thank you, Pam!

  17. That skirt looks velvet and the colors are gorgeous. I’m not sure I would wear anything else here. I would wear the skirt with a cashmere sweater that picked up one of the colors from the leaves in the skirt. Happy Saturday

  18. I would not wear this. The whole look is just too much of everything for my classic taste. There is too much color & too many patterns. I wouldn’t wear the shoes with any skirt nor do I get the mismatched earring thing. I have seen actual pairs of earrings sold with this look. While the display is eye catching, it would make me turn in the opposite direction without investigating any items near it.

  19. Interesting outfit and I love the discussion/sharing of past experiences and perspective. I do love pattern mixing but scale of print is a factor for me to consider when doing so. I am petite. I am not moved to the outfit based on color and scale. So no I would not wear it. My style is more classic/preppy with vey rare deviations from that. The mismatched ear rings and the shoes are not in my wheel house. I do appreciate those looks on others but I don’t feel they are a true expression of who I am. Good pick to spark the discussion Pam!!!

  20. I like pattern mixing but never feel comfortable doing it on my own body. Too many childhood hangups about matching, etc. If grownups had Garanimals, I’d be a customer. I do love the sweater and the pants but would not wear them together – has a very 80s vibe! Miss Mannequin does wear it nicely though.

  21. I would pass on this outfit. I find the skirt pretty but it looks a little long and straight for me. I do not care for the pattern, combination of colours nor shape of the sweater. And I agree with others that the depth of colour in the sweater does not match the depth of colour in the skirt well. Also, I never buy acrylic, particularly not at the price they are asking for that sweater. The shoes are not for me either. I would only wear shoes like those when doing sport (and even then, I would go for something more, IMO, girly and pretty). Finally, I would never wear unmatching earrings: I once wore unmatching shoes by mistake and felt miserably uncomfortable all day long, not at all enjoying the frequent raised eyebrows I attracted. I guess I’m more your conentional type.

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