How I style a denim jacket

How I style a denim jacket

Happy Tuesday, everyone!  Today, I am discussing how I style a denim jacket.

I was blessed to receive a wonderful Chico’s gift card from my son at Christmas.

With sales all around and new focus on my style…I went shopping.


How I style a denim jacket

I have always been more confident in a longer version of denim jackets, than a traditional shorter style.

So, when I saw this Elongated Rinsed Denim Jacket, I believed it would serve me well in my current wardrobe…and I was right!

The way the jacket is designed is very flattering…the seams direct the eye in the best way and the pockets are slanted in a way as to bring the jacket in and not have a big boxy look to it. 

The jacket is also not heavy, so for my warmer climate, I will be able to wear it from now until perhaps June.

With my Foundational Five Style Adjectives in my head: joyful, approachable, creative, polished and current, I put this look together from my closet.

The red tunic tweed sweater is from the last two years at Chico’s; these are my fun favorite a.n.a. slim fit denim pants from JC Penneys; and I topped it off with these Joan Olaff Equality Leopard Kid Suede Sneakers.


How I style a denim jacket

Of course, I always add a touch of art… and this jacket was screaming for a brooch.

I recently purchased this Anthropologie brooch in one of the sales with additional off on a particular day!

At one time, my mother called me a moon child because I have always been so fascinated with the moon.

This brooch seemed an appropriate addition to a moon child’s accessory collection!

How I style a denim jacket


How I style a denim jacket


I often watch the moon through this window in my kitchen…on this day I looked at the beauty of the clouds in wonder.

The full moon was last night…and is so often difficult to photograph with a cell phone.

Remember, my word for year is WONDER, and watching the clouds, moon, stars is one way I find it!

I still have money on my gift card, so here are some other items I am looking over at Chico’s…yes, I have my eye on navy blue:

Thank you for joining in today for how I style a denim jacket…I hope you will return tomorrow and of course, comment below….enjoy your day and make sure you:


By Pamela Lutrell

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  1. I like your longer denim jacket. I have quite a few short ones, but think the longer version would be nice to have too for a change. The moon pin definitely adds that artsy touch. This whole look definitely incorporates your adjectives, and it’s helpful to see how you are interpreting them in what you are wearing. I did hang my Foundational Five list in my closet and it’s been helpful. My lifestyle has definitely changed in the last year and I’m thinking ahead to spring and summer already with the need for some things that are rugged but still look like me.

      1. Sure Pam! I’m still spending two or three days a week with Moose because I’m so attached to him. He’s now close to 130 lbs., and I play with him outside a lot. He’s like the bull in the china shop because he’s still a puppy, so I don’t stay real clean and he drools a lot. When I think of rugged, I keep thinking I should run out to Duluth Trading. I don’t want to look like a mess when we go places, but my clothes have to stand up to some abuse!

        1. Perfect! Thanks Karen…I will watch out for you. I also need rugged clothing for playing with grandchildren and Tux. so I understand.

          1. We have 18 inches of snow in my son’s backyard so Moose is having a grand time today!!

  2. You look great today, Pam. Of course, as a former teacher, I have several denim jackets, which are practically a professional uniform there. At 5’5”, I straddle the line as to whether a longer jacket looks right on me, though I often wear a longer tank or sweater underneath, with fabric showing below the jacket. Seeing how good this jacket looks on you might make it worth a try on. I also just bought a red tunic sweater, and I’m in the market for leopard sneaks. This outfit would also hit my Foundational Five: confident, interesting, casual, active and aware.

    1. I am enjoying this jacket so much! I can see where a look like this does hit your Foundational Five! Thanks for being here today!

  3. Your look today definitely fits your confident objective. I too like the longer denim jacket because I feel better if my backside is more covered which is probably why I often wear cardigans. However, being short, the proper length is always questionable. And I’m looking more at navy blue instead of black. Now that I’m retired I too am fascinated with the moon and stars. Each month I remind my FB friends of the incoming full moon, it’s name, and some history of the name. Our full moon last night is the Wolf Moon, and was so beautiful in the clear, cold sky.

    1. I love that you share information about the moon with friends, Celia1. Feel free to share anything you learn here. I think I am going to update this post with a picture of last night’s moon through the window.

      1. If I knew how, I would send you the beautiful picture I posted yesterday that was taken the night before by someone in NYC. The moon was setting behind the Statue of Liberty…much prettier than the ones I often post that I take and post on my FB page.

  4. Good change with the longer denim jacket. Really also liked the navy and white striped scarf that was displayed. I would wear it often with many different colors for my shirt

    1. I love the new navy collection at Chico’s…I have several of those items on my wish list, Audrey…including the scarves!

  5. I like the lines and silhouette offered by this longer jean jacket. Being short waisted, I like the look of longer jackets. Love everything in your navy-colored slide show. Will watch and see if anything goes on sale. Navy is my new black.

  6. I had to return an online order to my local Chico’s today. They had the denim jacket. It has a lovely fit—very flattering. I thought it looked boxy but it it has great lines. I’m hoping for a sale soon! I don’t have any khaki or light jeans/pants. Would you be willing to style this jacket with different pants so I have other ways to wear it?

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