Red, leopard and hostess gifts

Red, leopard and hostess gifts

Happy Tuesday, ladies!  Welcome to my discussion on red, leopard and hostess gifts.

I headed out to the mall yesterday wearing a little red and leopard…one of my favorite combinations.

I even had a young sales associate in Ulta compliment my outfit!

My reason for heading over to the Shops at La Cantera was to find some gift ideas you might not find for yourself from home.

And there are plenty…but first the outfit…


Red, leopard & hostess gifts

This Epaulette-Detail Tunic was recently purchased at Chico’s during the 30% off sale…it was already on markdown…and the additional thirty took it to $23.

It is a great top for warmer weather climates.  The only thing about wearing it with a scarf is that the epaulette-detail looks a little like a mistake seam at the top of one of my girls.

But, I still like it (the seam doesn’t bother me that much) with the leopard and with the walnut Roam Leggings from EQL by Kerrits...remember proceeds go to those who care for horses.

Red Leopard & Hostess sets


You can see how Chico’s styled the top with their scarf above.

My scarf and the shoes I am wearing have been in my wardrobe for a long time…I originally bought the infinity scarf on Amazon for $11.

It is perhaps the best $11 I ever spent…it hangs perfectly, is lightweight, and the right mix of browns. It is one of my favorite scarves. 

Here are more red and leopard options…….


Red, leopard & hostess gifts

This was a successful seek- and- find gift trip, and I have many fun items to share…so I will be including them the rest of the week.

I like the idea of a hostess gift, but these could also be for friends, co-workers, or family.  Let’s get started….

Red leopard and hostess gifts

The hand creams at Williams & Sonoma were such a pleasant surprise…the aromas were magnificent and my hands kept the scent and smoothness the rest of the day.

I loved them all…maybe Cedar & Cardamom the best….so I selected the gift set to show you…I do highly recommend since my test was personal and thorough.

I also loved the aromas in the Winter Berry Collection.

The hand cream trio was a favorite.

Red leopard & hostess gifts

While I did not taste this, I read the ingredients and it sounds like such a fun beverage for a holiday adult celebration.  

If your hostess likes to mix cocktails, then consider gifting the North Pole Punch. They also have three more holiday cocktail mixes.


Red leopard and hostess gifts

The Ui Mug & Warmer set is lovely and comes in several colors.  This would be a wonderful gift for the tea lovers on your list. My eye went right to it on the gift rack.

Red Leopard Hostess gifts

A friend of mine swears by the Slip Silk Pillowcases.  After you click through to the gift set with laundry bag, then check out the other options for these lovely pillowcases.

Red leopard & hostess gifts

Panacea offers cute, fun, affordable jewelry options…some quite low, in face…put I liked what I saw with the quality for low cost jewelry.

Christmas jewelry is a great way to tell someone you are thinking of them.

Red leopard hostess gifts

Finally, I love to gift ornaments to a hostess I know loves Christmas.  I will have more options for these throughout this week.

Gotta love the Stiletto Boot for your favorite fashionista!

Apparently, this lovely ornament that captured my attention is a part of the Balsam Hill Set of 25 Nordic Frost Glass Ornaments…I thought it was beautiful!

I will have more gift ideas each day this week…it is fun going out and about to see what I can find for your consideration!  Tomorrow is Would You Wear It with a few gift ideas below it….see you then…





By Pamela Lutrell

Season of Joy on Over 50 Feeling 40


  1. Beautiful color combination in your outfit… it’s just perfect, especially for this time of year! I just love that handbag every time I see it and it combines so well with so many of your outfit choices. That was definitely a great purchase. Is it possible to share the link for that bag again?
    I do appreciate that you are finding great gift ideas. Your William Sonoma choices remind me that I need to get back there… it’s such fun browsing in that store and I can sure use a fun break right now, as well as some new treasures for my new kitchen. Lots of ideas to consider!

  2. This one is similar, Karen…in fact there are several on the Dillard’s site for Patricia Nash crossbody bags that are similar to this one:
    I really love to visit Williams & Sonoma. I will also have gift ideas from Pottery Barn coming up! Enjoy shopping for your kitchen treasures….

  3. You look fantastic in the red and leopard. That red is really your colour. It is so true, when you are wearing your colours, you are the star and even though the clothes are gorgeous, they are secondary. I am always happy to get new ideas for gift giving so look forward to what you have to show us.

  4. I love every shade of red with leopard! And to get a compliment at Ulta … that would rock my world :). I find in general that my infinity scarves do not look as nice on me as they do on you. I figured out that the “u” it created wasn’t flattering my bust and short neck. So I tie them in a knot right at the very end, with no fabric sticking out from the knot … just a ball of fabric at the bottom. The weight of the knot hangs so as to create a “v” instead of a “u,” which is much more attractive on me and gives it a bit of a flair. Some of the teachers even copied it, which I always take as a compliment. It might be fun for you to try, as I know that, like me, you have tons of scarves to play around with. I haven’t see it anywhere on the many scarf tying tutorials I’ve pinned.

  5. Your red top, brown pants, and leopard scarf all look so pretty together. I too like leopard but often cannot find anything that is not brown dominant, and brown is not a good color for me. The gifts suggestions are most interesting. When I saw the silk pillow cases, I was reminded of my mother who used to get her hair “done” once a week at the “ beauty shop”. She slept on silk pillow cases because she said it helped her hairdo last between appointments. I wish that I lived near a Williams & Sonoma, or a Nordstrom’s so I could go shopping as you have done, but I’m thankful to have someone find cute, and unique gift items as you have done. Looking forward to more sharing of your finds.

  6. Thanks for sharing your scarf hack, Linda. This one looks the best on me and the reason it is a favorite. But, I am going to try your idea.

  7. Thanks Celia…I know some of you cannot get by the stores, so I am happy to provide the links for you!

  8. Red & leopard is not a combination that I would think of, but it certainly looks good together. I would not have thought about hand cream at William Sonoma either, so I’m glad you mentioned those. With the cold & dry winter air on it’s way, not to mention increased hand washing due to holiday cooking & being conscientious about germs, hand creams are definitely must for me & all the ladies in my life.

  9. I was so surprised with how much I liked this hand cream. It is excellent…the aromas are wonderful, and really smooths the hands. I need to get some for ME!
    Thanks Becky!

  10. Your red and leopard combination looks fabulous! I am an autumn also, and IMHO that shade of leopard should be considered a neutral. For years I wore a $15 Amazon leopard scarf with literally EVERYTHING. When I saw the exact same leopard pattern but in a beautiful silk/cashmere version, I lusted after it for months but couldn’t bring myself to pay full price. It finally went on sale for 40% off and I pulled the trigger. I have never regretted it. I own dozens of scarves and wear them all the time in cool weather, but this ends up being my go-to more often than not. It not only goes with everything else in my wardrobe but I also love the softness of the silk/cashmere blend against my skin. This one piece I know I will use forever. Can’t wait to see what else you pair it with in future posts!

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