Tips for successful online color consultation

Tips for successful online color consultation

Happy Monday, everyone!  Whew…I am exhausted from all of last week’s activities, but it was wonderful and I hope yours was as well.  Today, let’s discuss some tips for successful online color consultation.

Ever since I completely changed my colors and style last June, I continue to receive emails with questions from you…the wonderful community on this blog.

So, in hindsight, I wanted to offer my own tips for a successful online color consultation should you decide to go that direction for a new you in the new year.

I am a living, breathing example of a successful online color consultation which has literally changed my life.

This is not a trend…trends come and go…however, wearing your best colors can make a difference and bring you confidence and joy for the rest of your life.

I am also an example of an in-person color consultation that was not correct and wasted a lot of money for me!


Tips for a successful online color consultation

When I participated in an in-person consultation years ago, I was just doing it for fun. I confess at that time, that I did not understand the power for a woman wearing the right colors.

I had darker hair then, and I believe that the color consultant was looking at my hair and fair skin when she said I was a WINTER.  I did not know that a professional color consultant doesn’t look at the hair, but rather covers it up.

That is why there is no change if we allow our gray to come in.

When I saw that I could wear black as a winter…I was in…no questions…I loved wearing black.  When using her swatches, we never considered our complexions and how the colors made them look.

However, during the pandemic time at home, I was taking more time to really look at me in the mirror…I wasn’t rushing out for my job on a daily basis.

I could see that I always looked tired, puffy, older….and it was bothering me big time.

I also needed a wardrobe change from a professional office life to a work-at-home, more casual/chic life and not sure of the direction to go.

Style Refresh 2021: Style Personalities Part 1

 I watched Annie Castano in an Instagram video with Susan of une femme d’un certain age,  and I saw before my eyes that complexions change with swatches.

In that interview, Annie said to watch the face and how it brightens or darkens depending on the colors.  I was captivated with what I could see online…and now she had me thinking.

Had my first color consult been wrong?  Was my beloved black actually casting shadows onto my face that hurt rather than helped my confidence?

Then, as fate would have it, Annie contacted me after commenting on one of my Instagram images, and we agreed to an online color consultation. 

My first tip is to encourage you to go into any color consultation with an open mind, and with a teachable spirit.  You have to be willing to listen to the consultant and not rush the process.

Also, I had a recommendation from someone I respected, Susan of Une Femme who I have known as a fellow blogger for years.

It mattered to me when Susan said that Annie was a top notch professional and could be trusted.  


Online color consultation

I am blessed to have a large Apple Monitor in my home office and to sit looking out a lovely window which provides good light.

With a monitor that large, I had a great Zoom Meeting… with me in Texas and Annie in London.  We talked for over 2 hours.

I believe when she pegged me as a VIBRANT AUTUMN that she got a great image of me and what I look like.  Annie designed her own paper color swatches  to be used in online consultations. At this moment, these are sold out.

Everything she said resonated with me and made sense.   I knew immediately that she knew what she was talking about and she had experience with it. 

She also is such a joyful woman and we connected immediately.

My second tip…do not do an online consultation without a good device.  I personally believe small devices such as phones and IPADS would make this much more difficult to achieve ultimate success.


Tips for successful online color consultation

I have never worked with a personal stylist on this level before.  So, I decided I was going to try whatever she told me for at least a little while.

Then I would determine if the changes in colors and style built my confidence and achieved the vibrancy I was looking to build.

Listening to what Annie said about me and my vibrant autumn coloring really spoke to me…all of me…and explained so much.

I had been struggling for years to look good in pink and a white shirt….I was never meant to look good in either.

The longer I wore these colors seen above on the wheel, and not the winter colors, the more I knew….THIS IS ME.

The changes in my complexion were overnight.  I look so much better in these colors that there is no reason I would ever wear anything else.

Life is short…wear your confident best!!

However, I know that decision is hard for some of you and I know it can be difficult to say goodbye to pieces you have loved.

It is a personal decision.  But, because consultation can be a financial investment, don’t immediately reject what you are being told. 

My third tip is to encourage you to just try what your consultant or stylist recommends…even for just one week…and see if you believe it is you.


Tips for successful online color consultation

I take these colors with me in my phone where ever I go just in case I happen to go shopping.

As I accepted my new life-style, I organized my closet with only my colors and the benefits have been amazing.

I am able to mix and match a different outfit every day just using my color wheel…everything in my palette works together and has opened new possibilities with styles and color.

Annie counseled me to move my old palette pieces that I loved to a different closet and see how often I think of them.  

Honestly, I hardly ever think of them.  In the beginning, I thought I would miss black…but I haven’t.  I still use it for some foundation pieces, but always have vibrant autumn near my face.

The biggest benefit is a fun wardrobe that works for my new life and depicts the joy I feel inside.   For me, online color consultation turned everything around.


Tips for online color consultation

When I completely changed my colors from a cool winter woman to a warm autumn one, I had to be willing to step out of my comfort zone and be VIBRANT, as Annie said I was.

I hope you can see that successful online color consultation is as much about you as it is about the color consultant you select to work with…or even the in-person one.

It works best if you are teachable…open to change…willing to step out of your comfort zone…and willing to just try before you discount the whole process.

You might just discover a whole new world of confidence…as I did…not to mention fun!  And if you know your best colors…wear them every day and see the difference it makes.

Thanks for being here….I love this season of joy…enjoy it with me…..I know it is Cyber Monday and please consider using my SHOPPING LINKS if you are still buying…..your support is everything to me!



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By Pamela Lutrell

Season of Joy on Over 50 Feeling 40


  1. You look gorgeous in your outfit today. You were in the right frame of mind when you had your consultation with Annie and that worked out perfectly. The open mind to try it wholeheartedly from the start instead of mixing a few pieces of this and that was what really works. This is easy to see that it truely does bring you joy to be in your best colours.

    1. Thank you, Diane. I was in the right frame of mind and believe acceptance and readiness to change are important.

  2. I have enjoyed your personal color journey and can identity with feeling that you look better in certain colors. I had a consultation back in the 80’s, I think, when the “Color Me Beautiful “ book and consultations were popular. When I had been wearing “your” autumn colors, I was diagnosed as a winter, I had never worn blacks, and jewel colors, but when I started wearing blues, purples, saturated colors, I remember the many compliments I started receiving. I am now much older with gray rather than brown hair, but I’m still loving my winter colors, and still getting compliments. As you have often said, it’s easy to wear anything together as long as the colors are all in your color group.

  3. In the 80s during the height of the CMB craze, when my hair was very dark and contrasted with my light skin, I was told I was a Winter. So, just like you, I fell in love with a color I now call Default Black, all the time wondering why the bright whites and icy blues looked so terrible on me. I wore chocolate one day, and my mom said “dark brown is your color.” Makeup counter people put me in warmer foundations. Huh. But I was a Winter. So I pretty much abandoned the whole idea for decades (except for Default Black, often head to toe). I did gravitate to certain colors, especially deep and saturated colors, which turned out to be my best. When Susan did her Red Leopard consult, I started researching, and when I saw there was such a thing as a Blue Autumn, I realized that I was one. It has made a powerful difference, proof that you can have an ah-ha moment at any age if you are receptive. People think endless choices are liberating, when in fact they can be limiting. Many artists work with a limited color palette because it encourages their creativity. That said, I’m still on the hunt for my signature neutral.

    1. Your comment resonates with me so much, Linda. And I agree…endless choices are limiting…and I have been liberated by wearing my best colors. It is so amazing how that works. Knowing what I should not wear for a more confident me is actually freeing.
      But I had to experience it to believe it.

  4. Your transformation has been amazing, Pam! You do look more vibrant and energetic and ALIVE in your Autumn palette! I’m so glad you took the plunge and are happy with the results.

    Great tips!

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