What I wore to the theater in December

What I wore to the theater in December

Happy Tuesday, ladies!  I am so busy right now, and wanted to share with you what I wore to the theater in December!

Though the production was in December, it did not feel like it in San Antonio last week.


What I wore to the theater in December

The weather on the day of the Majestic Theater production was unusually warm…for two days in the high 80s.

That makes it difficult to dress for December, holidays, and warm weather all at the same time.

So, I reached for a top I had not had the occasion to wear yet….The M made in Italy Scoop Neck 3/4 Sleeve Asymmetrical Hem Silky Woven Top from Dillard’s.

I love the silky flowy feeling of this top in the forest green color created with a silk blend...which gave me a touch of the holiday feeling. In fact, I like the top so much, I just might buy it in another color.

The airy femininity of this top is just lovely and a great way to step up a theater visit.  No worries about the sheer on top, it is attached over a beautiful knit tank of the same color.

On this night, I paired it with my faux leather pants, and Chico’s necklace with a touch of gold, and my suede pointed toe flats from Rockport on the bottom.  All of these pieces have been in my wardrobe for a few years.


What I wore

What I wore

I selected this evening bag and a sparkly Eileen Fisher jacket to add different textures to the overall look. 

Both have been in my wardrobe, also for several years.  However, it was just too warm to wear the jacket.

I wanted to have it with me in case it was cool in the theater…but it wasn’t.  

Even though this jacket is black, it is lovely and I hope to wear it with my new autumn colors added up near my face.

Fortunately, this top is in my colors!!

Here is more from M Made in Italy at Dillard’s:


What I wore to the theater

We attended Charlie & The Chocolate Factory at The Majestic Theater.

The production overall was excellent, and each of the lead actors were perfect in their roles.  

The musical scenes were well choreographed and performed.  

I liked best the relationship between Charlie and his grandparents, particularly Grandpa Joe.  It was a great way to show the powerful impact grandparents can have in the lives of their grandchildren.

What I wore

I am probably one of the few who has not seen Willie Wonka & The Chocolate Factory.

So, the disturbing deaths of the “bad” children really bothered me and I was shocked…or am I the only one bothered by a ballerina being ripped to shreds by giant squirrels!

Other than that, we enjoyed the show and it has an uplifting conclusion!

What I wore

We started our evening at The Palm Restaurant and even was able to sit in the station covered by our favorite waiter! 

This was our anniversary celebration dinner, so it was a great evening overall.

What I wore to the theater

San Antonio is a magical city at Christmas…I know I have showed you the Riverwalk before and hope to have more later this week.



What I wore

Yes, I do and I have already been participating in many Christmas events…so I will show you what I wore to each…just to give you some ideas.

It is a challenge when I live in a warmer weather climate than many of you, but I do hope it will help you think of some more of your own outfit options.


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By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  There are products within this post which were gifted to me, but the words are my own.

Season of Joy on Over 50 Feeling 40


  1. Your outfit is lovely, simple and elegant. I too love live theater and recently had season tickets to the Alabama Shakespeare Theater in Montgomery until COVID days, years. I have never watched Willie Wonka movie or theater production so I’m not familiar with what happens to the bad children. However, I too would be distressed if they died. I am looking forward to watching more live theater soon.

  2. Oh my, so pretty!!! I love flowy tops for special occasions and you feature some beauties in the slideshow AND in what you wore! Wonderful to take time away from the busyness of the season and do something special and fun! You look beautiful! It sounds so strange to have temperatures in the 80’s in December. That would be difficult to dress “seasonally,” but I’m betting your stores get this and accommodate the high temps while providing seasonal clothes. The gorgeous items in the slideshow would certainly work! And, a benefit for you, you don’t have to smash your pretty clothes into coat sleeves! Often, where I live, you wear something special and get to the venue and it’s still too cold to completely remove your coat! This happens to me in church almost every week. You look beautiful Pam, and it’s fun to read about the special things that you do.

  3. I love your look with that gorgeous top. It is so much fun to get dressed up again. Things are not good in our area again, so we will be limited in what we do for a while yet, so do enjoy your outings for the rest of us. It must be such a challenge to dress for the holidays in that heat. I think if you love that top, another would be wonderful in another colour.

  4. I always love your views of life in San Antonio. Here too it has been warm, and will reach an unheard of mid 60s in northern Ohio this week. It makes it difficult to start to acclimate to lower temperatures, and warmer winter weather here means lots of rain and slush, and salty dirty crud at the curbs. It is the “reason” for the rule of no white after Labor Day, at least in my mind :). I always like your more practical use of separates for dress up. Yet I can totally see that top with dark jeans too.

  5. This year is activity heavy…lots of fun! I love sharing moments with you and hopefully giving outfit ideas to some of the audience!

  6. Thanks Diane! In Texas, we don’t react to numbers. We allow everyone to make up their mind to how they will protect their health and numbers are low so it works. On this night, we wear masks in the theater! Hope your area settles down so you can go out.

  7. Yes! I will probably wear it with jeans. It would also be a great top for a beach vacation!

  8. Hi Pam,
    Can you share how the sizing runs for the M brand? I looked at a chart and it looks like it runs huge..Thanks

  9. Hi Lois, This top is an XL so and it fit best. I liked the fit better than the large. So I would not say they are huge.

  10. Pamela – In the Gene Wilder movie of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, I never felt that the children were killed, Just inconvenienced in a fitting fashion. Also, I enjoy your posts, especially right now your Joy notes.

  11. I think I would like the movie better. One child exploded into bit and as I said the ballerina was shredded by squirrels. That one was traumatic!! Thanks for sharing, Marin. So glad you like the Joy Posts!

  12. I do react to Covid numbers. Just today I received an email from my immunosuppressed group. People there feel there needs to be clearer public messaging about Covid risks for immune compromised people. Our lives are not back to normal. We must still take many precautions.

    I recently resumed wearing a mask on my outdoor walks because outdoor transmission risks of Omicron are not yet known. On Sunday I walked by the Baptist church and someone yelled at me, “stupid sheeple.” I walked on by but felt highly uncomfortable.

  13. So sorry that happened to you and that you associate it with the church. Hopefully it had nothing to do with the church. It is important we all do what we feel is important for our personal health. That will be different for all of us. Glad this helps you feel safe.

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