Laura Geller Makeup Saves the Day

Laura Geller Makeup Saves the Day

Happy, happy Thursday, everyone !  I want to help you look your best for the holidays by sharing a story in this post Laura Geller Makeup Saves the Day!

First, a little background…when I host Thanksgiving for our family and extended family, it takes me about 3 days in the kitchen.

I love doing it, but can go through the progress looking a little ragged and worn.

That is where I was in this photo…coming from the kitchen, guests arriving soon, and needing to look my best for the meal.


Laura Geller Makeup Saves the Day

The lovely people of Laura Geller Makeup had sent this Cult Classics Full Face Kit for me to try and post a review on Instagram.

I looked at it and thought…I need help now.  Let’s do this for Thanksgiving.

Laura Geller Makeup Saves the Day

I must day…I am super impressed and so glad to have this makeup.   I believe I looked fresh (not tired), joyful. confident and natural all at the same time.  And this line is so affordable compared to other makeup. 

These are my five favorite products that I am now using daily.  They are perfect for mature skin and those of us who want to look youthful and healthy and not made up.

  1. The Baked Balance-n Brighten Color Correcting Foundation is excellent…does all that I want a foundation to do but without heaviness and with healthy ingredients. It also has such a lovely healthy glow to it and complete coverage.
  2. I have actually been on the hunt for a blush that goes with all my new coloring and the Baked Blush n Brighten marbleized blush is perfect!  It fit my color needs and is beautiful on.
  3. About five years ago, I began to wear a golden highlighter powder at the top of my blush near my eye.  I blend those with a blending brush.  This Baked Highlighter and Illuminator is again a perfect one…not too much, just right.  This little addition will add years to your face.
  4. Perfect place to discuss the brushes they sent…love them…and they were great for applying the products and for blending.
  5. Finally, I really like the way the Modern Classic Lipstick applies and feels.

All of these kept me looking fresh and put together throughout a very long day!


Laura Geller Makeup

I went from …OH NO, What am I going to do….to YES, let’s party!  Laura Geller Makeup saved my day and I am so grateful.

Laura Geller Makeup

It is now a part of my daily routine…and I am loving the feel of this makeup.


Christmas Makeup

I just had my nails done with one of my favorite colors at Christmastime.  It is by OPI and called Ginger’s Revenge. 

You will have more fun with the season if you take care to look and feel your best…for reasonable prices! Thanks for being here…let me know if you have questions…and

Thanks to Laura Geller Makeup for saving my day!!


By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I was provided product for this post…I do make a small fee on affiliate sales…and these words are my own!!

Season of Joy on Over 50 Feeling 40


  1. I am always interested in products that look natural, as opposed to ‘made up.’ I’ll go back and check out that website. My formerly nice eyebrows have faded and filling them in takes years off my face, but these days I need some color to lift my skin tone. Still, I don’t want what I do to be visible, as in made up, and I can see that your skin looks natural. Thank you for the heads-up on these products!

  2. What a surprise…to realize the first picture was you!! I’ve always just used drugstore makeup or since wearing my mask now, no makeup other than on my eyes. What stood out to me was how much your beautiful smile lights up your face, whether you are wearing makeup or not! However, I agree that we should always attempt to “put our best face forward” by caring for how we look even at home around family.

  3. I like the natural look of this makeup, and it looks fresh, nit Casey at all. ( how did it hold up?). I sometimes find my go-to brand blush or bronzer disappears suddenly around early to mid afternoon….my eyes do okay but nit my cheek area.
    Thank you for sharing!

  4. It holds up great, Paulette. I wore it yesterday on a road trip and looked the same at the end of the day. I love the blush…the best blush I have found in a long time! I haven’t tried her bronzer but I would expect the quality is the same as the blush and foundation I am wearing.

  5. I love Laura Geller makeup and was bummed when Ulta stopped carrying it. Their blush and bronzer is really, really good. I wear the color Tropic Hues in the blush, and it’s a lovely, natural coral. It has just a bit of shimmer in it that makes the skin look youthful, as it catches some light and gives radiance. I find a powder foundation is too dry for my Ohio winter skin, but it’s quick to put on and great for travel, because it’s not messy. Another under the radar brand that is terrific, especially in eyeshadow, is Lorac. Their palettes are buttery soft and pigmented.

  6. Pam I wonder if you could tell me what colors you used for all these products? I’m a vibrant dramatic autumn like yourself. I have silver hair; yellow based fair-medium complexion and hazel gray-green eyes. (if that helps!) When my hair had color it was very much like yours is now. Thanks, Sally

  7. Hi Sally…Happy to share
    I am wearing:
    Foundation – LIGHT
    Highlighter – FRENCH VANILLA
    Blush – TROPIC HUES
    Thanks for asking and for being here….

  8. Just ordered the kit – thanks for sharing! I’ve worn Laura Geller makeup in the past and am excited to get the full kit!

  9. Absolutely love this makeup. Thank you for introducing me to this brand. Their customer service is fantastic. The foundation color I picked was too yellow. I called to say I might have to exchange for another color. I was told to keep the one I have and they would send me a replacement. After an extended conversation about which shade to chose she added, “you can try mixing the two colors.” WOW! NONE of this make up settles in my creases/wrinkles, ever. And the powdered foundation is not drying. Oh my, can you tell I am a fan? I’ve also now ordered some fun bits, eye shadow, liner etc.

  10. Thanks for this blog post. I use to use Laura Geller when I lived in MN and then when I moved to Denver and then to NWArkansas just last year had forgotten all about makeup especially during the Mask days!! Thanks for the tips and I am going to get right back in there and check out the products. I remember loving them for the face. When I see myself without makeup I can sure relate to your before and after– although I haven’t looked as great in the after ones lately!!

  11. I really like the makeup…under or out of my mask! You should definitely return to using it and it is so budget friendly. Please click on the links in my post if you decide to order.

    Thank you!

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