Confident casual style in early morning


Confident Casual Style

Happy Tuesday! I want to show you today how I achieved confident casual style in an early morning outing!

During most of my parenting, I became accustomed to early morning athletic events.

All three of our children played sports from young ages until they graduated high school.

But, that was years ago, and now I am learning our grandchildren will do the same.

Last Saturday, we headed out to watch our precious granddaughter with her first cheerleading squad.


Confident Casual Style


In order for me to be confident with my style and up and out at an early hour, I must plan the night before.

That hasn’t always been the case, but these days I don’t want to wing it…but be the confident Gigi in the room.

With a great outfit and strong coffee, I can accomplish just about anything as early as you like.

The amazing staff at Chico’s recently sent me some pieces in navy blue since so many of you were looking for navy blue to replace your black. 

So, this Zenergy Classic Stitch Tunic in Classic navy was perfect for the occasion.

It is a thicker top and with pockets to make it perfect for colder weather.

Comfort Casual Style

Also, my coat easily went over the outfit.

I paired it with my Tailored Ponte Leggings in Club Cabernet (on sale at a great price) and a Chico’s scarf from last fall. (I liked the pop of color in the scarf)

Finally, once again, I wore my new comfort shoes.

I am also upgrading my wardrobe with more navy and Chico’s is giving me a great start.  Here are some other blue selections:


Because I want to look my confident best when this little angel looks around her friends to see if I am watching!

Confident Casual Style

Her brother was playing and reading super hero books, but you can see my foot there on the bleaches besides him.

In a casual style like Chico’s provided, I was confident to easily navigate the bleachers and, of course, HUGS!

This is such a great top to have for moments like this and I am so glad it has been added to the wardrobe for colder weather.

It is a keeper!  Thanks Chico’s!


Confident Casual Style

I want to say a huge THANK YOU to Feedspot for recognizing this blog as one of the tops for women over 50.

It is so nice to be acknowledged for hard work.  For all of the blogs they selected go to: Top 80 Blogs for Women Over 50  (I am #12…Woo Hoo!)

And, that is because of YOU…the amazing readers of this blog…a big granddaughter cheer out to you as well!


By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I was gifted items in this post for review and the words are my own.


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  1. Love to see your grands involved in Upwards Basketball! BTW, the lip color you’re using looks great on you and I like the shade of blue in your tunic (wish they made them a bit longer for a truer tunic length).

  2. Congratulations on being recognized as a top blogger! That’s evidence of the work you put into bringing us great information. Your grands are just too cute!! I have one remaining in high school and he’s doing winter and spring track and field so I still get to enjoy being a support. You have many years of fun ahead with your little ones! I was kind of disappointed that the cropped joggers are in such limited sizes. Me, who never wears crops but see these as perfect for summer dog days. I think the appeal is they are tight at the bottoms which is the only way I’d consider crops. Looks like they were pretty popular!

    1. Hi Karen….it is crazy how fast items are moving these days. Hardly gives you time to think. At least Chico’s has easy returns if needed!

  3. I think I marvel daily that you seem to be such a busy person yet put together a daily blog where you often answer our responses. I so appreciate your response to me yesterday about your shoes. But that’s a big part of your being so highly rated in the blog world. We feel such a personal connection to you, your life, your family. Those early morning grandchildren events are so special for everyone. And your precious little cheerleader is such a doll! I’m looking at several navy items from Chico’s , and I especially like the top you are wearing. Now that I’m walking daily, I want warm items with pockets.

    1. I just came in from walking our dog and I wore that top! It is warm and the pockets are great for a phone! Thanks Celia!

  4. Congrats on your #12 spot but you were actually the first US blogger listed so maybe #1! I do enjoy the info you share. Wore navy a lot when I was young as didn’t care for black. Got away from that for about 20 yrs but have now let my gray grow out and its white so headed back to navy.

    1. Gorgeous grandchildren Pam, l am so thrilled for you what a beautiful day!! I cannot wait for grandchildren and hope l get to do all the fun things like sit on the bleachers. Love Chico’s ; l am wearing the faux fur vest l bought recently all week. Congratulations on your success as a blogger, so well deserved. Cheers to you 🙂

  5. Congratulations Pam! That’s not a surprise you’ve been selected. Your good work is recognized and that’s great. You are an inspiration!
    I don’t know who is prettier- you or your granddaughter?

  6. Congrats to you! You -totally- deserve it. I love the navy tunic … it might be a “want,” though not a need, so we will see. Color question: do you pay a lot of attention to the tone of the navy you wear? I notice we are supposed to be in warm “marine” navy, but I find it incredibly hard to find. There is a cool navy that is almost gray/purple, and I avoid that one, but the Chicos navy is what I would call true navy, a rich but rather cool color. I’m not at all meaning to be rhetorical (and definitely not combative lol), but before I make expensive mistakes, I’d like to get this right.

    1. Hi Linda, and thank you so much. Chico’s is making garments in a color called Classic Navy and it seems to be exactly what is says…classic…darker. I like it and really think all palettes could wear it successfully. Marine Navy is what is in my palette and I agree it is very difficult to find. I hope as spring begins I will see more of it. This navy is such a great option to black and makes a nice go to neutral. There are so many shades of blue out in the stores that I will not be wearing personally, but I will try to model them for the audience when I go to do dressing room posts. I am glad to have this navy in my wardrobe and believe it goes with the rest of the palette beautifully. I hope that helps.

  7. Your sweet granddaughter is adorable!
    Congratulations to you! I’m not surprised. All your good work has not gone unnoticed. Thank you!

  8. Oh, I am so thrilled for you!!! 🤸‍♀️ Really, you are a daily magazine of sorts, a one woman (plus sidekick Leigh Ann ☺) phenomenal show.
    Your little cheerleader is so adorable. I bet she’s having all kinds of fun.

  9. Your grandkids have your smile! You radiate happiness in these photos! I love using three different colors in your outfit – jazzy! I also love the purse!! Congratulations on your website being recognized!

  10. Congratulations for being #12 recognizing your blog, this is awesome. Hard work always pays off.
    Your granddaughter is too adorable, she makes the cutest cheerleader ever in her age group. The picture of you all together is a treasure. I bet their hearts are gold too.

  11. Congrats on being #12 out of 80…wow, that is quite an accomplishment! I never miss your blog and appreciate the love and effort you put into it! It shows! Your grandchildren are adorable, and they do have your smile! Keep up the great work.

  12. Congratulations on the recognition your receiving! Your readers have always known that you are one of the best. That beautiful smile from your granddaughter makes getting up early so worth it. Kudos to you for supporting her. Your navy top looks stylish & comfortable. I really dislike the oversized looks that are so prevalent these days. This top fits you quite well.

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