Meet Seasalt Cornwall – I’m a big fan!

Meet Seasalt Cornwall

Happy Sunday, everyone!  I have a new brand to introduce to you…Meet Seasalt Cornwall, and I’m a big fan!

For several years now, this blog has had a loyal following from readers in the United Kingdom and I have worked with some excellent UK brands.

Recently, I was asked if I would consider meeting a new brand, Seasalt Cornwall.

After spending some time with their website, I said…”Count me in!  I like what I see.”


Meet Seasalt Cornwall

Of course, the brand hails from the historic county of Cornwall In Southwest England.

No worries here…they do ship worldwide. On their website look at the top for the INTERNATIONAL DELIVERY page.

I encourage you to watch the video on the ABOUT US page…after watching it I kind of wanted to move there!

Meet Seasalt Cornwall

I am not surprised that I like their clothing designs and aesthetics.

First of all, they say they celebrate all women: “Our purpose is to inspire women of all ages and shapes to dress with creativity and confidence. So we offer a wide choice of styles, cuts and sizes, carefully curated colours and crafted fabrics that all work beautifully together.”  

They design for misses, plus size, petites and easy on needs for women.

Of course, the words CREATIVITY AND CONFIDENCE jumped out at me…since they are a part of my personal style words.

Meet Seasalt Cornwall

The nice people at Seasalt Cornwall sent me this Roberts Coat in the color pear….and I absolutely love this coat!

It is 100% cotton and fits right in with my autumn palette.  I know I have alot going on here, but I really like this type of creative dressing.

The top underneath is navy blue and I know the olive pants are risky…but it just seemed to all go together beautifully for me.  I don’t mind standing out.

You can see all of these colors are featured in the scarf and that is what makes the whole look work.

Meet Seasalt Cornwall

Later, I styled the coat with a different scarf, navy V neck sweater, dark jeggings and my new taupe shoes.

It is a great coat and perfect weight for the warmer climate I live in.  I had two women at the mall stop me to ask where I got the coat.

Based on my experience with this garment, I do want to try more from Seasalt Cornwall New Arrivals.

I hope to show you different looks in the future.

Thanks for the contact, Seasalt Cornwall!

Spend some time on their website and then let me know what you think!  Have a wonderful Sunday and always wear clothing which helps you to ….


By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer: I was gifted an item for this review, and the words are my own.


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  1. Delighted to see you profiling Seasalt (from Cornwall). I love their colours – such as “pear” – along with their styles and fabrics. I have been pleased with their deliveries to Australia. Enjoy.

  2. What a great way to start my day–seeing photos of Cornwall and finding out about this wonderful clothing line. Years of reading Rosamunde Pilcher books have made me a huge fan of Cornwall. The Seasalt website is lovely. So glad you were able to introduce us to this special shopping experience.

  3. I disagree that the green pants are risky. Green’s a neutral – think grass & sky.

    But also, the green, the blue, the yellow, the red are all present & pulled out of the scarf.

  4. I was impressed with what I saw on the website. Their size guide was confusing, however. Usually a size guide is based on a body measurement, but they implied they actually measured the garment itself. How did you find the sizing?

    1. The sizing of the coat was perfect for me. I think you must pay attention to the chart that translates the sizes from UK to US. Though I am pretty much a true size 16, this is the size 18 coat and it fit perfectly.
      The coat is my only experience so far.

  5. That coat looks like a classic that you’ll enjoy for years to come. And the color is gorgeous! Pairing it with the scarves and pants colors you chose, so inspiring. I can see why people stopped you to ask about it. I want to take a more thorough look at their website. Spot on, Pamela!

  6. What a delightful new find! I loved their video, especially the end where the girl was in the pool in her dress. ☺ Their beach scenes are very similar to our rugged Oregon coast, and the clothes feel very relatable for a weekend at the seaside. That pear color of your new raincoat is just FUN!
    Have a tremendously good Sunday!

  7. You look fabulous! I love the coat! I have a winter coat in a bit deeper of the same color. It’s a happy color! The olive pants are a great choice! I love both outfits. Applause!

  8. Hi Pam- Did Seasalt give you a percentage reduction in price for your readers by any chance? I didn’t see anything in what you had written but thought I would ask just in case. You look so great in this outfit! And I also want to say how much I appreciate your upbeat attitude and the way you spread cheer. Your blog is wonderful.

    1. Thank you, Debbie! They did not, but I am going to ask for it in the next post. There is another garment on the way. I will contact you if I am able to pull it off!

      1. Having been born in the south of England (not Cornwall exactly but the next one over) & now transplanted to Hong Kong, I agree that Seasalt’s marketing makes me nostalgic too – but in this case, for home! Never thought I’d miss the grey skies & pebbled beaches until I left them, lol…

        I may be a little biased here, but I still shop British brands (even here) because I like their abundance of natural fibres used in colourful clothing. Bonus points for free international shipping (above a certain amount) & garment measurements (for those of us who are a different size up top & below)!

        Pamela, since it sounds like you plan to shop more of Seasalt Cornwall’s collection soon:
        As a deep Autumn, I’d recommend their Bitter Cocoa, Chalk, Burnt Orange, Dark Hay & Dark Storm/ Wreckage shades in particular, for flatteringly autumnal shades of chocolate brown, creamy ecru, rust, mustard/ochre & teal green respectively.
        I’d avoid their salt & mallard/ jade shades in particular, though – from past experience, I can tell you they’re fairly cool-toned. They do some good purples too, but the names keep changing – look for ones with reddish undertones.

        Hope that helps 🙂

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