Would You Wear It – Statement Jacket

Would You Wear It

Happy Saturday, all, and welcome to Would You Wear It (with my focus today on statement jackets).

On Saturdays, my friend, Jennifer, and I team up to bring you fashion displays from two locations for your scrutiny.

OK, for my display today you need to do a little pretending and be open to some fun with the exercise.

I know this is the window of a very high end store at the mall…so just pretend you have the income for the clothing.

Some of you may, but I believe the majority of us would not be shopping here.

However, statement pieces come at all price points.

So, as always, look the display over and tell us with your best fashion eye if you would or would not wear the clothing.

Even if you had the budget to do so.

You may even want to share how you would style it or where you would wear it!

Please share your reasons and not just say YES or NO.


Would You Wear It

I am asking that you be thoughtful and constructive with your opinions and tell us, ladies…..


As I said, statement toppers come in a variety of places.  Here are some currently on the market:



Chico's kimonos, tea rooms and art


The Touch of Cool Long Sleeve Layering Tees at Chico’s have become 2022 essentials for me.  I love these tops and right now the price is right at $19.99.

I own one in jasper and a shade of red that appears to be sold out.  The fabric and fit of these tee tops… excellent!

Here I am wearing it under my Crane-Print Kimono.  I honestly think I have worn one at least three times a week since the first of the year.


Would You Wear It

Winter has certainly set in, so while you are reading cuddle up with a warm beverage or join me later in the day with a little warm brie & wine.

I so appreciate you spending time here and joining in.

Make sure you tell us about the Would You Wear It here and then join Jennifer at A Well Styled Life for her display.


By Pamela Lutrell

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  1. I adore statement coats (toppers) typically over a simple column of colour – as beautifully epitomised in Pam’s crane kimono over the jasper column. For today’s coat, I’d be trying it over a simple chocolate brown dress and knee high boots, accessorised with an understated gold necklace and earrings, finished with a chocolate brown bag. (I do have warm colouring).

  2. I would not wear the jacket pictured from the display. I just don’t care for the pattern or color, or the bulk. I did see some in the slideshow that I would wear, but they are the kimonos and I don’t think of kimonos as jackets, not sure why. I see them as a different category of clothing, more like an accessory, but I do like them and many in the slideshow are beautiful. So is the one you are pictured in.

  3. I love the idea of a statement jacket or coat, in plaids or mixed prints even my old paisley coat which I owned once upon a time…. yet this one doesn’t really appeal to me. It looks too shaggy or unkempt, like when I wake up in the morning and look at my hair. Same feeling.
    I think a younger person would see this as a fun jacket and I do appreciate that. I see a column of color on this young person and then she throws on this jacket and voila! Just not for me……

  4. I would wear the sweater dress but not in that color. I would like it in black, navy, gunmetal or dark purple. Add black tights and tall black suede boots and I’m off. The coat is too much for me. Happy Saturday!

  5. I’m all for a statement topper and love to wear them. This is a cute jacket, but at 5 foot, I’m afraid it would make me look like I was being eaten by a wild animal. I like it, but don’t think I could carry that one off. Just the thought of trying it on makes me giggle. 🙂 It would look great on someone taller.

  6. This coat is a real eye catcher. Having said that I would keep the rest of the outfit simple. I would start with black leather or faux leather pants, add a black turtleneck and black pointy toe heels and finish it off with multi-layered gold chains. Then I would make my husband take me out to an expensive restaurant!

  7. I kind of like the coat, although I doubt I have the confidence to wear it, and being a south Floridian, that would hardly ever see the light of day. the knit dress I have bad memories of….I had one in high school, now that was the 70s so we know it was way shorter than this one, but it would crawl up no matter what kind of slip me and mom tried to make it work. not that I have the bod for something like that anymore anyway, lol

  8. I love a statement coat or jacket with a complete and very simple column of color under it. The one shown this morning is too bulky for me, but the dress has possibilities. As a natural classic with a touch of drama, I would need a paired down fitted coat in a smaller print or well matched plaid. Your analyst Annie does them well, but I would have the simple color underneath. She is brilliant at mixing her prints. I also like taking my column of color, let’s say cream jeans and top, and adding a colorful plain jacket, coat, or coatigan, let’s say eggplant or teal, and adding a wonderful scarf. Although this is not a ‘statement’ piece of outerwear, in my mind, I just made it into one!
    You wear your choices well, Pam.

  9. I love the idea of a statement jacket. This one feels very “Dynasty” era for me. What a fun time that was! My style has moved in from that now and I’m appreciating more refined looks. It’s sure a fun look!! But not for me. Happy Saturday my friend!

  10. I love statement jackets and there were several in the slide show that appealed to me. I wouldn’t wear this one as it’s too long for me. I’m tall and thin and long jackets tend to overwhelm my frame. Maybe the colour is different in person but the fur has an orange hue that would not flatter my colouring at all.

    It’s -11 F (-24 C) this morning so I’m putting on a many layers as I can today. Happy Saturday.

  11. To me, this topper seems like something I might see in the pages of a magazine at the salon where they ask “which celebrity wore it better?” I picture it worn by extremely confident women, with such a vast wardrobe this jacket would fit right in. While confident myself, I choose to express that in a less-is-more way.

  12. I would not wear this coat-it’s too memorable for me. You’d have to wear it on a lot of different occasions with different people so it didn’t get old! Too much cost per wear. I do like the knit dresses and could adapt any number of coats for them, wool, leopard print, plaid. Boots and a bag and you’d be ready.

  13. I’m not much for a statement jacket. My favorite piece of clothing is an older JCrew sweater blazer in an exaggerated leopard print (as in, each spot is the size of a golf ball), but other than that, I don’t have a single statement jacket in my closet right now. This one has no appeal for me. It’s thick and shaggy, with horizontal stripes, all of which on this larger woman would read wide. And while I don’t think every item has to make you look as slender as possible, I would not feel confident in it. Thus, it violates my Foundational Five.

  14. I’m loving it. I wouldn’t save it for special occasions. I’d have fun with it. Like some of the others have commented, it would look great over a solid column of color, preferably neutrals so it stands out. I also like to see garments worn in unexpected ways (i.e., Sharon Stone in the GAP white button down at the Oscars) and would throw it on with jeans and a tee or sweater. I’d wear it as a coat, not a jacket that I’d leave on inside. I find a jacket is a nice finishing touch but also useful as an extra layer. For that reason, I don’t think of the kimonos as jackets per se, but more of an accessory.

  15. I would wear this statement jacket as an evening piece as well as with a pair of jeans. But, I wouldn’t wear it to work. The jacket is memorable but that’s the point to me. I like both dresses but I would want them in colors like chocolate brown, copper, eggplant purple, deep grey or black. You could easily wear a skirt over either dress for another look. I love the black jacket with the white hearts in the slideshow. It’s striking yet basic in black & white.

  16. I am too small to wear this jacket, but I really love it! I think it should be worn over a dark neutral — black, charcoal, whatever colors are in the jacket. The light dress totally deflates the look. Without the jacket, the dress is really boring. Maybe it could be punched up with a large, long metallic necklace or a loosely worn belt. I can’t wear them, but over the knee boots would also add some drama.

  17. I have a few “not-shy” jackets or coats — I am not sure about the expression “statement something” which seems everywhere nowadays, because I always think: which statement?! For instance, floral ones, or with rather bright colors. But I would not wear this one. It seems bulky, but not warm enough for a bulky jacket/coat (no closure) and I almost never wear animal prints. I would try and wear the dresses (if they accept me, it all depends on how tight they are), and of course some of the kimonos in the display.

  18. I love a statement jacket! This is more of a coat than a jacket, but I would buy it and wear it if cost was not a factor. This one is fabulous and I would very happily wear it, but not with a dress. I just don’t wear dresses. I would wear a column of color, pants and solid matching color top, either black, brown, grey or navy.
    I have several statement jackets, one is an embroidered one from Chico’s that a friend gave me about 20 years old. I still wear it and still get compliments every time. Way back in high school I had a black faux fur coat and it was definitely made a statement. I recently bought a faux fur jacket in grey and it’s a statement piece, not to mention the new leopard print faux fur sleeveless jacket I bought a couple months ago.
    Ruanas and kimonos are abundant in my closet and many of them are statement pieces and I wear them often when the weather is warm ( or hot).

  19. Hubs and I have been watching “Let it Be” on Disney+ and the Beatles, Ringo, John, George are frequently pictured in big furry coats like this. However, I agree with Susan that the coat is too memorable. I prefer a jacket to be a solid color and then to switch scarves, hats, whatever in/out with it.

  20. Great choice to generate comments. I think the high-end topper is beautiful and definitely is a statement piece. I would not chose it as I think it would overwhelm me. It would also be a bit fussy and not a fit for my lifestyle. That said, I do like a statement topper piece. I think it needs to speak to you and look like you can wear with ease. Some seem to overwhelm me. I have a blue and gold kimono topper that I can wear over a column of color or with a tee and jeans. It is one of my favorite pieces!

  21. I personally would not wear this coat. The top two of my Foundational Five are simple & classic, & this coat doesn’t say either of those things. It would look fabulous on someone much bolder than I.

  22. I do like my jackets — statement pieces or not. And while I like the one on the mannequin it is definitely not for me … wrong color, etc. But it would be an exciting piece for the right woman!!!

    I recently purchased two Touch of Cool Layering Tees at Chicos … they are truly the best and at that price you can’t go wrong.

  23. Totally agree with Julie’s comment. Like the way she envisioned the look and loved her comment about dinner. My kind of girl! I would wear the topper and either dress with it. The topper definitely needs a column of color. Very striking. Unfortunately, my “striking” days are on vacation (who am I kidding?) and couldn’t pull it off now. My goal this year is to get back to the good old days (specifically 15 lbs. lighter!). Fun column today. And, I like your Foundational Five column. Much to think about.

    Having lived in San Antonio, I’m having fun picking out where you are in some of your photos. Looking forward to the cookie recipe. Nothing beats home-made chocolate chip cookies.

  24. I like jackets in general and a statement piece over a column of color usually is very appealing to me… but this particular one isn’t: the bulk and the mixed ‘furs’ just don’t hit my style target.

  25. A definite ‘yes’ to both knit dresses as one of my favourite attire. Would perhaps add a belt to either or a broach or a statement necklace. (Less is more!) Also due to our climate would pair with leotards/tights with enclosed footwear. i.e.: A bootie/tall boot/dress shoe. As to the coat; such a fun piece and recall many, many years ago made similar for my daughter when in high school but was of a shorter length with covered hook ‘n eye closure that my eldest sister eventually inherited since it also fit her. (Being the fabric junkie that I am, I still have fabric remnants of it….lol! ) All said; I’m curious what the cost of this coat is. -Brenda-

  26. For me, as part of the ‘younger’ crowd, I think I *would* wear the jacket. But as a Deep Autumn, I’d rather wear it with a column of chocolate brown instead of black, so that it doesn’t feel too harsh or ‘striking’. Maybe with an orange scarf or hat added for interest.

    I also don’t think the jacket would wear me because, even though I’m also petite, the construction silhouette is actually quite streamlined – it’s collarless (so can be worn with a turtleneck or scarf without issue), above the knee (at least on the tall mannequin it is, lol), open (no fussy belts or buttons, just a discreet hook & eye closure) & has no cuffs. Now if only I had the budget for it, lol!

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