Would You Wear It – Embellished Ponchos

Would You Wear It - Embellished Ponchos

Happy Wednesday!  Ten days until Christmas!  Let’s do a little holiday mid-week pop-up with Would You Wear It – Embellished Ponchos!

I know there are three toppers here and, of course, you may comment on all three mannequins if you like.

It was the embellishments that captured my attention and made me wonder what you would think!


Would You Wear It - Embellished Ponchos

Look closely at both ponchos.  For example, this one has a faux pearl embellished trim.

Tell us with constructive thought if you would or would not wear these styles and explain why.

Remember, the comments do help other women to understand why some ladies like what they like, and reject what they reject.

Would You Wear It - Embellished Ponchos

Make sure to look at the styling for each mannequin and if you want to make styling suggestions, then please do.

Sometimes the reader-styling-ideas are pretty amazing also help other women see how to wear certain garments.

Would You Wear It

Please look over today’s offering (including the velvet burnout jacket)  with a careful consumer’s eye and tell us……………………………………………………………………………………


Today’s fashion display was discovered at Dillard’s in The Shops at La Cantera.  Here is more information on these garments, and more with embellishments!


Would You Wear It

Would You Wear It

I know many of you are petites, so I snuck up on this lovely lady at an event last weekend in an attempt to show you her stylish, creative jacket.

I am a bit jealous she can rock those heels…I no longer can….but good for her!

 I believe she stood out with stylish confidence.  I thought you might enjoy seeing some over 60 street style!

Tomorrow, I will share with you where I saw her and what I wore….until then please tell us what you think about WOULD YOU WEAR IT today….and always….


By Pamela Lutrell

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  1. Yes to both ponchos but a no to the burnout jacket. The ponchos are lovely layering pieces and I own several already. The burn out jacket does not appeal to my asthetic. The lovely photo of the petite street model was a welcome addition! She looks lovely and very put together!

  2. I do not own a poncho yet but have looked longingly at some, wondering if I would wear one as I often wear my long cardigans. The ones in the display and many tops in the slideshow are so pretty, and I would definitely wear them. However, I would hesitate to purchase for fear that the embellishments would fall off, and several are dry clean only. I currently have a “bejeweled” top I love but no longer wear because some sparkly bits have fallen off, leaving an empty disc. I’d love to know more detail about that jacket the petite lady is wearing. She certainly looks very stylish, though I agree with you about her heels.

  3. I’m not a fan of ponchos, embellished or otherwise. I can get the same effect with a shawl or pashmina (secured with a brooch for embellishment), which is easy to take off and fold up and put back on, especially if I need to wear a coat. The burnout jacket doesn’t hit my button. It’s trendy, and they’ve been around a while. I’m loving the lady in the jacket with heels and want to give a nod to her gray hair. Simple and elegant and real.

  4. Love the ponchos and would wear both. The one with the pearls would match 3 of my booties that have pearl embellishments. I don’t like burnout fabric but, I would have paired it with velvet pants & tank.

  5. I like the red one very much, and think I’m drawn to its simplicity. And the color, of course. Embellishments are fun, but like others have said, I’ve had things in the past where they fall off so I don’t seek those out any longer. The jacket is pretty, but not something I would wear. It is fun to see ladies out and about…fun picture! I so wish I had hair that was a pretty gray like hers, I’d have to color mine to get all the dark out, so I’m still waiting on making that transition. She looks great!

  6. I do like ponchos and can see that the red one shown here is paired with basic white shirt – plain and simple. In our climate that wouldn’t work so I’d substitute an ivory or black cashmere turtleneck and a colorful scarf maybe a plaid? The other is okay but I’m not as attracted to it with the pearls along the along the hem. It’s just not me! The ponchos I wear most (from my closet) are neutrals and both include beige with black.

  7. I would likely be tempted by the pearl embellished poncho, largely because it seems to be a heathered lavender color, which is a favorite of mine. I could see wearing this as an evening wrap over cream slacks and blouse, very chic. As to another reader’s hesitation due to embellishments falling off – I wouldn’t hesitate to fill in with some sparkly beading from the local craft store. It is as easy as sewing on a button. 😉

  8. I love those looks … on other women. Somehow, for me, they never seem to stay in place. I do want to comment on that scarf they have ringing the neckline. I have a shorter neck and they don’t flatter me. I would wear a long, large pendant with the poncho, to give me that elongated vee in front. I often do that with any crewneck or mock turtleneck.

  9. Not too sure about any of them. I don not care for lots of extras fabric around me. I would wear the jacket you showed on the real person and don’t her shoes look great.! Me too in the envy department. I think the poncho,dusters, are too trendy for me and hopefully will not be around too much longer. I do prefer scarves and pashminas

  10. I love ponchos but have stopped wearing them. It’s not style related it is the impracticality. I find them restricting unless I’m just walking and not doing anything. Can’t eat in them, can’t shop in them; I wore one on a trip abroad and thought I was set. Nope, it impeded my movements and actually got me tangled up a few times. Still in my closet, hum… hope springs eternal.

  11. I do like a poncho if it is a nice knit, either solid or a subtle plaid. I would pass on embellishments because I would like to wear the item other than for holidays. The velvet duster is pretty and I can visualize it with denim, too.

  12. I like both ponchos because the embellishments are simple. I would tend to favor the red because it is such a good color for me, but I do not like the white shirt hanging down below it. I am not a fan of untucked shirts hanging below any garment. It just looks messy to me, & that is just a personal preference. I too have a short neck so I would definitely ditch the scarf on the other poncho in favor of something longer. The jacket is just not my style.

  13. Loved the velvet pants too .. I like the burnout jacket length and the red poncho , I just ordered a blue and black poncho from chicos sale and will see if I find it too much for my short height . Love your posts

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