Would You Wear It – New Brand

Would You Wear It

Happy Saturday, ladies!  Welcome to a weekly event…. Would You Wear It on two blogs, and today I am looking at Would You Wear It – New Brand.

Jennifer Connolly and I have been producing Would You Wear It for a long time, so you can see what is on fashion displays from two communities.

We believe it is important to give you an opportunity to comment on what is currently in stores to let retailers, brands and other women know what you would or would not actually wear. 

Of course, you may always comment on the display styling and how you might improve the looks.

Fashion displays exist to motivate the consumer to purchase….so ask yourself, does it?


Would You Wear It

Rails may not be a new brand, but it was to me. I found this neutral display in Nordstrom.

Look these mannequins over with your best fashion-eye, and determine with constructive thought if you actually would or would not wear the styles.

It is not about would you buy it or do you need it.  Just pretend if you had the clothing would you actually wear it.

Would You Wear It

So, ladies, tell us……………………………………………


Here are more styles from Rails:

Would You Wear It

The neutrals are beautiful…but I was also glad to see this rack of clothing meant for us autumn palette gals!  

It is always successful shopping for me when I find my colors to try on.


Would You Wear It

I stopped by the Nordstrom Beauty Department while there to get more purple eyeliner.

That’s right…purple eyeliner and even mascara make hazel eyes pop.  I wear the eyeliner every time I put on my makeup.

The beauty technician looked at me and said…Trust me.  I want to show you a new brand.

She took me to a counter for the new Kylie Cosmetics.  I looked at her and said…”I am not really a fan. Wouldn’t this be for younger women?”

She thinks this is a hidden gem.  She said, “I have been so pleasantly surprised with these cosmetics and they are very affordable.”

The gel eyeliner pencil in amethyst purple is $15.  So, I agreed to try it…I will report back to you what I think…but the purple color is beautiful and does wonders for hazel eyes.

I know that for a fact.

Make sure you comment on today’s Would You Wear It…then go to A Well Styled Life to comment on Jennifer’s….and always…


By Pamela Lutrell


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  1. Good Morning! I know ive said it before, but the alien mannequins creep me out. chalk it up to age, lol.
    well, the jeans and the black pants, yes, if they were longer…ankle pants are just not comfortable to me.
    the texture of the white blouse isn’t for me, and the structure of the blouse just doesn’t appeal…no scientific reason, just picture a two year old with a scrunchy face shaking their head “noooooooo”.
    the other two tops don’t appeal either…now, the skirt is pretty..but not with the top they have on the mannequin, I would try the star top hanging next to it with it…but I think it would look best on a red head for some reason. I would pair it with minimum jewelry and ecru scrappy sandals and small bag.

  2. I like the individual pieces and would wear them, styled differently. This display is so high contrast that I don’t think it shows the pieces to their best advantage. The skirt with the black top, for example. Both pieces are nice, just not together. This will probably work for a lot of women, but personally I prefer a lower contrast when I am putting outfits together. I do like the individual pieces.

  3. Well, I don’t wear purple mascara, but I do own eyeliner in purple, dark teal and copper. It’s no different than eyeshadow, really, so whatever eyeshadow flatters would be fine, I think. I’m not one who thinks too much about whether I’m too old to wear something. The display today has nice silhouettes, but the “colors” look really dreary put together like this, and the sheen to everything looks off to me. I’m starting to get used to those v necks with the wide collars, like we wore in the 1970s. I think it’s a fad, but one that looks ok and might be more practical than the dragging or balloon sleeves.

  4. I really like the neutral colors in this display, and I think I’d wear all of them. However, I’m not sure about the skirt and sweater. There’s something a bit off about it to me. I don’t know if it’s the cut, the length of the skirt, or something else. I wouldn’t want to be too “matchy-matchy” with a sweater the same color as the skirt, though. Maybe if the skirt was shorter? Each piece is fine, and I do like the fabric of the skirt.

  5. I have worn navy or dark purple mascara for years. It looks like soft black. I would avoid neon colors but the dark colors are subtle and look nice unless you wear a LOT of MASCARA. The RAIL clothing shown is nothing exciting, and I hope the quality is there for the price asked.

  6. I really like everything here but might add a pop of color here and there. Karen’s ideas resonate with me, as well. I might add a vibrant pink or periwinkle blue sweater over the shoulder on the white shirt rather than beige. On the skirt I might add a new green shade or deep cocoa brown top— not black.

  7. To me this is a blah set of mannequins. All of the pieces are basic and wearable, except maybe the skirt, and would be serviceable but they need more color for me to be purchasing. I do like several of the items in the slideshow, but again not colors I would wear. However, I am interested in the purple eyeliner. I also have hazel eyes, and currently wear black eyeliner although I feel I should be wearing something less harsh. I’ll be interested in seeing what you think of this particular brand and item.

  8. The display outfits are okay, but nothing that would necessarily make me stop for a closer look other than the skirt. The skirt could be perfect for me, as it hits exactly where I prefer, and is a beautiful neutral golden-cream looking color. I especially like the sheen and could see this as a beautiful choice heading out for the evening. I would pair this with a soft cream cashmere sweater and pearls, black ballet flats, maybe in suede if I could find some, and a small black clutch.

  9. The skirt is the item that I would love to wear. Not however with the black sweater, I would choose a silverish grey or dusty rose top and add a statement necklace to the mix. I would not necessarily save this for a special occasion, and would wear it to meet friends for coffee or lunch. Add flats in a soft grey or blush finish it off and yes, good to go. I may have talked myself into this. I do love a skirt. Just to mention, I don’t get the fascination with dropped shoulder seams on almost everything lately, I just don’t find them flattering on me, perhaps for a more natural style type.

  10. The outfit on the left (jeans with the knit shirt), yes definitely. It’s a nice casual look for running errands and could be kicked up jewelry and shoes for date night. The shirt could also double as a cardigan or shacket with other items already in my closet. The black pants and white shirt … yes. Black and white is always disciplined and classy, except I’d wear a tank underneath to minimize the show through. The last look … I think the top and bottom are competing for attention. I’m loving that skirt and would pair it with a solid-color (any color) top with a bit of fit, tucked in or not too far down on the hips. The stripe sweater just doesn’t appeal to me.

  11. The tops are a no for me because they would just wash me out and make me look drab. I like the pants and would give them a try with tops that have more color and depth. I would wear the darker sweater (shown with the skirt) with the black jeans, but at the end of the day, I don’t find any of these clothes anything to be excited about. I wear navy blue mascara still even as my hair has gone from brown to white.

  12. I love the neutral colors and unlike so many, love ankle length pants. Of course we don’t have snow in my area of California, so the pants are great. Love the skirt, just needs a different color and texture for the top!

  13. Individually I see these as staple, classic styles that could be incorporated into my wardrobe and would allow the addition of a wide variety of accessories, both scarves and jewelry. Some would need to come in different colours however and that doesn’t seem to be an option in this line of clothing.

  14. I would wear the black pants, with another top (I am rather bored with the monochromatic styling these days and in any case, optical white is not good on me). I kind of like the skirt, but I would prefer a lower contrast (and I do not wear black near my face) as said by Karen Anderson above, for instance I would like it with a light-brown sweater instead of the black one. I would not wear the outfit on the left (no jeans, no tight top without a third piece for me). Have a nice week-end, Pam.

  15. I would not wear the beige top on the left as it is not a good color for me. Something about the way it hangs on the mannequin seems a bit odd to me, also. I would wear the white shirt but would add a colorful cardigan not the neutral one. I think the fabric would dress up a pair of jeans or any dark pants, & I do love a classic white shirt. I would wear the jeans & the black pants. Since I am short, they might be a good length for me as many ankle length pants are longer on me. I would wear the black sweater but not with that skirt. The heaviness of the sweater seems to overpower the skirt. Black & silver work well for me, & I would wear the sweater with pants for dressy casual look. I wouldn’t wear the skirt as it is just not my cup of tea.

  16. The jeans and cardigan, yes — but I’d wear the cardigan as a third layer, not as a shirt, so maybe over a black or navy knit top.

    I like the look of the white top, black pants outfit, but that top is too bright, shiny, and boxy for me. A natural linen shirt that was properly fitted in the shoulders and had some shaping under the bust or through the waist would be better for me.

    I like the shape, length, and color of the skirt, but again the fabric is too shiny for me. If I wore that style of skirt I’d need a top that fit better because (as I mentioned on Jennifer’s blog) I’m top-heavy and that top with that skirt would make me look like a potato. 😀

    I’d wear the black sweater with either of the pants, though. A big top over fitted pants works for me.

  17. Love neutrals in general and these are basic pieces so they appeal to me. Not sure about the sheen on the white shirt and the skirt….I’d need to see and feel the fabrics. The button placement on the tan sweater look like they might not be ‘bigger busted friendly’ so I’d need to try that on to be sure I didn’t have gap-osis. The accessories would make these outfits!

  18. The only piece I would wear are the pants on the middle mannequin. I like that they are ankle length and the small slits at the hem add visual interest. I line the black striped sweater but it contains cashmere and would cause me to itch violently. The other pieces are fine but don’t excite me. We’re in the throes of a prolonged Jan freeze, so I’m looking for fun pieces to lift my spirits.

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