Would You Wear It – Winter Neutrals

Would you wear it - winter neutrals

Happy Saturday, everyone!  Welcome to Would You Wear It – Winter Neutrals.

This is the day that I join up with fellow blogger, Jennifer, and bring you two fashion displays for your scrutiny.


Would You Wear It - winter Neutrals

Please look our displays over and with careful, constructive thought tell us if you would or would not wear the looks if given the opportunity.

The three mannequins in my Nordstrom display here offers a lot to see as far as details.  The pants even have details to look over.

Would You Wear It - Winter neutrals

So, ladies…look at these three and tell us…..


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Would You Wear It

Travelers Velvet Peacock-Print Tunic

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Would You Wear It

Multi-Colored Beaded Necklace

Would You Wear It

One more beauty….I will be seen out often this season in these gorgeous gold beaded flats by Fuschia.  They offer unique, beautiful, artisan shoes…so perfect for holiday sparkle!

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Now, make sure you tell us what you think of the Would You Wear It display….go to A Well Styled Life and tell Jennifer what you think of hers…have a glorious day and always


By Pamela Lutrell

Season of Joy on Over 50 Feeling 40

Disclaimer:  I do receive compensation from affiliate links, and I did receive product for this post.  The words are my own.


  1. I love neutrals. I definitely would wear the sweater and dark jeans as shown. The dress color and cut would not flatter my body or coloring. I would have added a navy, red or houndstooth blazer to punch up the outfit. The floral top is pretty but not substantial enough for my winter weather. Again a blazer or sweater is needed in my opinion to complete the outfit! Lovely choice for today’s post though! Love your shoes!, I’m a shoe girl from way back!

  2. I wouldn’t wear these outfits as the colours wash me out. We got snow yesterday so I’m not wresting anything with short sleeves these days.

  3. These outfits need some styling help at a minimum. The display comes off as bland to my eye. The sweater and dark jeans is the only one I would wear as shown.

  4. I would wear the black top if it was solid black, navy or plum. I don’t like the print, and I don’t wear yellow. The style of the top is so interesting with ruching down the middle. I would wear the top with straight leg jeans. The pants shown are too much for the sleek top – too wide, too short and unnecessary pockets adding unnecessary bulk. The cable sweater is cute too. I would need to try it on to see how loose it is. I like the length. Thanks for doing this.

  5. I guess the answer would be no I would not wear this. I feel that I would just keep on going past the display due to the colours. However, I love that peacock tunic on you.

  6. Neutrals are things I gravitate toward, but the only thing in this display that appeals to me is the beige sweater. I do like the mockneck, but mocknecks don’t flatter me so that would be a pass. The dress is just a no. I love dresses, but this one is suited for a tall, reed-thin person (to me). The pants are a pass. I’m skipping the loose, baggy, cropped trend, and cropped pants are tricky in the freezing north. Button fly might be fun, but I wouldn’t go there because they are inconvenient, I do, however like your choices (the things you are wearing!)

  7. the colors I would wear, the styles I don’t think so…I don’t care for a bulky cable knit, the dark jeans I think the buttons are too much .the dress is for a flawless figure, and even then its just too plain. the print blouse I would need to try on..im not sure if that would work for me or not.
    I love the Chicos ruana on you, and im gonna check out those shoes, very fun.

  8. My favorite is the sweater & black jeans, although I’d replace the jeans with a zipper style, I’m not a fan of button-up jeans.

  9. I appreciate the overall look of these pieces but…
    I never ever wear shorts sleeves even in the summer, so the dress is out. The floral top is a maybe, if it comes in petite . I’d wear it with black jeans without any buttons at the crazy tch ( what a focal point!) I love fisherman sweaters but this one swwms way too oversized for my under 5’ body. Maybe in a child’s size? ( I bought one in England and had to purchase a children’s. The salespeople thought it hilarious!) I’d wear it with winter white pants, but full length and no pockets on the legs! I’m always going for a column of color and looking to lengthen my look.

  10. I love a good cream colored fisherman’s sweater, and this one is interesting because I see it has a little extra sleeve/wrist detail. I haven’t worn a pair of button fly jeans in years, but would absolutely do so though I would be most likely to pair the sweater with a saddle or butterscotch colored corduroy or jean. The dress looks like something meant for a spring display, and even then wouldn’t be my cup of tea. The dark top is cute, but too dark and heavily patterned for me. I would likely try the cream pants as I have nothing like that, and with rather long legs I might like the look on me. Ankle length is a favorite in any case.

  11. The only item from the display that I like is the sweater. It is a great neutral. I do not like pants with buttons down the front or cargo pants. That sweater dress is very bland, hate the short sleeves, and one better be as skinny as the manniken. Your shoes are very cute!

  12. I do like winter neutrals but this display seriously requires more styling, as Carol mentioned. Why do the shops seem so reticent to do that? I would likely walk past this display.
    If I do wear a camel colour near my face, there definitely needs to be some pop of colour. Those chunky beads or something like that would help, or a scarf. I agree that the knit dress is best on a slim figure and a light cardigan with some colour is a great addition. The velvet duster is so lovely, I looked it up last week and unfortunately found it is sold out.

  13. I would not wear any of these. The style & color of the sweater & the dress would not flatter me. The buttons on the dark pants would be a deterrent. The dark top would likely emphasize things I don’t want emphasized, & the cream pants remind me of sweatpants which I do not wear.

  14. I’d like to know more about the Fuchsia shoes – are they comfy? I’ve owned traditional Pakistani khussa in the past but have found the stiff leather to be uncomfortable on my feet. This would be a game changer if I could indeed find dressy flats in a flattering (for Deep Autumns!) deep gold bronze that didn’t hurt my feet!

    As for the rest of the post, such a shame that peacock velvet duster is sold out! The cropped cut of that cableknit cream jumper would work better for my hips, but seems rather thick – the thin turtleneck would be better for my ‘winter’ climate.

    1. I did add a foot pad into these shoes to add comfort. But they are so pretty, it was worth adding the pad so I could wear them.

  15. Ah I see, thanks for responding. So would you say they’re comfortable now (e.g. no pinching in the toebox, even with the padding added)?

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