Closet Purge Update with Items Kept

Closet Purge Update with Items Kept

Happy holiday-week Monday!  At least for those of us in the USA!  Today I am discussing more about my closet purge and the items kept.

Before I get to the closet purge update, I have to say a huge thank you to all who commented on the Joy Note #3 post!  What a blessing you ladies are!

Many of you know when I went through my color changes (from cool winter to warm vibrant autumn) that I was given counsel about purging my wardrobe.

Annie suggested that I take any items I was conflicted about…liked, but not sure if they should stay…and move them to a separate closet.

If I thought about the items and went back to them to wear, then they were keepers.

I wanted to show you a couple of the keepers so far.


Closet Purge Update with items kept

The first one is this lovely blue coat I found a few years ago at Chico’s.  Honestly, it is this blue color that I love more than anything!

I discovered this coat during a July Summer Clearance and it was $20!.  Since, my color change I like it with my Talbot’s slim leg jeans in this lovely toasty brown.

The coat is perfect for stepping up my casual style on a cool day.  I am glad that I kept it.

Today, Chico’s is running a $39 special on selected tops.  There are a few here I have had my eye on.

Also, here are some jackets you may want to watch….


Closet Purge Update with Items Kept

Actually, there are three items kept here.  The main one is the past purchase velvet topper from Soft Surroundings.

Because the jacket features black, I wear it over an Eileen Fisher long sleeve silk tunic top and my Joan Vaas leggings.

I understand that the important rule for me is to keep my best colors near my face and a few of those colors are in the jacket.

I really love this jacket for a cozy at home look, and going out to salons or a few errands.  

I need to try it with some of my best colors underneath…though I do like it with these black foundational pieces.

Joan Vaas leggings can be pricey, but I did find mine years ago at Marshall’s and they have withstood a lot of wearing. 

There are other items that survived the closet purges over the summer that I have not thought about.  I will wait a year to see if they return to my life before sending them on their way.

My best colors still rule the decisions.  I am loving this change and feel like my clothing finally reflects ME. 

I am really glad that I followed Annie’s advice to move some things to another closet…and so thankful I have the extra closet to move items to a “think-about-it” holding tank!

This complete process is a lengthy one…I believe it takes that time to not over react but get it the way you want it without regrets.


Closet Purge Update with Items Kept

One of the joys of being a Vibrant Autumn is I appreciate so much more the vibrant autumn inspiration about me. 

So much beauty surrounds us…just take the time to enjoy it.

Closet Purge Update with Items Kept

My cell phone did not capture the Beaver moon well last week, but for a few days in a row…the moon was mesmerizing.

How long do you typically hang onto garments you do not wear often?  Is anyone attempting to work a few older professional items into a more casual chic wardrobe for a new time of life?

Please share…would love to hear any thoughts!  Tomorrow, I will be here with what I will wear Thanksgiving day…very casual and why!


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By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I do receive compensation through links in this post, but the words are completely my own!


  1. oh, I love item 2! I am one of those people recently retired, who can’t seem to grasp the concept I don’t need office clothes anymore…..I am getting a little better…I had one of those frosty cold cubicles for 40 years, im guessing that explains the jacket addiction that’s alternately funny and ridiculous. but when I see one I love and the price comes down to a guilt free level, its add to cart and check out time. my sort out process now, having gone through the closet a couple times in the past year and purged, is when I put something on and im not thrilled with it, I get cold blooded and put it in the donate bag….

  2. I understand, Sheryl. Sometimes the transition is a process that just needs time. I am certain by summer I will be willing to let go of more.

  3. I have been retired ten years, yet while shopping I am still attracted to office wear. I still haven’t mastered at home wear. I wish it could feel more special, more striking, instead of either athleisure or just jeans/tees. Chico’s has Zenergy, I’m wondering what else is out there.

  4. Hi Sue…there are many options. I hope you will stick with me. Really that is what the style portion of my blog is about these days…transitioning from my professional office life to at home working and more casual chic. Thanks for being here!

  5. I have went through a transition this year too. I look at my closet and wonder if I will wear any of these things again. Retirement changes so much. Reading about your closet purge and changes to how you think about your wardrobe is helpful to me. When I am past my current set of life challenges, I will move my focus to the closet and get on with it. I love when you said “more casual chic” wardrobe. This shall be my motto. Casual Chic!!! Thank you for the inspiration.

  6. I readily admit that I’m bad about hanging on to clothing which I probably should have donated years ago. My husband will say “ You are keeping something you do not wear which someone else may truly need”, but I keep them still. I do need to do a really severe closet purge, especially knowing I will never weigh 100 pounds again as I did throughout my teaching career. I have a sweet friend who barely weighs 100, if that, and I keep telling her that I’m going to bring her some clothes, but have only done that once . Maybe this can be my New Year’s resolution!

  7. I like what you kept, and I also kept all my black leggings and tanks. As a blue autumn, I can get away with it (I never wear it head to toe anymore), and though I realize it’s not my best color, I wear a warmer third piece or at least a warmer colored scarf. There is just something about black leggings; they are kind of the “nude underwear” of leggings. I bought a lot of clothes for work as lockdown started and the stores were selling things at incredible prices. As it turned out, I never returned to school. While these things can be worn on the weekends (it’s what I used to wear when I worked, just swapping out jeans for trousers), I find I don’t reach for them. I wear a lot of elevated athleisure these days, or a button down denim shirt over a tank. So I kept the best of these work pieces and sent the rest to consignment. It was tough … they were cute. It has taken me over a year to get out of the mindset of looking for workwear. My style is sporty classic, and while I used to gravitate toward the classic, I’m now leaning into the sporty.

  8. Sheryl, Sue, and Michelle’s comments totally resonated with me! I retired just before the pandemic hit and really haven’t sorted through my wardrobe (including the shoes). Besides it being one of the tasks that I dislike, I wonder what sort of clothes will be needed when we get some freedom of movement back. Many of my work jackets and dresses would be appropriate for travel, so I’ve held onto them for now. I also keep working a bit on a part-time basis, so I wonder if I will ever need some of the clothes if I’m asked to travel back to the office. For now, a nice scarf over a t-shirt is all I need for videoconference calls! I have moved from the big city back to a small town where stylish clothing doesn’t seem to be worn or encouraged, so most of my clothing sits in the closet right now, but I don’t want to lose all sense of style. I eagerly read your blog and enjoy your readers thoughts, as many of us seem to be struggling with similar issues. Have a Happy Thanksgiving with your family!

  9. I faithfully purge items in my closet, usually every 8 months or so. The rule I’ve set for my purge is “Have I thought about it? Have I worn it?” If the answer is “no” for both questions since the last purge, in the donation bag it goes – that includes all my footwear as well. I know what I’m donating could be a tremendous blessing to another woman, so why hang on to it if I don’t wear it anymore?

  10. Hi Pam,
    I am terrible, what is wrong with me? I hang onto my clothes forever! It seems that I just can’t purge no matter how hard I try. I know I should but it seems impossible for me to “let go”.

  11. Don’t be so hard on yourself, Joanne. I use to be the same way. Learning my best colors and deciding what I want my clothing to say about me changed everything! Now it is much easier to send pieces on their merry way!

  12. And that is a good one! Anytime we can bless someone else, then it makes it worth it to send something on we loved.

  13. I believe you are a representation, Linda, of the way many women in the second half of life are going. I am sitting here right now in elevated sporty…so I may join you in the future!

  14. I think many of us are, Barb…I wish I could join you in a smaller town! I will write more about this in January and perhaps offer some new thoughts, but don’t toss too quickly. As I wrote today, it is ok to hang on to some of the things you wore before and in time see if you return to them.

  15. That is a healthy way to look at it, Michelle. Especially the part of wanting to bless someone else.

  16. It took me a while to donate most of my office clothes. I donated them to Dress for Success. I kept some jackets & have worn them over the years, but I am ready to let a couple them go, too. One is a classic black blazer that I have worn quite a bit, but now, I’m not really crazy about the fit. I will donate it a look for one that fits better. The other is a shorter yellow jacket, & I just don’t think it looks that great on me now. My slacks & many of my tops have integrated nicely into my more casual lifestyle. I am twelve years into retirement, & I still have don’t have a casual chic at home look. Since most of my days at home are spent cooking, cleaning & care giving, I still have the mindset about wearing different clothes for that than those I would wear going out. I have stepped it up some, but I still searching for the right look.

  17. Your post is just the little push I needed today.

    I have two shirts that I purchased a couple of years ago that I loved at the time but never wore. They are lovely on the hanger, but when I put them on, I’m not happy! Every so often I’ll pull them out, try them on, but don’t wear them.

    This week they are going to the resale shop!

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