How I wear green & make unique pinto beans!

How I wear green and make unique pinto beans

It’s one week until Christmas Eve! Hurray and welcome, all!  Today, I am discussing how I wear green and make unique pinto beans!

A few readers asked me for the bean recipe after hearing how popular they are with family and friends.

I served them recently with my Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas. 

But, first let’s talk about another color in my new color palette!


How I wear green and make unique pinto beans

When I first found out that I am a Vibrant Autumn, I was wearing mostly orange, terra cotta, gold, and saffron colors.

Then in one of the closet purges I found this sweater which matches the MOSS GREEN in my palette perfectly.

I have owned this sweater for awhile…originally purchased at Marshall’s

This one sweater has motivated me to wear this color more…and I am really enjoying it!

Today, I paired it with my a.n.a. jeans from JCP (these are now sold out), but their cost per wear for me is really low…love these pants.

I also found a necklace I had forgotten about which was designed by a local San Antonio Jewelry Designer (Deborah Long-Shirley)…it matches this outfit perfectly.


How I wear green and make unique pinto beans

Looking at these beautiful colors together motivates me to create more outfits with these colors.

How I wear Green and make unique pinto beans

I only have to look out the window in front of my desk to be inspired by the same color palette.

Do you ever do this?  Look around you to capture a moment of colors which you would like to wear?  It is a great way to get ideas.

Now, here are more green sweaters currently online:


How I wear Green and make unique pinto beans

The gate to shopping is opening more and more for great prices during the holiday and after Christmas sales to come. 

For example, today I will watch for my green in the Chico’s 30% off sale happening through December 19, and for those who love the Black Label line, it is included in this sale.

My eye will be on adding more moss green going forward!


How I make unique pinto beans

I created this recipe just experimenting with flavors, and did not know what I had done until I took them to a family gathering about a year ago.

They were very popular, and Mr. B has requested them often since then.  I believe the apple/mango addition to the flavors really adds….and is why I say they are unique!

Of course, you could do this with your dry pinto beans.  I stand by these brands to get the flavors I want with the beans.

Pamela’s Pinto Beans


You will need:

Tablespoon of olive oil

1 chopped sweet yellow onion

1 package of Aidells Smoked Chicken and Apple Sausage Links, cut the four links into small pieces

4 27 oz cans of Bush’s Pinto Beans

1 tablespoon of Bolner’s Fiesta Pinto Bean Seasoning

1 Carton of Mango Pico de Gallo, 14 oz.

1 minced garlic

3 stalks of celery, chopped

1/2 red bell pepper, chopped

1 Tablespoon of Lea & Perrins Original Worcestershire Sauce

  1. Sauté the onion and chopped sausage in the olive oil until onion is clear in a large soup pot.
  2. Stir in the remaining ingredients and allow to cook for about 45 minutes, covered, before serving.

These beans are excellent served the next day…gives the flavors time to melt together and is very good with rice for a red bean & rice meal. 

So far….a crowd pleaser!

Please share…do you wear green and if so which shade is your go-to green?  Would love to hear more about how you are wearing color lately!  Thanks for being here!

Tomorrow is Would You Wear It and the next day will be Joy Notes #7!


By Pamela Lutrell

I am so thankful to those of you who are shopping with my SHOPPING LINKS!  Thank you for support of this blog!

Season of Joy on Over 50 Feeling 40

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  1. Green! I love green. Thanks for showcasing one of my favourite colours, Pam. But I have found it challenging to make sure I choose “warm” (actually “very warm”) greens. I’d love to know how others find that they are choosing the right green for them. I have resorted to envisaging gold or silver jewellery against the green. If the thought of silver jewellery seems really inappropriate, then I think I’m on the right track for a very warm green. But, any hints would be welcome.

    1. Good morning, Kath, as someone who wears a warm autumn palette, I try to only wear gold jewelry now as recommended by the woman who helped me in the beginning, Annie Castano. She gave me samplings of my best colors and that is what I try my best to match up to. My best greens are called Moss Green (more like a traditional forest green) and pistachio (more like an olive green). I have these in my phone so that the colors are always with me in case I do some shopping.
      Thanks for being here…

  2. For a long time I avoided green and I’m not sure why. I like your sweater with the lighter colored pants, always a good look. When I started wearing green again, I found that I can wear most shades due to my neutral skin tone. I wear olive frequently, and especially love forest green. I do look for colors in nature like you do, because those combinations always work! It looks like fall in Texas with all the leaves!

    1. Our fall leaves happen late fall,Karen. I love them so much so hate to see them raked or blown away. I know I have neighbors who want clean yards, but these leaves give me so much joy!

  3. I used to say that green was my favorite color because it, to me, represents nature, and as a biology major, I love all nature! However, I too struggle to find pure, “winter-hued”, greens. So many greens seem yellow-based which is not a good color for me. Your green top is a great color for you, and with your lighter pants, look so pretty. Your pinto bean recipe certainly looks good, and I’ll have to look for those ingredients you added to the canned beans as they are not familiar to me. This recipe makes me think of the black-eyed peas I’ll be cooking for New Year’s Day.

    1. I also cook black-eyed peas for New Years! I think my mother would scold me in heaven one day if I didn’t!!

  4. I love the green sweater with those khaki pants. I have a similar sweater from JJill I got several years ago that’s still going strong. I’ve been wearing it with navy, but I like it with those lighter jeans. I don’t “need” any pants, but I think a lighter pair should probably go on my wish list. Khaki or camel could do a lot of the work that black used to do in my wardrobe. I’m finding my most flattering green to be a dark olive/military color. But moss looks great too.

    1. I think you know that I love these pants…I perhaps wear them too much…but they have worked so well in my new wardrobe. I am super glad I bought them. I also wear a lot of military green…great color!

  5. This shade of green looks lovely on you Pamela. As to myself, seldom wear it and if do it is usually in the green-apple family. Where I am it is baked beans and chili season …. ☺….. but plan to try your recipe for sure. Question though, what is its consistency and/or how is it served? (i.e.: Like a stew, served on a plate or in a soup bowl.) -Brenda-

    1. Thanks for the question, Brenda. We usually serve it in a small bowl if it complements…say, enchiladas…or in a big bowl if it is served over rice or corn bread. As leftovers, Mr. B will just get a bowl of beans for lunch…he loves them.

  6. I like your green sweater, and will try the pinto bean recipe. From a young age I aspired to wear the green of a Junior Girl Scout, lol, but about the time I was old enough, the organization modernized their uniforms across the board and that included Junior’s beautiful old mid-toned green dress. Anyway, from then onward it was a dark green jumper with G.S. logo yellow and white cotton shirt underneath, which was not what I had imagined all while wearing my Brownie browns. 🙄 To this day, when I find anything even remotely reminding me of the old Junior green, I snap it up!

  7. I love to wear moss green, too, though I don’t wear it often.
    Your pinto beans sound interesting and I’d like to try them. I do have a question, the recipe says “1 minced garlic.” Is that one clove minced or 1 teaspoon minced garlic?

    1. Such a good question… When I do my original recipes, I need to think more like a reader. Sorry about that. It is one minced clove of garlic…But it should be a large clove or three small ones!

  8. Love the picture with you below the tree, it’s so cool. It reminds me of something
    a little girl would do. Young at heart right?

    You look good in green, you “Go Girl.”

    1. Thanks Katherine! Sometimes I think we need to return to childhood moments…just for the fun of it. Yes, young at heart!

  9. I am a summer,with eyes that are a mix of green and blue-so cool greens and blues are my favorites.Cool mid to dark greens are not always available,so I snap them up when I see them!In theory,dark green is too intense for me,but it’s my favorite.As long as I wear blush I’m fine.

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