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Today's News

Good morning, ladies!  Welcome to the weekly feature on Today’s News for Women over 50!

This is the day where I curate headlines from around the world and look for stories of interests in fashion, beauty, health and lifestyle news.

My goal is to find stories which are helpful and inspirational…not political or depressing.

So, let’s get started and thank you for allowing me to be your weekly news magazine!


Today's News

The past couple of weeks we have been reading about trends for the upcoming year.

Today, from a site called The Every Girl, consider these 10 Wardrobe Essentials That’ll Always Be In Style.

From Who What Wear, there are 6 New Pant Trends That Might Replace Our Jeans in 2022.

Today's News

The headlines are also keeping us up to date with your favorite retailers during a crazy time.

This week the headlines were about Kohl’s:

CNN Business reports The Pitchforks are out for Kohl’s. 

From The Street, Kohl’s has joined Dollar Tree, Macy’s in an Uncomfortable Club.


Today's News

If you are like me, you love to learn about beauty products and tips.  Here is what I discovered just for you this week.

From MSN, Bobbi Brown reveals her top face transforming makeup tips for women 50 and over.

In Southern Living, we learn the 9 best concealers for mature skin and how to apply it.


I am a morning person, so I love a good article about the benefits of morning.  I am just not sure these six would accomplish it!!

From Huffington Post,  here are 6 morning habits that’ll make you feel like you have your life together.

Today's News

Because we probably all could use a little encouragement!

From Healthy Eating by Very Well, here are 7 ways to lose weight in your 50s and 60s.

Today's News

I am writing more on the blog about insomnia and have learned that the majority of adults struggle with it.

So, if you are one of those, from Mind Body Green, here are the top foods to eat for sleep: a comprehensive new review.

Today's News

I know for many of you the weather is dreary and cold.  I thought this might brighten you up a bit.

From Better Homes & Gardens, here are 22 of the most beautiful blooming houseplants you can grow.

Today's News

Or, even better, let’s talk BEACHES!

Finally, to bring our news post to a close today, from Travel Waits enjoy My 11 Favorite Beaches to Visit in the World.

I so hope you enjoyed today’s news selections and please feel free to comment on any or all of the articles here.  I have more fun tomorrow with shopping with Leigh & Me…hope to see you back.


By Pamela Lutrell


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  1. Interesting reading this morning. I am going back to my regular alarm on days when I need one after reading about using the phone for that purpose. Makes sense. I truly enjoyed reading about the house plants! I have two currently, a Christmas Cactus that blooms twice each year and an orchid that amazingly continues to grow and flower. The fact that they’re living and thriving is amazing! I’d like to add a showy, taller plant so will be considering this list. I treat them like roommates, talking to them and moving them as the sun shifts, so maybe that’s a key to their success!? I liked the article about more or less easing into the day. I’ve been playing classical music when I wake up and get ready for the day and it’s been a true pleasure and does help to start the day feeling relaxed. Trying to cut way back on stress and that improves many areas of life!

  2. I was a bit frustrated that a 27 year old is complaining of being tired of the changes in her life in the first article. There is a lot of stuff to get through today Pam. I will have to go back for further digging into some of them. I think I may stay rather ‘out of fashion’ with some of my choices, but then again I guess they are my choices after all. I will try out the fuller pant look but still keep the skinnies and straight leg looks as well. I do believe the morning routine does have an impact on the rest of the day, since when the radio starts up and the news is negative it does influence my mood. This is why I try to limit my news intake. I love the houseplant article, and usually have something blooming to make me happy. Oh, and the beach, yes please. We have had 2 vacations cancelled and not sure when to try again. Each time it seems we are getting to the end of the road, there is another blip. Soon, I hope.

  3. I hope so too, Diane. Slim leg and skinny pants are all I wear. I stick to what looks best on me. Now go into the day with a smile!

  4. Many interesting articles today. The current pants trend of more loose, what looks sloppy to me as the bottoms spill over the shoes is one I will not be embracing. I am always looking for makeup ideas, especially now that my eyes are basicly all others can see above my mask. I love my houseplants as I know they are good for the air inside the house as well as increasing one’s feelings of contentment and happiness, much like beautiful classical music. Those beaches around the world are so very beautiful, and one can always dream of travel to faraway climes. Good articles that unfortunately send me down rabbit holes when I need to be up and doing something constructive! 😂 Have a good day…our cold front is on the move!

  5. Oh, I don’t want to send you down a rabbit hole, Celia but hopefully keep you informed on topics of interest. This reading can be done at any time of day!

  6. Oh, that beach article was lovely. Though I will likely not go (at least soon) to the other side of the world, it was fun to do a bit of armchair traveling. I love the beach and snorkeling, and had a memorable moment when I unexpectedly glided a foot away from a huge nurse shark! Fortunately, they are not usually aggressive, but … they are sharks! It’s 3 degrees here; just the thought of warm sand … I guess I’ll settle for a steaming coffee instead :).

  7. Ok…the idea of snorkeling near any shark keeps me happy at home! Lol! Enjoy your coffee and have a great day…stay warm!

  8. Most of the fashion trend articles are created by younger women. I know there are some of you who like to keep up with fashion trends so that is why I post them. Rarely do I see fashion trend articles written by the more experienced crowd. Thanks for reading Tammy!

  9. Age aside, the 27-year-old young lady was spot on with her ideas. These are all classic looks that speak to me. I am currently in the market for a new black blazer. I think I will pass on the trends in pants & stick to my jeans. One of the joys of being retired is being able to ease into my mornings, & I do use an alarm clock because going to bed & getting up at the same time each day sets a good pattern for sleep. As I age, sleep is sometimes elusive, & I’m always interested in any helpful hints.

  10. Woohoo – my trousers are in fashion! I am very definitely ‘plus size’ and the only trousers I own (2 pair) are very wide leg, almost palazzo pants. For a long time I’ve told myself they are fine, they are my personal style – and now they are fashion too!

    There is very little in the “10 wardrobe essentials” list that I consider essential but as we read here so often, it is all about personal style isn’t it? How you wear something is more important than what you wear I think (as long as it is appropriate clothing of course). Wear your clothes with confidence. I did have to smile at the white sneakers being number 1 though – such a stereotypical American icon I think. 😉

    Great selection of news articles, Pamela. I’m especially grateful for the beauty articles today.

  11. Sounds like you are right in style, Joce. Thanks for joining in the discussion today!

  12. Pam, rabbit holes can be very good and informative. I learn much, but tend to follow related articles which is NOT bad. But the problem becomes that I spend too much time reading instead of getting on with my day. You’re right…I should spread them out through the day!

  13. I am happy you are here…so I just want to get it to be productive for you. Thanks Celia!

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