Would You Wear It – Winter Knits

Would You Wear It - Winter Knits

One week until Christmas Day!  So, let’s celebrate with a Would You Wear It – Winter Knits!

On Saturdays, Jennifer and I combine forces to bring you two fashion displays to look over and give your thoughts.

HOWEVER…NEWS FLASH….next week, our double Would You Wear It will be on Wednesday, since Saturday is Christmas Day!

So, if you want to see both displays next week, you will need to join us on Wednesday. December 22!


Would You Wear It - Winter Knits

This Tuesday, December 21, is the official start of the winter season.

So, I thought we should move into thinking about what we would wear this winter….but, of course, you do not have to look at the garments that way.

These are not particularly heavy garments.

Would You Wear it - Winter knits

Of course…reminders for those who may be new….

Jennifer and I ask that you look at our displays with a constructive eye and as a consumer of fashion…

Would You Wear It - Winter Knits

Explain completely why you would or would not wear it…it helps other women to understand and sometimes look at the clothing differently…

If you just say yes or no…that does not really help anyone and this process is meant to help us be better consumers of clothing.

Would You Wear It - Winter Knits

So, tell us, ladies…..


This display was discovered at Nordstrom in The Shops at La Cantera…..and here are more items currently online….


Would You Wear It

Pantone has selected their color of the year for 2022….VERY PERI.

Just follow that link to see more about the color and why they selected it.

It is important because we will see this color everywhere in 2022…fashion, interior design, paints…all areas of new products.  So keep an eye on it.


Would You Wear It

I introduced you to my backyard stars in this post.…and an update…I adore them!

I will probably leave them up after Christmas…stars are always a good idea…right?

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Now, tell us what you think about today’s WOULD YOU WEAR IT...then go to A WELL STYLED LIFE for Jennifer’s display….Come back tomorrow for Joy Note #7….and make sure that you always….


By Pamela Lutrell

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  1. None of the featured outfits appeal to me. I don’t care for a v-neck with a collar, and the v-neck sweater is cut so very low that I’d have to wear a camisole or a shirt under it, which to me would spoil the effect, so that’s definitely out. The dress appears to just hang in an unflattering way, I find the color bland and I don’t like ribbing on most garments. The dresses in the slideshow have that similar, just-hanging-there look, so I guess it must be trendy. I prefer a more fitted dress… just my personal preference. I do like a few of the v-neck tops in the slideshow. The printed, featured blouse/top does not appeal at all, mostly because of the tiny print. And the pants, while comfortable I’m sure, would add weight in my opinion. The colors here also seem quite dull, so this display would be a pass for me.

  2. I’m happy to see more open necklines .As a broad-shouldered, large busted & short-necked woman, the higher necklines we are seeing everywhere do me no favors. The dress is dull to me, & the ribbing would likely cling to all the parts I don’t want to emphasize. The sweater neckline appears too low for my comfort, and I do not wear pink in any form. I would at least try it in a different color. The print top is a possibility, but I would pair it with a darker colored bottom, perhaps brown or olive. It looks a bit sad to me as is.

  3. If the ribbed sweater dress was the same color as the pink vneck sweater, I would own it. Nothing else appeals to me especially the ripped jeans. Happy Saturday!

  4. The lightness and brightness of this pic does appeal to me. I wear slightly flared crimped jeans but no to the hole at the knee! The pretty deep V beck sweater would need a cami please. I’m certain others feel this way too.
    The beige knit pant appeal to me , but I would need to try them on. That’s definite! I do have a new pair if brown suede boots with the tiniest heel that might look right with these pants. The top is pretty here too but , with all those pleats I’d need to also try this on before commitment.

  5. I agree with Karen…too low v-neck, shapeless dress, small unattractive pattern blouse. I might be interested in the pants since I get so cold in winter. And late last night I was reading how fashions from the 80’s are circling back again so those flared pants would be in style. What attracted me the most is the Pantone color of the year, Very Peri. It appears to be a blue with some purple thrown in which is a color I really love. My mother-of-the-groom dress for one son was that color, and for the other son’s wedding, I wore purple so both definitely are good colors for me.

  6. I agree with others. The v-neck sweater appeals to me but would definitely need a modesty panel. The colors of the rest of the selections would do nothing for my complexion.

    As a “purple” person, let me say I am thrilled with the Pantone color of 2022. It will bring me joy all year. Periwinkle was always my favorite crayon!

  7. I would definitely stay away from the low cut sweater, and it hurts me to think of buying something that’s already ripped! (I am showing my frugalness – right? Surely not my age.). I do, however, like the casual and soft appeal to the other outfits. But I wonder why the garment maker has chosen those colors? Winter needs more color simply because our outdoor surroundings are already drab. Maybe if they used some of the cherry pinks like what is in the sweater too. I would definitely want more color if I were to wear these.

  8. Oh – I love the idea of the dress being in the pink shade – great idea! The dress and pants are basics that I could dress up or down. I love the blouse details. I would pass on the ripped jeans because ripped clothing doesn’t make sense to me. The top is a beautiful shade of pink but too low cut for my lifestyle. Although, the top would look great with a satin skirt for a party.

  9. An absolute ‘no’ to both pants as do not care for their cut. As to the blouse a ‘perhaps’ as would prefer a different type of neckline and unsure of its color. Re the sweater; a ‘yes’ to it but would definitely add a lace trimmed (or similar) camisole underneath due to its plunging neckline. Last but not least; a definite ‘yes’ to the dress as perfect for our climate plus is a classic IMHO both in cut and color not to mention, suitable for my body type. Would most likely pair it with high shafted dress boots and accessories would/could consist of a necklace, belt (a leopard print might look amazing), a printed neck kerchief, a artisan crafted broach, or some type of bracelet(s). Love the hat and the plaid poncho you featured a few articles back might even work with it. As to a handbag; my accessories and footwear would dictate its choice. -Brenda-

  10. The Pantone blue is going to be too cool for me, so I hope it isn’t the start of a season of mostly very cool options. The clothes this time around are all right. They don’t inspire me, but I don’t hate them. The sweater has that flared collar I’m seeing everywhere. I loved it in the 70s; I might try it again because it looks a little more polished than some other options, in the same way a polo is more polished than a crew neck tee. The flared pants in another color might work, as they are the flowy kind I need if I’m wearing a wide leg. My taste does not run to small florals, fussy details, or very feminine styles, so the blouse is not for me, though I can imagine it easily on a woman whose style differs from mine. As a former teacher, I’m used to modesty panels and have several in different colors and styles. They would make these fashions more workable and maybe even more interesting.

  11. I like the color and style of the top. The accordion pleats are slimming, and the slit gives a hint of skin. I’m not a fan of deep v-necks, so the other two items are not for me. Even in winter, I wear lighter tops sometimes. Heavy, bulky knits are for the coldest of days. The vertical pleats accentuate curves and show off a small waist. This top could be worn for many months of the year and on many occasions.

  12. Not sure why, but my comment disappeared.
    As others have mentioned, I like the V neck sweater but it’s much too low gor my modesty. Why do brands do that?? Happy Saturday Pam

  13. Hi Pam

    I would wear both the sweater dress and the pants but not in that color. I don’t look good in anything in a washed out color like that. I am sure there are many that would look fabulous in that color however. Have a great weekend.

  14. The only item that appeals to me in this display is the pink sweater, but it is much too low cut for me and I would need to see the shade of pink in person to see if it flatters. Everything else would look too sloppy or washed out on me. I have to admit, I am not particularly excited about the new Pantone color for 2022. I am an Autumn like you, and I have been excited to find there have been an abundance of clothes in autumn colors this fall and winter. However, fashion seems to flip-flop 180 degrees every season or so (no doubt to encourage us to buy new things!) and this new color portends a couple of seasons of cool, saturated colors, which do me no favors. C’est la vie! It’s probably time I shopped my closet anyway!

  15. These outfits are not my style. The colors would wash me out. The beige pants are just too big to wear out of the house. The pink sweater would have to have a tank under it.

  16. The print blouse with accordion pleats with the palazzo style wide leg pants are a definite no together. I’d separate the two as I don’t like wearing baggy, loose pants with a loose flowy top as it to me looks sloppy or too loosey goosey. I tend to follow the fashion ‘rule’ I learned years ago that says loose bottoms with fitted top and loose top with fitted bottom. NOT loose with loose OR fitted with fitted. The palazzo style pants in what appears to be a quite heavy knit to me looses the wonderful flowy aspect of palazzo pants; these appear to drape awkwardly due to the weighty-ness… I could probably wear them as I’m tall but only if they were long enough – b/c to me palazzo pants need to long enough to look right…

  17. Oh, YES!! to the Pantone color!! I have a boiled wool jacket in this shade and a linen flowy summer jacket also, as well as a long sleeved tee. I will be thrilled to find more pieces to add to my wardrobe in this very flattering shade. As to today’s display, the sweater caught my eye as the only thing I liked, but then in the subsequent pic I viewed it was less lavender and much more rose toned, so that made me like it even less. Like others, I also feel it is very low cut and would need a cami and/or scarf to make it work. I do almost love the cream colored sweater dress in the fashion carousel today, but wish it didn’t have a cowl neck. What fun it would be to have this dress and spend the winter accessorizing with a variety of scarves and different boots and booties!!!

  18. I like the color of the sweater, but I agree with almost everyone else that the vee neck is too low. I am not a fan of distressed jeans. The dress would do nothing for me style wise or color wise. The print top is very drab. The light pants are too baggy for my taste. I am excited about the Pantone color of the year. I hope to see some tops in that color this spring.

  19. The long beige pants are a no for me, because loose leg openings in winter = soggy hems & cold airflow.

    I don’t wear low necklines so all 3 tops are out – accordion pleated one would have been nice without the keyhole. But colours of the other 2 aren’t deep enough on me.

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