Shopping Soma with Leigh & Me

Shopping Soma with Leigh & Me

On the 12th day of Christmas, you are shopping Soma with Leigh & Me! 

That’s right…only 12 days to go…I just cannot believe it and I am feeling very stressed between work, activities, and a massive amount of gifts which must be wrapped.

I need elves!

At least I have one little elf who has been a huge blessing me to me this past year…Leigh Ann!

Shopping Soma with Leigh & Me

We are both dreaming of being cozy at home and relaxing after Christmas.

So, SOMA called our names on a recent shopping trip.

In the top picture, Leigh Ann is wearing Long Sleeve Embraceable Notch Collar PJ Top, and bottoms, both in Candy Cane Ivory.

I am wearing a set called the Cool Nights Notch Collar Long Sleeve PJ Top in Joyful Trees Ivory (perfect for me, right?) and Cool Nights Tassel Ankle PJ Pants.

Both are on sale…and I still am a huge fan of Cool Nights…my favorite sleep garments in a warmer climate.


Shopping Soma with Leigh & Me

Both of us liked these SOMA WKND SOFT WRAPS which come in several colors.

Shopping SOMA with Leigh & Me

This short gown is super soft and comfy.  It is the Cool Nights 3/4 Sleeve Sleepshirt in Black Doodle Trees (I just report these names, I do not name them!)

I have one of the SOMA WKND SOFT WRAPS on with this…I like this option to a robe…you could wear this wrap anywhere.

Shopping Soma with Leigh & Me

Leigh Ann is cozy in this Short Sleeve, V-Neck Cool Nights Short Sleeve Sleepshirt in the Leopard Dream Ivory Pattern. 

Again, she selected a different color in the SOMA Wknd Wrap. 

Shopping Soma with Leigh & Me

We liked the wrap so much that I decided to try on the SOMA Wknd Sunday Pants…very comfortable joggers.

There are several styles of the SOMA WKND pants from joggers to leggings to wider legs and the fabric is very comfy.

I found this little striped top on the sale rack and did purchase it to wear under toppers in the spring…very cool feeling fabric and a fun deep red stripe.


Shopping SOMA

Dear Santa…here are some great gift ideas from Soma…time is of the essence, Santa!


Shopping Soma With Leigh & Me

I thought I would share with you what we wore on this shopping trip.  It was really warm when we started out…so this Chico’s tunic and Zenergy black pants were perfect (even in a shorter length).

I have owned this tunic for awhile, but they still have them…it is a great top to pick up on sale.  The Epaulette-Detail Tunic in Spiced Red.

I have owned this little Ralph Lauren plaid scarf for about a year…purchased on sale at Dillard’s.

My Cole Haan Flats were found years ago at Nordstrom Rack…they are wonderful!

Shopping Soma with Leigh & Me

Leigh Ann said her top has been in her wardrobe for a long time.  She purchased the JJILL long cardigan last year and she loves it!  

She was the smart one…a cool front blew in while we were shopping and it turned out to be a little chilly.

I hope to bring you more fun over the next 12 days…I feel like I am in super fast mode.  But it is still fun.

Thank you to those who support this blog shopping with my SHOPPING LINKS…you are a blessing in so many ways and keep me going!!

Please feel free to comment or ask questions…I have so much fun for you the next two weeks…what I wore to events and occasions; recipes; fun places to see…make sure you stop by every day and always….


By Pamela Lutrell

Season of Joy on Over 50 Feeling 40


  1. You ladies look so cute ‘n cozy in your jammies! As to only 12 more days until Xmas Eve and regardless I only am doing stocking stuffers this year which involves shopping, I am still behind in getting them done. On that note, I applaud you Pamela for all that you do.

    1. Thank you for the applause…this is my busiest holiday season in a long, long time…still nothing is wrapped. It is going to be a overwhelming week…but I am determined to persevere!

  2. Soma does have beautiful pajamas. I am a big fan of beautiful sleepwear and tossed all my ratty PJs years ago. Here where I live the cozier the better, and I do like your selections. Sleep shirts and “gown” styles are out in my world because they creep up and I am not able to relax with that going on. Christmas is fast approaching and I’m in overdrive with all the traditional baking. My big family gathering takes place for New Years so that buys me extra time, always a welcome thing! Tonight I’m heading out to look at Christmas lights in my new neighborhood, really looking forward to it!

  3. I’ve wondered about those weekend joggers. I don’t need another sweater/wrap, but I like how it makes a set. How did you find the sizing? Similar to Chicos? Unfortunately, we don’t have a Soma near us. On another note, I am relying more and more on gift bags from the dollar stor.e. It’s possible to coordinate colors somewhat and helps with all that gift wrapping. I still do a combo of gift wrap/bags so I can enjoy it … until I don’t and it becomes a chore.

    1. Usually I have to size up in SOMA, but these joggers and wrap I would recommend sizing down…they are generous in fabric!

  4. Love the pics of you and Leigh doing some pajama shopping. I just read your Joy post from yesterday, as yesterday was busy, busy around here in preparation for our evening celebration of music. I enjoy reading your positive and revealing messages each week, and this one on pondering what brings joy and what drains joy from our lives is the best yet. Wishing you a beautiful week ahead, Pam.

  5. Like Connie, above, I wasn’t able to read your Joy post until today. Wow — this is a great topic and one that I will be sure include in my journal. I returned to journaling earlier this year and it has been so helpful. Your posts give me wonderful ideas to pursue and PONDER!!!

    You and Leigh look so adorable in your Soma pjs. You two have so much fun together! Glad we can share in your fun!

  6. How did I miss this earlier post? All of my newest bras and undies are from Soma and I love each and every one of then!
    Your nightwear as shown is something I hadn’t looked at in our local Soma- it’s a tiny store and dedicates most if he space to underwear. I need to feel the fabric in anything like sleepwear so I’ll pursue this. Looks like you and Leigh Ann had some fun here !

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