Closet Purge Update with Items Kept

Happy holiday-week Monday!  At least for those of us in the USA!  Today I am discussing more about my closet purge and the items kept.

Before I get to the closet purge update, I have to say a huge thank you to all who commented on the Joy Note #3 post!  What a blessing you ladies are!

Many of you know when I went through my color changes (from cool winter to warm vibrant autumn) that I was given counsel about purging my wardrobe.

Annie suggested that I take any items I was conflicted about…liked, but not sure if they should stay…and move them to a separate closet.

If I thought about the items and went back to them to wear, then they were keepers.

I wanted to show you a couple of the keepers so far.


Closet Purge Update with items kept

The first one is this lovely blue coat I found a few years ago at Chico’s.  Honestly, it is this blue color that I love more than anything!

I discovered this coat during a July Summer Clearance and it was $20!.  Since, my color change I like it with my Talbot’s slim leg jeans in this lovely toasty brown.

The coat is perfect for stepping up my casual style on a cool day.  I am glad that I kept it.

Today, Chico’s is running a $39 special on selected tops.  There are a few here I have had my eye on.

Also, here are some jackets you may want to watch….


Closet Purge Update with Items Kept

Actually, there are three items kept here.  The main one is the past purchase velvet topper from Soft Surroundings.

Because the jacket features black, I wear it over an Eileen Fisher long sleeve silk tunic top and my Joan Vaas leggings.

I understand that the important rule for me is to keep my best colors near my face and a few of those colors are in the jacket.

I really love this jacket for a cozy at home look, and going out to salons or a few errands.  

I need to try it with some of my best colors underneath…though I do like it with these black foundational pieces.

Joan Vaas leggings can be pricey, but I did find mine years ago at Marshall’s and they have withstood a lot of wearing. 

There are other items that survived the closet purges over the summer that I have not thought about.  I will wait a year to see if they return to my life before sending them on their way.

My best colors still rule the decisions.  I am loving this change and feel like my clothing finally reflects ME. 

I am really glad that I followed Annie’s advice to move some things to another closet…and so thankful I have the extra closet to move items to a “think-about-it” holding tank!

This complete process is a lengthy one…I believe it takes that time to not over react but get it the way you want it without regrets.


Closet Purge Update with Items Kept

One of the joys of being a Vibrant Autumn is I appreciate so much more the vibrant autumn inspiration about me. 

So much beauty surrounds us…just take the time to enjoy it.

Closet Purge Update with Items Kept

My cell phone did not capture the Beaver moon well last week, but for a few days in a row…the moon was mesmerizing.

How long do you typically hang onto garments you do not wear often?  Is anyone attempting to work a few older professional items into a more casual chic wardrobe for a new time of life?

Please share…would love to hear any thoughts!  Tomorrow, I will be here with what I will wear Thanksgiving day…very casual and why!


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By Pamela Lutrell

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