A fall outfit & my reflections from the pumpkin patch

A fall outfit & reflections from the pumpkin patch

Happy fall Sunday, everyone!  Today I have much to say about this fall outfit & my reflections from the pumpkin patch!

Leigh Ann & I spent some time last week in a nearby pumpkin patch and it was energizing for many reasons.


A fall outfit & reflections from the pumpkin patch

My fall outfit today is a simple one and though still in my Autumn palette, it plays more on the greens and blues that I now wear….also a touch of gold metallic design in the tee shirt and yes, I can wear gold!

This is a Chico’s Tee from this past summer and it goes so well with my linen olive jacket (from a few years past) and my Chico’s pull on jeggings. 

A fall outfit & reflection from the pumpkin patch

Pumpkin patch attire is traditionally quite casual and laid back…so I wanted to make sure I was ready to lift pumpkins if need be….but I still wanted to look nice and be dressed with confidence.

With 20% off everything right now at Chico’s, it is easy to look cute and fun in any pumpkin patch!  Here are some favorite picks….

A fall outfit reflection from the pumpkin patch

Every pumpkin patch has color inspiration all around and throughout it…take time to appreciate how the colors complement each other and look at nature as a way to put your own outfits together.  It can really be helpful. 


A fall outfit & reflections from the pumpkin patch

Nothing like a quote from a great short story classic author to set the mood for this discussion.

Two things happened this week, I visited the pumpkin patch and my grandchildren also did in their own towns.

As I looked around the pumpkin patch in my town, I noticed that everyone (all types of people represented) was smiling and seemed calm and joyful. (except maybe the goblins in the Halloween maze area!)

Pumpkin patches have become symbols of community, family, traditions and joy…all things we need more of in this country.

A fall outfit & reflections from the pumpkin patch

I’m a history buff, so I did a little research.  Pumpkin patches became popular after the American revolution as a way to support agriculture in the fall.

Since then, HerbZest.com reports: “In North America, pumpkin patches have developed into highly-sophisticated centers of agritourism, where members of the general public share recreational and educational experiences on private farms. Selecting the perfect pumpkin, enjoying music and live entertainment, going on hayrides, and sampling artisanal desserts and beverages are among the best things to do at a pumpkin patch.”

The growth really skyrocketed after the Second World War when Halloween jack-o-laterns and trick or treating became a “thing.”

Most who visit a pumpkin patch know it will be a family friendly place and a place where people go for enjoyment!  It is a slice of Americana at its best whether on a large or small scale. 

I love that!

A fall outfit & reflections from the pumpkin patch

We need to embrace these traditions and celebrations…pass them on…and not let them fade away.  They are part of the legacy we leave to our families and even to our country. 

We also need to learn the lessons from the pumpkin patch and enjoy being outdoors more…smile at everyone…appreciate our shared experiences…find enjoyment in the smallest things…and spread kindness to all. 

Pumpkin patches and other traditions are worth standing up for…and I for one…plan to enjoy each special tradition from this time of year through December!

I hope you will join me!  That is it today from the pumpkin patch….now, go find one in your community and always…..


By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I was gifted product for review in this post but the words are my own.

Photography assistance from Leigh Ann Cecil

Fall Outfit & reflections from the pumpkin patch



  1. Here where I live, pumpkin patches are on farms and are always enjoyable. When the grandsons were little we did some challenging corn mazes and always enjoyed fresh cider and seasonal treats. I love the Nathaniel Hawthorne quote and think that, along with the picture would make a lovely addition to fall home decor. In recent years I like to visit the farms and pick up huge pots of mums, and still the seasonal treats. We have a community where we can get fresh-pressed cider (not the pasturized kind) and there’s nothing like it. I try to make that little trip each year for that special treat! Fall is truly a special season! Thank you for the reminder to get out and enjoy it!

    1. I would love to live in such a place as yours, Karen. Surrounded by the farms and traditions…would be so much fun. I love to look for touches of the country outside of the metro area where I live.
      Thanks for sharing.

  2. I never thought of a pumpkin patch in the terms you expressed it, but how true you are . Nor have I ever thought of their history, but what an interesting realization you have given me this Sunday morning. Your dear grandchildren surely enjoyed their pumpkin patch visits as did you and Leigh Ann. And I so agree with Hawthorne…I want to be out in nature even if all I’m doing is reading a book, or soaking up some sun. Thank you for a delightful read this morning. Have a blessed day.

    1. You as well, Celia. Getting out to read a book, walk a dog, wave to a neighbor are all important and not too small.

  3. I find this year to be a very very positive one-on so many levels! People are calm and nicer and seem genuinely happy.
    Our pumpkin patches are busy too and you look confident and ready to mingle. Love you in those greens!
    Hope you had fun!

  4. love the store behind you in the first picture , we have something similar a few miles up the road I love to escape to when its not too hot…they have pots, plants, fountains, wind chimes, and the whole effect makes for a nice calm browse session.

  5. What a lovely posting! I even read it to my husband. So timely, we are taking the grandchildren to the pumpkin patch today. It is a tradition with us. You captured the essence of why the day is always so joyous! Thank you for the reminder to enjoy the simple things in life….especially those things in nature. Have a blessed Sunday. I will be smiling today!

  6. Like Karen’s area, northwest Ohio has lots of orchards and pumpkin patches. We have some of the richest agricultural land in the world, and cornfields stretch to the horizon as soon as you get out of the city. There is nothing more beautiful than a crisp fall day, with the juxtaposition of deep blue and the incredible maple/oak woods in every shade of yellow and red, even burgundy. This is especially appreciated on occasion because here, due to the lake effect, it rains all.the.time in autumn and especially winter :). Last week, one of the towns here had their apple butter festival, with the huge cauldron boiling down the apples and the smoky apple butter jarred up for purchase.

    1. Oh my goodness, Linda…you just gave us a beautiful word picture that I, for one, would love to walk into. An Apple Butter Festival?…I would be so there if I lived nearby! Thank you for sharing!

    2. Is that Burton Linda? Going to the Burton Apple Butter Festival has been a family tradition since I was young. I’m on the other side of Ohio, so maybe you have one out your way? I love that festival and always get apple butter right from the fire, and the fritters…..!!

  7. Your pumpkin patch thoughts triggered a wonderful memory for me. When our younger granddaughter, who is now a college sophomore, was in preschool, her class had a field trip to an orchard near us which featured a pumpkin patch. As a surprise, we met them there. She was so happy to see us. She came running with arms wide open to greet us with a big hug. We went on a hayride & helped her pick out her pumpkin. It was a beautiful & very special day.

  8. First of all, your grandchildren are adorable!

    Like Linda and Karen above, I am also from Ohio. We have the most beautiful fall weather and colors imaginable … farming is big here and there are tons of roadside places to find pumpkins, cornstalks, straw, as well as the best apple cider anywhere!

    Today is the 49th annual Woollybear Festival (a woollybear is a type of caterpillar that legend says predicts winter weather). It attracts over 100,000 people — a true autumn celebration loved by young and old here in northern Ohio!!!

    Love the Hawthorne quote!

    Your outfit is perfect for your pumpkin patch outing!!!

    1. Thanks Beth! I am thoroughly enjoying these Ohio stories!! Thank you for sharing another festival I am not familiar with!

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