A Texas Country Wedding

A Texas Country wedding

Happy Monday, all!  I hope you had a joyful weekend like I did as we took a road trip to a Texas Country Wedding!

My niece was married on Saturday and it was “Texas Country” through and through.


Texas Country Wedding

Texas Country Wedding

This intimate, historical church is the Historic Texana Church in Edna, Texas. 

The venue has everything you would want for a Texas country wedding…history, charm, picket fences, lake in background, lovely trees and deer roaming close by.

My niece loved the beauty of it as is….she appreciated the simplicity and decided not to decorate the venue with flowers and ribbons.  She is right…it was perfect.

Though Mr. B and I are born & bred Texans, we had never taken a road trip through the Yoakum/Edna area and it is lovely with stunning older homes and architecture.

It is not overly developed and still holds all that I love about driving through Texas ranches and farms. 


Texas Country Wedding

I have been to many Texas country weddings and they can go from denim to dresses as appropriate attire.

This wedding was at three o’clock in the afternoon, in a small traditional Texas community, and during some colder weather.  I believed I could get away with a pants outfit.

I chose my Chico’s Faux Suede Snake-Print Shacket as perfect for the country setting and paired with a fabulous artisan necklace made of stones; an Eileen Fisher silk Georgette Crepe Tank in Ivy green; and Eileen Fisher brown pants.

The scarf has been in my wardrobe for along time and has the best colors to complete a look for an autumn-palette lady.

My brother had told me that there is no parking in front of the venue, so there was a little bit of walking…that is why I chose the Clark Flats to wear and not my brown boots.

There were other women in pants so I felt confident and appropriate.

Mr. B wore his new dark denim jeans with a nice blazer…he could have joined the rest of the men in his cowboy hat, but didn’t bring it with him.

A Texas Country Wedding

My sister-in-law was perfect in a Texas leather fringe and turquoise jewelry…women here love their silver and turquoise.

Texas Country wedding

James Avery Craftsman currently has this ENAMEL BLUE HEART CHARM featured for Valentine’s Day.

It is perfect for anyone who want a different way to speak their love other than traditional pink and red.


Texas Country Wedding

This was one of my favorite weddings of all time!  It was fun, joyful, relaxed, and full of tears and love.

A Texas Country Wedding

My brother escorted his daughter down looking like a true Texas dad.  He even grew what he calls a “Sam Elliot” mustache for the occasion.

A Texas Country wedding

I have never seen this happen, but one of the groomsmen forgot the rings!!

As he ran out of the church to get them, the groom was laughing and yelling, “One Job! You only had one job!”

Everyone was laughing and it was actually a fun memorable moment.

a Texas country wedding

Of course, the reception of a Texas country wedding features country music, sunflowers, burlap, and chicken friend steak.

But, this one was unique in that the groom’s family is from South Africa and there were several of their traditions mixed within.

Such as, toasting the couple before champagne with a lovely desert sherry while they were taking pictures.

Also, I loved the Robertson Sweet Red Wine from South Africa and excited to know I can find it here. 

They believe during the speeches that the bride and groom speak to honor their families and parents.  That was very nice.

Texas Country wedding

As we left the reception hall for a 2 1/2 hour drive back to San Antonio, I was in wonder of this gorgeous feather of clouds God placed in the sky.

A perfect way to conclude a Texas Country Wedding day.

Thank you for taking this road trip with me…do you believe there are times when you can wear pants to a wedding and it is appropriate?….please share…

And then join me and the happy couple as we………


By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer: There are items within this post which were donated for review, but the words are my own.


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  1. Oh my, what a lovely wedding! Beautiful bride and a very handsome groom! I just love the story about the rings!! That’s one of those things that will make their day truly unique and give them something to reminisce about as the years go by, with lots of laughs! I love how basically casual it was, yet with an elegance all its own. Your sister-in-law’s hair is gorgeous. I’m sure that it was a fabulous time for all of the guests, and such a beautiful setting… just a perfect day!

  2. Thank you for a peek at a true Texan Country wedding. My son was married in Houston at a beautiful refurbished speakeasy. What a difference! Love the ring story. A nice way to start the day!

  3. What a lovely little church and interesting wedding venue! I think your outfit very appropriate for the circumstances. Today’s society is so much more relaxed in terms of dress, and pants are considered correct for any situations. What a fun and memorable wedding, especially with the groomsman’s forgetting the rings. Did you notice the color of the clouds matched the color of the men’s vests and the flowers in the bouquet…such a beautiful shade of salmon pink? I too love my Zuni turquoise pieces my husband bought me during our first trip to Arizona.

  4. I did not notice that, Celia! What a wonderful observation. I know the sky just captured my attention Saturday night. You can find some fabulous pieces on a good road trip through western states!

  5. As a Presbyterian pastor, I am grateful for the legacy of small, rural congregations. The Reformed tradition calls for simple church architecture, so we can focus on grace rather than decor. Looks like the joy of this wedding did just that! Thank you for this post!

  6. I think slacks are appropriate . even jeans, depending on venue.
    ive been wearing slacks or pantsuits to weddings for several years now. I keep in mind the level of fancy, and dress accordingly.
    I haven’t been comfortable in dresses for at least a decade now, panty hose are difficult to find, in fit and correct shade, not to mention kinda being out of trend for awhile..and im just not into the bare leg look, not for myself anyway.
    that was a lovely wedding!

  7. How interesting! Congratulations to the whole family, as everybody seems full of joy and takes problematic events with laugh instead of tension (not always easy!). I was intrigued by the wine issue ( to be expected from a French person?!): is it normal to have champagne before the meal (instead of sherry) ? Did you have sherry, then champagne, then red wine? Here, champagne used to be more of a dessert wine, then a wine with which you do the whole meal if you wish (with no others, then), then now often available before the meal. And also: The lace dress of your niece was gorgeous. And I like your outfit, it mixes casualness and fashion awareness.

  8. Jeans would’ve been very appropriate here. I agree with you, Sheryl…that now just about anything goes.

  9. Thanks Catherine. This appears to be a South African tradition to enjoy sherry at the beginning of the reception, then to go through a series of toasts after each speech with champagne, and then enjoy the wine with dessert. Typically, an American wedding has the toasts after the meal. But this tradition was to have the toasts after the wedding party arrives and before the meal. I love learning about other traditions and that is why I wanted to share them here.

  10. Thank you for taking us along to your niece’s wedding. Beautiful bride, handsome groom, and such happy looking parents of the bride. Loved the church and the South African traditions included. I think you were appropriately dressed for the occasion. So nice to be stylish and comfortable, especially with the long drive there. Best wishes to the lovely couple!

  11. Thanks Deanna! This Chico’s jacket is so perfect for a roadtrip! No wrinkle worries with it at all!

  12. Pamela, you are the best! Opening your blog each morning is a wonderful surprise and this one did not disappoint. Thank you for sharing a family wedding in your wonderful state. It was all so perfect and a happy memorable affair and you gave us a beautiful insight to the day. Of course it was great to see the fashion too! We as Canadians, have had some wonderful holidays in your lovely city and state and this just wants me to come back for at least one more visit.

  13. Such a lovely wedding! The bride and her flowers were beautiful, and if I’m not mistaken the bouquet contained flowers native to S Africa. Turquoise is my favorite stone and I wear it often, including incorporating it into jewelry I make. While around here cowboy boots or hats would make -quite- the statement, piling on the Western jewelry is totally mainstream. I wear pants to weddings. In the summer, I have a long, bright coral linen cardigan I pair with some sort of pant and a flowered shoe, and carry a clutch. In the winter, of course, it’s easier as there are so many velvet or sparkly tops. I find attention to makeup and wearing a little more jewelry makes me feel festive enough. Around here, the tradition has changed to where almost always, the wedding is in the afternoon, and the reception is later in the evening. I think that’s inherently less formal.

  14. I agree, Linda..that the time really has a lot to do with it. Evening weddings here can still be quite formal. I am going to ask about the flowers but you are probably correct. They were honoring his family with the South African traditions.

  15. What a sweet venue for a wonderful Texas Country wedding! I too love the forgotten rings story! Oh my!
    You look beautiful Pam and completely appropriate too.
    I’ve never worn slacks/pants or jeans to a wedding but have been to many where women wore dressy pantsuits or palazzo pants and strappy sandals. Just different weddings —not this amazing sounding country wedding! How fun it just have been!

  16. I am not sure what I will wear in warmer weather…would love to wear strappy sandals, but with my funky feet getting funkier, who knows what I will be doing. Glad you enjoyed seeing the event! Thanks Paulette!

  17. YES to pants at a wedding!!! In fact, I wore a beautiful chiffon and lace pantsuit to our son’s wedding (after first getting the bride’s okay) and it was PERFECT!! Even with some minor alterations, the cost was much lower than the usual “Mother-of-the-Groom” gown and is something I can wear again at a more formal function – very comfortable, too. It’s okay to think outside the box!!

  18. Such a beautiful wedding! It was lovely venue with a beautiful bride & charming customs. And all it topped off with a blessing from God in the form a gorgeous sunset. Thanks for sharing!

  19. I am overwhelmed with your beautiful story and pictures!!!! I was thrilled you were able to come! What a wonderful validation of the hard work that goes into putting together a wedding. We are so blessed to have such a wonderful family!!! I am able to share this with my mother and father who were unable to come due to medical issues. I know they will appreciate this so very much!! And to the woman who recognized the SA flower – amazing!! Thank you again!

  20. Awww…so glad you enjoyed it…the readers did too. What a wonderful wedding it was!

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