How I dress cozy at home

How I dress cozy at home

Happy Monday, everyone!  Today I want to show you how I dress cozy at home.

Yesterday, COZY TIME officially began! 

The air is now crisp and cool ….even in Texas, and the days are now shorter.

That is when cozy time really begins for me. I even started to wear warmer PJS and pulled out my UGG robe this week.


How I dress cozy at home

Mr. B and I do not really like to run the heating unit…unless it is really cold outside.

So, typically, I will wear leggings with cardigans or a warm wrap like I am showing you today.

This Ming Wang Bold Animal Print Shawl Collar Short Sleeve Cozy Knit High Low Cardigan (quite a name, right?) has been in my closet for a while after I found it at Dillard’s upon summer’s end.

I loved the way it fits into my color palette.  After I pulled it out when the weather became cooler, I actually wish I had sized down one more to a M, but it is very cozy for home.

I recently found this Tie-Neck Satin Popover Blouse at Chico’s in the rich mahogany and the day I bought it (during the 30% off sale) I was able to get it for around $25.

It is a beautiful blouse and the simple at the neck is on the side…or it looks nice left untied creating a V-neck…it comes in beautiful colors.  

I am wearing it with black leggings, and my older Cole Haan pull-on sneaker-flats. Here is a similar shoe at Macy’s.

How I dress cozy at home

This top can be relaxed and cozy or dressed for a night out!  

Today, Chico’s begins a Cyber Monday event every Monday.  Today you can pick up:

Pants & Denim $69

Joggers $59

Leggings $39

Also, here is a slideshow of their beautiful blouses:


How I dress Cozy at Home

I have learned to give thanks in all circumstances…and really learned to love cozy at home.

Like most, I have been an outspoken voice in the past about not messing with our time….especially in the spring when we lose the hour.

But, can’t really fight it…so why not accept it.  I love to light my candles when the dark sets in and turn on twinkle lights.

That cozy warm feeling is something I am happy to embrace.

And sometimes, I take it to my favorite restaurant down the street…where I can be cozy there as well…

How I dress cozy at home

Here are shopping notes you may want to pay attention to:

Through the end of today, there is extra savings available at Nordstrom Rack (that is where I found the shoes I am wearing today)

Sephora Gift Sets are now online. (remember older sons like skincare sets as well)

Ruggables are hugely popular right now.  I have so many friends loving these fun, creative, washable rugs.

My personal favorite skincare line (which has turned my complexion around) Chamonix Skincare has a Thanksgiving Sale going…buy two, get one free!!

How do you like to be cozy at home?  As the weather becomes cooler, I will let you know how my cozy changes.  Thank you for being here….and….


By Pamela Lutrell

Season of Joy on Over 50 Feeling 40


  1. I know the shorter days are difficult for many people, but it’s not a super long period of time so I actually enjoy it. When it’s sunny at 9 p.m., I find that I’m still “on”, so shorter days seem to bring with them more down time. Your cozy things like twinkle lights, candles, blankets and warm beverages do put you in a cozy mood. Wrapping up in pretty things is definitely a good feeling. I will admit that often my cozy is not as beautiful as what you are showing, and I can see how you can easily transition your look to a restaurant or coffee shop! It’s definitely a very pretty look. I will be embracing this season and relishing the downtime, complete with candles and blankets, and some real books. I like quiet background music, and have been enjoying instrumental Christmas music, already!!

  2. I am with you on some early Christmas music! I sing it all year long any way! Thanks Karen…have a lovely Monday!

  3. Your cozy look is much more attractive than my cozy look, but I’m with you on not liking the time change. I definitely prefer more light late in the day , but in our area that means darker mornings for school children waiting for buses which is not safe. When I was still working during changes to DST,, I felt like I was getting a head start on the day if it were darker outside when going to school. However, as a teacher I observed the effect of more light during standard time in the mornings on students.

    Your blouse and the other blouses in the slideshow are so pretty. I keep saying I do not need anything else, yet the temptation is great, especially when there is a sale.

  4. Well, I just finished my walk early because I now have sunlight. So, I can’t really complain. Down here the school Kids now wait in the light! Since we are close to end of year sales and holidays, I bet you will see great prices on these beautiful blouses! Thanks Celia!

  5. You look soooo lovely today. I love a a big (not oversized, not itchy) cardigan and leggings. At home my outfit is not quite as elaborate as yours – knits, not blouses. I still have a tendency to “use up” some clothes at home, though in honoring my new life I refuse to wear stained, pilled, incorrectly sized or uncoordinated clothing. I often wear dark leggings, a longer tank and a cardigan out for errands. Besides the ones you mentioned, I get my cozy on by rereading or finding a new book on hygge or Danish life or baking. I like spicy scents in my perfume, and I sleep in a little later. On Black Friday, I stock up on tubs of body butter, because my winter skin is so dry, and I love choosing those. Count me in as one who always felt so robbed when I lost my hour! Now that I’m retired I don’t care, but when working my husband refrained from mentioning it as long as possible, in case I forgot. Some people advocate permanent, all year daylight savings time, and I think that might be a good solution.

  6. I agree, Linda.. that sounds like the best solution! Love your Black Friday idea to stock up on Body Butter!!

  7. Pamela, fit/comfort aside, I love the way this cardigan drapes on you vs how it is worn by the model on the website. Seeing it on you makes me want to wear it but didn’t have the same reaction viewing on the website.

  8. My cozy time comes in snatched moments during my day, so my clothes have to be appropriate for whatever I’m doing that day. I have upgrade my at home wear & gotten rid of anything stained, torn or faded. Candles are definitely a part of my life, & I have a couple of wraps to wear if I get chilled.

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