Road Trippin’ with Leigh & Me to Boerne

Road Trippin with Leigh & Me to Boerne

Hello on this glorious autumn Monday and welcome to my post on Road Trippin’ with Leigh & me to Boerne!

This is our second road trip to the Texas Hill Country.  The first time was to the Lavender Festival in Blanco, and now the other direction to Boerne!

Road Trippin with Leigh & Me to Boerne

Texas Hill Country towns are wonderful places to shop for the holidays.  I love the decor of the shops and the finds within.

I share these outings with you for two main reasons:

  1. To encourage you to get out when possible and enjoy your community and the country around it.  Most of the people we see on these trips are in our age group and beyond.
  2. To encourage you to shop local.  Especially this year….we spoke with two small business owners who will be hit hard by the supply chain issues…once many of their popular items are gone, they do not expect to see them replenished for at least a year.



Road Trippin' to Boerne

Typical South Texas weather right now is nippy in the morning, and up to thirty degrees warmer in the afternoon.  Layering is important.  You can see I ditched my scarf…which is an old Soft Surroundings scarf.

Both Leigh Ann and I showed up in stripes, and I saw other women in similar stripes.  My top is the Striped Boatneck top in Rust from Loft.  And one of my favorite Talbots’ jackets….Casual Washed Blazer in Jungle Green.

Road Trippin with Leigh & Me to Boerne

Leigh Ann’s striped top is a past purchase at Target.

She found her Ralph Lauren Vest on a clearance rack at Dillards and it has been one of her favorites.  I found this Ralph Lauren Vest one on sale at Nordstrom and really like it! 

I might pick up one of these!  If you are looking for striped tops, here are some options in all colors:


Road Trippin with Leigh & Me to Boerne

As far as what else to wear on a road trip….a big bottle of water, and comfy shoes!  I wore sneakers and Leigh Ann wore slip-on flats.


Road Trippin with Leigh & Me to Boerne

There are so many great shops in Boerne, but I think our favorite is called 259 Home Market.

First of all, they had stunning hats that looked so amazing on Leigh Ann.  These hats are designed by a San Antonio company called Chidah Frida.  

Road Trippin with Leigh & Me

Road Trippin with Leigh & Me in Boerne

Cozy and warm is what this store exudes with their decor and beautiful holiday offerings….as well as some gorgeous bronze flowers I loved.

Road Trippin with Leigh & me


Road Trippin with Leigh & me

Road Trippin' with Leigh & Me in Boerne

However, I walked away with stocking stuffers.  I always look for one fun candy for the grandchildren, and this chocolate filled peppermint candy cane is this year’s winner.

Road Trippin with Leigh & Me in Boerne

Road Trippin with Leigh & me to Boerne

It was fun to find the shops all decked out for the holidays…this year the early shopping has not bothered me.  I guess because of all of the talk of shortages.

I want to see these small businesses survive…they are the backbone of our American economy.  So, please show the ones in your community some love.

We had such a great time…kind people…good food…unique shopping…just not enough time!

Thanks for going on another road trip with us…this week, the conversations will be around clothing, confidence and cooking.  We have some recipes for is that time of year that I love to be in the kitchen!

I will show you one of Mr. B’s favorite treats that I bought for him in Boerne…you could fix it anywhere.  Now, make sure you……..


Road Trippin with Leigh & me


By Pamela Lutrell

Season of Joy on Over 50 Feeling 40


  1. What a beautiful place, and so much to see! It had to be such fun to browse all the Christmas things and just take your time. Each year I buy Hammond’s candy canes because they are honestly the best, and such a generous size and so many flavor choices! You have inspired me to take a little road trip during this holiday season, in spite of all that’s happening. We have a wonderful community about an hour south and the shops are always beautifully decked out for Christmas. I’m going to take a break and just go, also stop for lunch in one of the little cafe’s. Thank you for the inspiration, it’s just what I need, and other things can wait!

  2. I just love love love today’s post! Here in the littlest state Rhode island we have the wonderful little old town of Wickford and it too is decorated beautifully for the holidays! Carolers may be out, tree lightings, carriage rides, Santa visits by boat to the wharf! It’s just enchanting. And there all types of shops which also decorate their store front windows! I’ll often stop for tea and something sweet-or hot chocolate topped with creamy goodness! You’re having so much fun I’m inspired to get myself to Wickford Village! .

  3. What a wonderful road trip through your eyes…an interesting, new place to see, and many unusual sights to savor! I love road trips, mine and others! Thank you for including us on your trip. I am happy for you that you found some stocking goodies. Those peppermint canes filled with chocolate are a new one for me. Don’t ya’ just love exploring new, eccentric places! ?

  4. Yes, I do, Celia. I love visiting the hill country shops so much! This time of year goes by too quickly!

  5. Be careful what you wish for, Pam :). I’ve worked retail at Christmas, and the whole season becomes just a blur of aching feet. I loved your outfit today … just the kind of inspiration I look for when not lounging at home. This type of outfit showcases our creativity when we no longer need to go to an office. I have many striped tops and they are some of my most frequently worn items. Please keep these road trips coming. I love local travel and my husband and I will travel an hour or more just to find a new park for our walks. We often find a little cafe or coffee place on those trips too.

  6. Looks like a lovely town with some special shops. Shopping local is so important especially right now. We all need to support our local businesses as much as possible. Thank you sharing & thank you for shopping local.

  7. I hope we can do another before Christmas, Linda. There are some towns I have not visited that I would like to. Thanks for asking for it.

  8. I would hate to lose some of these shops and just love the people who run them. Let’s all do what we can to support our communities.

  9. We will be spending 6 days in that area very soon. Now I can add this shop to our “to visit” list. Can you suggest any other places? The rental we are staying at is near Wimberly so we hope to visit many of the local shops & restaurants in Boerne, New Braunfels, etc.

  10. My top favorite place is Fredericksburg and the wineries just outside of it. There is so many fun places shop and eat. I also love Fredericksburg Christmas Wine! Have fun!

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