Shopping Loft with Leigh & Me

Shopping Loft with Leigh & Me

Happy Sunday, everyone…hoping this finds you safe and warm.  It is time to once again go Shopping Loft with Leigh & Me!

Leigh Ann & I both have become big fans of Loft.  The brand offers us quality pieces with great fit and great pricing.

The only problem is that currently I did not see any colors which work best for autumns…other than navy.

But, since we are shopping for you (the readers) more so than us, we did try on garments just for you.


Shopping Loft with Leigh & Me

Most of you know that I usually do not wear dresses and do not own many.

However, one of my goals is to expand my territories.  Dresses work well in South Texas with so much heat.

Shopping Loft with Leigh & me

Leigh started off with this Patchwork Tie Neck Pocket Dress. 

This is a size Medium, but with a size down it could easily be worn with leggings as a tunic.

Shopping Loft with Leigh & Me

The Heart Tiered Button Midi Swing Dress was more flattering in person on me than in pictures, so I really liked it and was pleasantly surprised.

If it was offered in one of my colors, I would seriously consider it.   It is in black here with red hearts.

It does come in a very bright pink.


Shopping Loft with Leigh & Me


Shopping Loft with Leigh & Me

That Leigh…she looks great in almost everything she tries on….doesn’t she?  This is the Mixed Stitch Turtleneck Sweater.

She tried on the Striking Fuschia and Capri Blue.

Shopping Loft with Leigh & Me

I liked this V-Neck Tunic Sweater and could envision it with my faux leather leggings back at home.  

I tried on the Tango Red color.

Shopping Loft with Leigh & Me

Now, she is ready to pull up to a ski lodge in the Windowpane Mock Neck Tunic Sweater in Windsor Wine.

She tried the sweater on with the Lou & Gray Brushed Feel Good Pocket Leggings in Sangria Punch.

I have come to really appreciate leggings with pockets!  Especially for my cell phone.


Shopping Loft with Leigh & Me

This Plaid Ruffle Shirt is available in several styles including chambray.  I am wearing Sutton Pink, and it also comes in Whisper White.

Shopping Loft with Leigh & Me

I like this top.  The fit is good, fabric weight is just right, and and the slightly puffed shoulder was a nice detail which was not overdone.

It would be super cute with a vest or jacket.

Shopping Loft with Leigh & Me

There must have been some dirt on the phone lens because there are no spots on this top or my jeans!

But, I still wanted to show you the Draped Sleeve Top in forever navy, because I know several of you have navy garments on the radar.

It is a simple top, fits well, and would be great for styling with a third piece.

Today, if you use the code XOXO there are savings available on many of these garments.  

Also, this just in, there is a FLASH SALE with this same code today and up to 60% off on some winter items.

Thank you for shopping Loft with Leigh & Me.  We will be hitting another store later this week!  Is everyone doing ok in the wintery weather?

Leigh Ann & I laughed at the static electricity in the clothing on the day we shopped.  It was in the 30s when we headed out and everything we touched produced a spark.

Thank you also for using my SHOPPING LINKS when you shop…and for those ladies who email me (you know who you are) and ask if I have links for stores they are shopping and not on this list. 

I have recently helped one of you with a little home improvement.

Not every store I can link to is on the webpage list, so please ask and I will update the overall list soon with the ones being requested.

You do not know how much it means when you support the blog that way.


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By Pamela Lutrell

2022 on Over 50 Feeling 40



  1. I loved the windowpane check outfit. It was only recently that I read someone’s article on the “apres ski style” and realized it was a Thing. And moreover, realized I have quite a bit of it :). I will have to bust out its most serious iteration today (my waterproof, ripple-soled snow boots) because it is snowing like crazy in northern Ohio. First snow of the year! Just poured myself a second cup of chai tea and am in full hygge mode.

    1. Love full on hygge!! And I am a little jealous of your snow. It would be nice to have it at least a couple of days a year! Enjoy!!

  2. This may be a repeating response but the first one I wrote disappeared without my “sending” it. I especially liked the colorful turtlenecks Leigh Ann modeled. I’m a very cold-natured person, and love my turtlenecks. I’m currently two layered top and bottom and wearing a third piece on top. I also am curious about the shoes we get glimpses on your feet in a few pictures. I’m always on the look for comfortable shoes that will stay on my feet.

    1. Hi Celia, I am going to share these shoes tomorrow in the Monday post! I think those sweaters are 60% off today!!!

  3. That is the cutest picture of you and Leigh Ann wearing shades of pink! The little hearts around the frame make for a cute intro to Valentine’s as well.
    No cold or snow here in southern Oregon; seems we had all we’re going to get at Christmas week. Our tulips are pushing up, and my mother’s mini-daffodils are blooming! Wishing everyone a warm and cozy Sunday. 😊

  4. Cute choices! I like the dress on you! I have a friend who loves to shop at Loft and has much better luck there than I do. You seem to find a lot there too. We got a LOT of snow last Sunday and today it’s coming down again, rather heavily, currently. I’m actually not minding it anymore since I don’t have to leave for work before the salt trucks come out! That was always a challenge!

    1. Loft has really helped me since I chang d colors. I like the fit of their XL on me and in the fall they had perfect colors at good prices.

  5. Like yourself Pamela, I have few dresses in my wardrobe but am liking this ‘swing’ style on you. Also I am not one for wearing tunic length tops unless paired with leggings however last summer did purchase a few ‘swing’ style ones and really liked them as proved very versatile and cool, as not restricting. Enjoying your shopping expeditions ‘With Leigh and Me”. -Brenda-

    1. I was surprised at how much I liked this dress! I hope they make it again in some warm colors. I try to stay open minded more times than not. Thanks so much Brenda!

  6. I love all of the sweaters Leigh is wearing and could easily incorporate any of them into my wardrobe. The one you are wearing has the dropped sleeves that are too casual and look sloppy on my body. I guess classic should be one of my foundation words. LOL. Alas, Loft no longer carries petite in the Canadian store nearest me and you pay two way shipping charges for returns so I will admire from afar.

    1. All of the Loft stores here still have a petite department…that is usually where Leigh Ann begins to pursue outfits. So sorry that they do not make ways to make it more available to Canada, Linda!

  7. I find Loft a comfortable store with friendly associates here, but it’s a hit or miss with styles that fit me or are flattering. I’ve recently purchased some semi flare jeans that have really stretched out after wearing a couple of times. That never used to happen with jeans there a few years back. I do have several winter sweaters that are cute, warm and launder nicely however. I tend to be very careful when shopping there.
    I like the red sweater you’re wearing (V Neck) as well as that lovely dress, and the teal turtleneck on Leigh Ann! I too gravitate to navy and your navy outfit is very flattering. Looks like I may be shopping at Loft soon.

    1. I agree they are hit and miss, Paulette. But So far I am pleased with the purchases I have made. There were items I liked with this trip but for me the colors were all wrong…I will be wearing more navy this year!

  8. Oh you and Leigh Ann look great in pink … and also in the dresses. Fun post today.

    I recently purchased a blouse from Loft … not a store I’ve purchased from before. I was very pleased with the quality and pricing. Thanks for showing us the lovely items here.

    It’s snowing here … we had a wallop of snow and cold earlier in the week. Looks like it is going to continue.

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