Would You Wear It – Sparkle & Shine

Would You Wear It - Sparkle & Shine

THANKSGIVING DAY: 6 DAYS AWAY!  Whew….I am a little stressed, but take a minute and join me for Would You Wear It – Sparkle & Shine!

It is Saturday!  When Jennifer of a Well Styled Life joins me to bring you fashion displays for your fashion scrutiny.

There are so many holiday displays right now, but I thought this one with sparkle & shine might provoke some good conversation.

Would You Wear it - Sparkle & Shine

Please make sure you look this over with constructive thought to determine if you would or would not wear the pieces.

You may offer styling ideas or discuss fit and color.  Just make sure that you comment in such as way as not to offend someone who feels differently from you!

Would You Wear It - Sparkle & Shine

So, please look my display over and give it some thought…then tell us ladies….


Today’s display is from Dillard’s…here is a slideshow with sparkle, shine and a few sale items at the end…

I hope you caught my post yesterday with an update of where to save the most on Black Friday….

Please comment on this display…then head over to A Well Styled Life….and make sure throughout the holiday challenges that you always….


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  1. No, I probably wouldn’t wear these clothes, although I see others look good in similar styles. I prefer clothes of cloth. And the tops look too boxy and bulky for my shape. And the light-coloured pants look too casual for my liking. The black pants appeal to me more but I am not sure if the material would be sturdy enough for me to wear outside: they look like they might be too flimsy and cold. I would have to feel them to see. (I never understand how people shop online. It’s all about feeling and trying on with me.) Thanks for sharing another interesting display.

  2. I would wear the black jacket but pass on the other pieces. The multicoloured top is pretty but too short for me. The beige top and pants aren’t a great colour for me. My eye immediately went to the 3 inch difference between the hem of the right and left leg. I’m sure it’s an issue with the mannequin but it makes me question how well the pants would fit.

    Happy Saturday.

  3. I’d definitely wear the sequin top & dark pants. I don’t normally wear sequins, so it would be a fun change for the holidays.
    The silver outfit seems more like loungewear to me, so I wouldn’t buy it. Although maybe I’d feel differently if I saw it in person.
    I’m hoping you & your family have a fabulous Thanksgiving!

  4. The sequin top is not for me. I might wear it in a solid color definitely not this print. I would wear the gray pants as loungewear or pj’s. I don’t like the neckline on the top. I’ll take the black pants. Happy Saturday!

  5. I feel like the outfit on the right doesn’t go together. I don’t mind flowy but this looks more messy than flowy (perhaps it is the fit on the mannequin). Although I like the jacket separately, I think it is too tailored for the outfit. I agree with others that the top on the left looks too boxy for me. Also, if I go glitter/sequins, I prefer more subtle-one color. For me, this is too much pattern/color for the fabric choice.

  6. Re the mannequin outfits; personally none appeal to me in style/cut however would consider the peplum jacket featured in your link as more suited for my body type ‘n classic taste, plus feel it has the option of mixing with a suitable bottom. i.e.: Skirt/Legging/Pant.

  7. I really likely both mannequin outfits today, but with no parties to attend I won’t be wearing anything even close to this dressy. ( would wear if I had a party ). Instead I’ll be wearing casual red and black (black jeans) and then white with green cashmere sweater. Low key but hopefully family friendly! Again I do love these pieces! Happy Saturday!

  8. I would wear the left set as it is, I do like sparkles at this time of the year! The right set is not for me, in particular I would not wear that sort of jacket, even alone (too short, too black for me) and I am a bit bored with the black and white combination in any case these days. I may wear the white suit alone at home, as loungewear, as was suggested by another reader but I do not find the fabric adequate to go out with it. We do not have Thanksgiving here and Christmas is still a while away (fortunately), but I wish you good luck for all the beautiful preparation.

  9. I have several sequined tops from years past that I have stuck way back in the closet, but no longer have occasions to wear them. I do like that top, and would wear it with any of my multiple pairs of black pants. However, the other outfit does not seem to fit the mannequin properly, especially if that is the jumpsuit seen on the slide show. I like the appearance of the jumpsuit on the slide show, but would not be drawn to it from the mannequin. I miss dressy holiday parties, but still do not feel safe going to one. Have a relaxing weekend, Pam.

  10. I really would not wear any of this. I live a very casual lifestyle now, living in Florida where it is teeshirts and short 9 months of the year! If I “dress up”, I add nicer jewelry.

  11. Both pairs of pants are what I might try on if I was trying to hide the fact that I’ve gained weight and need to hide my midsection. Otherwise, I prefer slim pants with loose tops. I would admire the tops on someone, but they are not my personal taste.

  12. First, I love the yellow sweater & scarf on you – radiantly gorgeous. Second, breath deep – you are a pro at cooking & entertaining. Third, the clothes: I would need to try the sequin top on to see how the pattern falls with my breasts. I like all of the items individually. I would wear a shawl in a floral print with soft colors with the low neck top so I could cover up a bit if I wanted to.

  13. I like the sequin top on the left if I had occasion to wear it (I don’t). I did buy a rusty red sweater with tiny rows of red sequins running down it, that I hope to dress up with nice wool pants if invited somewhere, and dress down with jeans with the family. I’m not sure people are going to entertain or have big group restaurant dinners this year. While I’m sure many retailers were hoping to sell festive wear, and many might long to wear it, I wonder if the world has just changed permanently. Judging from the number of people I see out in their pajamas and slippers, I think it might have.

  14. I like the sequined top and would wear it for the New Years Eve dinner we are planning with two other couples. It is our year to host and as the cook for the evening I like a simple style with short sleeves that won’t get in the way but will look festive once the apron comes off. I am confused however by the description which says ‘blue skies’ but the colour which says ‘green’ so I would not order it online.

  15. The sequin top/black pants are a possibility. I think most body types could wear it as long as the pants are high-waisted with no gaps when bending or leaning (dancing). Very festive look. The other outfits seem a little casual for me. I like the top/bottom light-colored look too. It would be good for a more casual get-together that I would host at my home. #1 going out #2 choice for at-home casual. The jacket is yes just to have all year.
    Happy Thanksgiving

  16. The sequin top & black pants has possibilities. It might be a little too much sparkle, but I would be willing to try it. The outfit on the the right gets a no. Moto jackets never look quite right on me, but I do admire them on others. The top & pants look more like lounge wear than party wear to me.

  17. I like a bit of sparkle, but these are too much for me. The black pants and nice top would seem to work. The top is too much for me. I would feel like a disco ball. The light jumpsuit looks unflattering and sloppy to me. The jacket does not seem special to me.

  18. The sequin top is not something I would normally wear, but I would try it. It is sparkly and fun, but not overdone. It looks great with the black pants and is an outfit I would be comfortable wearing to holiday party or get-together.

    I like the black jacket on the other mannequin but the rest of the outfit is not a color that I would look good in. I could see wearing that jacket in several different ways.

  19. While I would think someone else wearing these would be lovely, neither of the ones worn by the mannequins are my personal style so I wouldn’t wear. I thought several in the slideshow were much better options (for me). I doubt that large group parties will be on my schedule this year but I’m hopeful they’ll return in 2022!

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