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Good morning, everyone and welcome to Today’s News for women over 50.

The biggest headline in today’s news, for me any way, is that you are seeing a new website design sometime today!

This has been done for faster service and more readability…all with you in mind!  Let me know If you experience any issues.

The other headlines in today’s news were curated just for you…the fabulous women over 50.  I want to keep you informed of what is happening in this world around us.

So, grab a warm beverage, a cozy chair and let’s get started.


Today's News

One of the readers recently requested that I share any headlines on updates about retail stores.  So here are a couple of recent headlines:

From Reuters, Early holiday shopping hammers U.S. retail sales; Omicron expected to slow January

From Business Insider, Nordstrom Rack was once Nordstrom’s greatest asset, now analysts say it is dragging the brand down

Today's news

If you have read this blog for very long, you know I am not a fan of distressed jeans and you never see me in them.

So, it is sad and interesting to me that they are still around as a trend. How much will you pay for jeans with ripped holes in them?

From Who, What, Wear, check out:  5 Spring/Summer Jean Trends for 2022.


Today's News

Want to know a little more information behind the standard wedding traditions?  This is interesting.

From Southern Living, 17 Common Wedding Traditions and the shocking history behind them.

Today's News

I thought this article was fun, because I had no idea what my birth flower is.  Do you know yours?

From Better Homes & Gardens, find it in Birth Month Flowers: Find out yours and the meaning behind it.

Today's News

It’s January, so of course today’s news still includes helpful guidelines for organization!  

From again from Better Homes & GardensThe 7 worst organizing mistakes which result in a cluttered home

From Apartment Therapy (they do produce good information for everyone), 4 organizing habits to ditch in 2022.


Today's News

Today’s News always includes headlines to encourage, educate and inspire you to be your very best.

First, let’s look at an article from Eating Well, 10 things to do every day to help you live until 100

Next, from Very Well, Fitness over weight loss may be the best way to curb obesity risks

Today's News

Mr. B & I eat a lot of salmon, so this article captured my attention.

From MSN, Which type of salmon is healthiest, a registered dietician reveals

Today's News

I hope everyone understands the importance of Vitamin D, but just in case, here is one more headline in today’s news.

From mbg health Is Vitamin D deficiency associated with higher oxidative stress?

Today's News

Do you really know the difference between power walking and just walking?  It is important to understand the difference.

From Well and Good: What is Power Walking, a cardiologist tells us

And, a book review from the New York PostA New Book takes a look at the messy, fabulous history of women’s fitness

Today's News

Finally,  your seat selection on a flight can make a big difference is your wellness.

From Travel & Leisure, check out:  Why you should always choose a window seat on a plane

Those are the headlines in today’s news!  Thank you for joining us here and please comment on any or all of the stories.

I so appreciate each member of this audience and I will be back tomorrow!


By Pamela Lutrell

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  1. I like the new design, first of all, through I’ll be following along no matter how things change! Lots of interesting articles here. I have to say, I have never understood distressed jeans either, but mainly because they don’t contribute to the message I’m sending with my clothing choices. I just have never cared for the look. The predicted low-rise is also something I hoped we had left behind. It works for very thin, young women and girls, but can also quickly become a problem when they deliberately reveal their underwear, when sitting….I am disappointed to see this return. All this said, but at least we have the choice to not participate in this trend/dad. I was interested to know my birth flower and will incorporate this into my spring planting for fun. Also going back to read the article on decluttering, something I love doing. The nutrition article was very informative and something to take note of. Thank you for putting in the work to find interesting articles!

  2. On the torn, ripped and holes in the knees trend- it’s a no from me. Low rise is another no for obvious reasons and I’ll stay true to high rise or high- medium rise. I’m more comfortable, they fit better everywhere else and that makes be very happy. Your blog also makes be happy. Thank you Pam!
    Enjoying today’s look!

    1. Thanks Paulette…those ripped jeans surprise me…I have always been amazed that ladies would pay big bucks to get ripped up jeans! The fashion industry laughed all the way to the bank!

  3. I had no problems with the new design, and now that I’m replying, I’m glad to see a larger block in which to response. Often in your older setup, the reply block was tiny. You’ve given us many interesting articles to read today. I agree with you and Karen…I will not be buying or wearing distressed jeans. I do wear some at home only, but they are distressed due to my wearing them for years, and not because I paid someone to distress them. I also have not purchased any decorated jeans, and will definitely not be buying low cut styles. I read several articles you included, and could easily go down many rabbit holes therein, but as one article advised, I need to get up and be productive for the day in order to live longer! I have much to declutter so concentrating those efforts today.

      1. I like your new design.
        I do not like distressed or jeans with holes at all and would not wear them even if a gift.
        Found the article on salmon interesting. We have been subscribing to a wild Alaskan fish box monthly since the pandemic. We now eat the salmon types mentioned twice weekly.

        1. Good for you, Kathy! We usually eat it once a week, but have discussed going to at least twice. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Wonderful informative post today, Pam, and I love the new blog design. I agree no distressed jeans for me. My 37 year old DiL wears them and looks adorable, however she is tiring of them. I am not happy low rise jeans are back, but I will stick to classic styles…hopefully we will still be able to find them at places like Talbots and Chico’s. The weather has turned cold here, so I am getting ready to declutter and clean out drawers, then enjoy reading by the fire. I enjoy your blog everyday!

  5. Oh, how very nice! I like the new look, and it seems cleaner, more streamlined somehow. My July flower is the larkspur, which I knew, but had not realized the colors had their own meanings. White and purple for me! Also glad to read the article on power walking. I used to always aim for that degree of intensity on my walks, but have slowly given it up in favor of walks with friends. What I’m realizing is I probably need to engage in BOTH types!

    1. I need to engage in both, Connie. The article inspired me to get back at it…I have relaxed a little too much lately.

  6. I would only buy distressed jeans if the airline lost my luggage and they were the only jeans available. They would also need to be cheap, cheap, cheap Let’s see: we called low-rise jeans bellbottoms and decorated jeans were worn at Woodstock. Actually, all the trending jeans are probably out of my price range. But an interesting article. All of them were. You once remarked on the lack of classic fashion magazines. Do you realize that you are creating their replacement? Thank you.

    1. I am happy to be a replacement…feel free to share this site with anyone! Thanks for being here, Marin!

  7. I dislike the distressed denim look, too. And I don’t care for the raw or chewed hem look, either. I like that you show clothes that work for you and your lifestyle instead of all the latest, fleeting trends. Interesting and fun articles today.

  8. I like the new format here. I was away today, so just got caught up. I usually go for an aisle seat on the plane so I can get up easily, but maybe I will rethink that next time. The jeans article seem to be aimed more at the younger crowd, and I can’t blame them, we wore alternative looks when we were in our teens, but I will not be partaking of most of these looks. I like my pants/jeans to sit at the waist so I am not pulling them up or worried that my backside is showing too much. I still have a few articles to deep dive into, but thanks for all the thought provoking things for us.

  9. I like the new format. It is easy to read & a very clean look. I won’t be participating in any of the jean trends. They are just not my cup of tea. I got a chuckle out of the 2000’s being nostalgic. Those of us who have been around for a while know that several of these trends were popular long before then, & I’m sure that several of us have worn a few of them. Although, I have never worn distressed jeans. I enjoyed the article on wedding traditions. It was fun learning about how they started. Some origins were quite surprising.

    1. Thanks for the input on the new design, Becky! I agree that the nostalgic 2000s reference is quite laughable!!

  10. Hi Pamela,

    I like your new format, however I liked your previous format as well. Congratulations
    on your new look.

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