A Christmas Dinner Party – Part 1

A Christmas Dinner Party

Happy Tuesday, everyone!  Today I want to show you part 1 of a Christmas Dinner Party.

Mr. B and I hosted a Christmas dinner party for four couples, and it was so much fun, I wanted to share with you the whole event.

Our group of friends started an ornament exchange dinner a few years ago, and, of course, it was put on hold during the pandemic.

So, this past weekend was the return!

For Part 1, I am going to share with you what I wore, and discuss the decorations and table setting.

For Part 2, I have a fabulous recipe for Sour Cream Enchiladas and a little more from the evening.


A Christmas Party -Part 1

Since I was a busy cook and hostess, my goal was to be seasonal and comfortable.

I selected this Bryn Walker tunic and leggings from Dillards; with a cream colored scarf of gold metallic snowflakes and my new Fuchsia Flats.

The color is actually called Hornbeam and this is the Bryn Walker Dimitri French Terry Long Dolman Sleeve Boat Neck Tunic.  

I really like to wear this garment for a comfy, relaxed style.  The leggings are the Basic Thick Ponte Leggings in black.

A Christmas Dinner Party

This is the recent Bryn Walker display at Dillard’s.  Now, I know the brand is a little funky with their designs, but I stand by the quality and I enjoy their creativity and funkiness. 

Tip: I always size down when I wear Bryn Walker garments. 

Here are a few pieces you will currently find at Dillard’s…..

A Christmas Dinner

One more piece of information on my outfit….I found this little scarf while waiting in line at CVS Pharmacy…it was $9.00!  

 The fact that it is so lightweight is perfect for the unseasonably warm weather we are having this year in South Texas, but still a seasonal celebration.


A Christmas Dinner Party

I love hosting a Christmas dinner party because it is such a fun table to set!

You can see by the wall at the end of the table, that I have a living room to the right, and the kitchen and family room are to the left.

I know this is typical of older homes, but I rather like the way they did this because it gives me two fireplaces with mantels to decorate!

A Christmas Dinner Party

None of my Christmas dishes were expensive.  I have owned this set for years and it gives me something fun to pull out during the holidays, but was very inexpensive.

Much to my surprise, it has held up well through the use and to date there are no nicks or broken pieces. 

My Christmas Village has grown larger than my table so this year I used some pieces for the centerpiece of the dining table…The little train (from St. Nicholas Village at Kohl’s last year) and candy shop are a great fit between the lanterns. 

I found the Cherry Blossom Tree on Amazon last year to give me the Christmas -light-effect all year long and I like it.  For Christmas, I add some red ornaments with gold glitter decoration on them.

A Christmas Dinner Party

My little Christmas wine glass set was a thrift discovery a few years ago…and I want whoever donated it to Goodwill San Antonio to hear me say a huge THANK YOU!

A Christmas Dinner Party

These are new and I am obsessed with them…Mr. B worked hard on Saturday to add them to our backyard before the dinner party.

I found these Holidynamics Holiday Lighting Spritzers at Home Depot.  I need to go out and work on a couple of them to bend the starbusts better in circles…but I do love them.

We will be eating out here for sure because they light the area so well, and you can see them through my living room windows (in pictures above)…such a pretty addition to the Christmas decor.

Now, on Thursday I will share with you my Sour Cream Enchilada Recipe.  Tomorrow…a fun Would You Wear It!

Thanks for joining in today and make sure that you always……


By Pamela Lutrell

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  1. Very lovely Pam, and a great find on that scarf. I used to find great scarves in the pharmacy when I worked at the hospital! Your house and yard look very festive, and how wonderful that you can eat outside in December! Sounds like a fun party!

  2. Oh my gosh!!! I want to come! It looks so festive and relaxed. I haven’t shopped in store in a long time, but when I do, Bryan Walker is a brand I want to try for sizing. Yes, I agree they are funky, but when you feature them, I’m so drawn to those sophisticated lines and silhouettes. I think it’s interesting how you can dress for a winter holiday when it’s warm. I’m so “faire isle” up here this time of year. It was 22 degrees this morning. When I head out, a fuzzy something will be under my coat. Later in the year this will be no big deal, but the first really cold weather is tough because we are not acclimated.

  3. It is actually difficult to dress right now because we have experiencing a warm fall. The weather is a roller coaster. This Friday it will be near 90, but on Saturday & Sunday be our coldest weather so far! Dressing for events can be a challenge!

  4. Lovely outfit. I noticed in the background what appeared to be a Christmas village. If so can you do a post on setting that up? I have done mine many different ways and am not 100 percent happy yet. looking for new ideas. Thank you

  5. 90°, oh how I envy you Pamela, as we already have had snow with temps ranging in the low 20’s. Your place looks so festive and the sprtizers are so pretty! (Have made a mental note of them for decorating our front porch next year as keeping things to a minimum since we will be going away for Xmas.) Looking forward to your Enchilada recipe. -Brenda-

  6. I love the spritzers and we have seen them several places. The ones that are more country style in a raffia-brown-color seemed to see out faster….that is what I wanted, but I like the white!
    Thanks for your kind words.

  7. Looks like you had everything done up so beautifully! I am busy this week preparing for our two events: Saturday’s recital with Grinch-themed treats, and then a neighborhood gathering Sunday with potluck and more music. The kitchen is functional at this point, but not quite finished – I’m not letting that stop me! Between rehearsals I simply mop up behind my husband’s grouting mess. 😆🏡🎄

  8. While looking at the slideshow today, I had the thought that perhaps “ funky” is another word for “bohemian “…LOL! Your outfit, your house, your outdoor lights are all so very pretty and in the spirit of the season. Thank you for showing us once again your creative touch. I wonder how you manage all that you seem to do as well as gift us daily with your blog. ❤️

  9. Thank you, Celia! I guess funky and boho are one in the same. I like being busy…keeps me out of trouble!!

  10. Oh my! Your decorations, along with the table settings are beautiful! What a lovely way to celebrate with friends.

  11. I love your table decor. The lanterns are really nice, & your dishes are so festive. While I am not a fan of Bryn Walker for myself, your outfit definitely looks comfy for all the work you needed to do as chef & hostess. The green color adds a holiday touch, & scarf looks great. How lucky you were to find it at the pharmacy. I know what you mean about not knowing what to wear. Yesterday & today, it was sweater weather here as the temperatures hovered in the low 30’s. By Friday, I will need something lighter for the 60+ degree temperatures we will be experiencing.

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