On the road again with Leigh & Me

On the road again

Happy Monday!  Welcome to another joy journey as I take you on the road again with Leigh & Me!

Over the summer, Leigh Ann & I headed up the road to a wonderful small Texas town called Blanco, as we experienced their Lavender Festival.

At that time, We enjoyed the town so much, we made a commitment to return for Christmas shopping…so last week, we returned to Blanco!


On the road again with Leigh & Me

I love this picture…and thanks goes out to the Old 300 BBQ restaurant across from the town square.  

NOTE:  It was windy that day and you see it in my hair for almost every picture I was in!

As always, we want to look put together but also comfy.  This was one of those days which began cool and warmed up quickly over 30 degrees.

This Talbot’s jacket and jeggings have become a uniform for me in the past year.  I paired them with the Crinkle Chiffon Blouse from Chico’s that I recently picked up on sale (there are still a few left). 

I styled it with a Chico’s medallion necklace from last year. 

A note about Chico’s, The Chico’s Days of Merry begins tomorrow, and features a special deal every day!

Tomorrow, you can pick up their quilted jackets for $69!  You can see at the previous link that $69 is a great deal!

On the road again with Leigh & me

Leigh Ann wore a cute denim dress, layered with a plaid top and crop leggings underneath and her black booties on the bottom. 

She originally thought she would be ditching the leggings, but turned out with the breeze that she was comfortable. 


On the road again

We drove straight to the Deutsch Apple Bakery for the Apple Muffins…they are amazing, worth the return and a few to take home!

On the road again

One of our favorite shops which we wanted to return to is the West End Co, curator of home goods.  

I needed ornaments for ornament exchange parties and I found three of them in this shop…love the way they curate their items.

I knew heading out of town would be the best way to find beautiful, unique ornaments…I was right.


On the road again

Blanco’s Christmas in the park is precious and made me wish I had brought grandchildren!  

I love small town charm…a good display does not need glitzy commercial decorations.

These cute displays are sponsored by local businesses, and share wholesome, family, some patriotic messages.  

It was the type of walk through the park just brought on the joy.

On the road again

In the Joy Notes from yesterday, I showed you the antique ornament I found at Cranberry’s Antiques…in many ways a walk down memory lane!

The Texas Hill Country was settled by many German families and the German influences are every where.

On the road again

We loved the beautiful rain capes discovered in one of the boutiques.  They are by Rain Caper and some are works of art created by the top masters.

If it rained more here, I think both of us would have left with a rain cape!

On the road again

We wanted to try a new eatery this trip and the patio of The Red Bud Cafe fit the bill.

I had the Mediterranean Wrap and it was yummy and packed with olives, onions, and goodness!

After two trips to Blanco, we have had excellent food everywhere we stopped….great places to eat.

On The road again

The beauty of Christmas was all around.  Blanco is definitely one of our favorite places…full of small town charm and friendly residents…and I hope to return again in the spring.

Oh yes….here is an ornament I liked but didn’t buy!!

On the road again


On the road again with Leigh & Me

Getting out and experiencing the joy of this season is so much fun!

Here are some great clothes to wear when you are on the road again….

Please remember to use my SHOPPING LINKS while doing while preparing for the holidays…it is a wonderful way to support this blog and I am so thankful.

Just a heads up… I have been cooking like crazy so I have some wonderful recipes for you this week…stay tuned…thank you for joining Leah & Me on our road trip….now make sure you always,


By Pamela Lutrell

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  1. What a fun trip! It really seems to help with all the activities of the season to just take a day and step away to relax and do something different. I’m planning to do this on Friday, heading to a community about an hour south. Like you do, I like the little shops featuring home goods and also hope to pick up some unique, small Christmas gifts. I like your relaxed uniform…it looks polished yet allows for comfort for walking and riding in the car. Food looks delicious!

  2. What a great Christmas activity! Bianco looks like a great little town embracing Christmas in a big way! Pam, You look just right for a day trip and shop-hopping! Polished yet comfy! Love your jacket! And oh my, those apple muffins!
    Kind you I try to support our many small businesses too!

    1. Thanks so much, Paulette. This outfit worked perfectly…and I am about to create my own recipe with apples…stay tuned!

  3. What a fun excursion and thank you for taking me along with you gals …. ☺. So much to see and particularly LOVE the rain cape as very unique.

  4. My husband reads westerns and has often expressed an interest in visiting the Hill Country of Texas. I need to keep a record of where you visit in case we take such a trip. I surely wish that bakery would share their apple muffin recipe…those look delicious. I live in a small town but unfortunately our town does not decorate very much other than lights overhead downtown which you notice only at night. As you said, so many small town go all out, or seem to if you watch Hallmark Christmas movies. 😂😂Thank you for a little trip…nice to visit other places when we are staying home away from unvaccinated.

    1. Our hill country towns are Hallmark movie settings!! Let me know if you ever come down and I will put together suggestions for you, Celia! Also, I got very close to recreating the apple muffin recipe this weekend and will share soon!

  5. These trips are so special. Friends, relaxed, low key and easy. We have many lovely Ohio towns that are not touristy but have good breakfast cafes and antique stores. Four hours north at the top of lower Michigan has our favorite cluster of small towns, with the lake as big as an ocean, Mushroom Houses (built by a turn of the century architect) and something called the Tunnel of Trees. One of the delights of retirement is I booked a whole week there. We too talk about the hill country and a visit. Since covid, we have decided it’s easier to drive, and we have been enjoying corners of our own beautiful country.

    1. I agree with you, Linda…there is so much beauty and charm to take in within our own country. I would love to visit some of those OHIO towns someday.

  6. It looks like a great day trip. It may have been windy, but I really like the casual look that it gave your hair. Cute and casual. You might want to experiment with it as a ‘for real’ look.

  7. Looks like you & Leigh Ann had a fun time. I love looking around small shops & finding unique items. It’s always good to dress in layers as you never know what the day has in store. Thanks for sharing you trip.

  8. Hi Pamela,
    It looks like you and Leigh Ann had a ball, shopping and the food. The Blanco Texas town looks like it’s full of total charm. I especially liked the Blanco Luxury Inn Wishes and What their sign said. It spoke to me big time. Thanks for sharing all the neat things on your adventure. You girls certainly have fun, and you always have smiles on your face when you are together.
    “Girl Pals” are the best aren’t they?

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