Today’s News for Women Over 50

Today's News for Women Over 50

Happy Wednesday!  Welcome to Today’s news for women over 50!

This is the day when I become your morning newspaper and bring to you news I have curated from around the globe just for you!

Today’s News is meant to provide news headlines you may have missed and wouldn’t want to.  Let’s start with some fun…


Today's News

Shoe Trends!  Since I wear jeans often, this article from Who, What, Wear was one I wanted to read.

So, for those of you denim wearers, here is 5 Shoes to wear with jeans. 

Today's News

Do you know what lip oil is?  Perhaps many of us are interested in moisturizing our lips…

Check out this feature from The Today Show…What is Lip Oil? Makeup artists share why you should use this gloss alternative

Also, we discuss color often on this blog, so this article from Apartment Therapy was interesting to me.  

Read: Pantone has launched the world’s first validation program for skin tones

Today's News

Sadly, this news about Macy’s did not surprise me.  Their stores have been a mess to visit.  

From USA Today:  Macy’s is closing more stores in 2022. Will your location close? See the List.


Today's News

Of course, January is a great time to get back at it with exercise.

Here is a reminder from the National Institute of Aging as to why.

Read: How Older Adults Can Get Started with Exercise

I know there are pilates fans in this audience, so I you might enjoy this workout which has been trending online.

Read: 30-minute pilates workout with 4 million views – and I am still shaking


Today's News

I love to think about changes to make in my home decor this time of year.

If you do as well, check out on Southern Living,  These will be the top home decor trends in 2022; and 16 Kitchen Design Trends Southern Designers predict will be everywhere in 2022

From Better Homes & Gardens: Here are 7 Brilliant Ways to decorate with the color of the year

Today's News

Then, from the kitchen, Yahoo! News shares Martha Stewart just shared a winter version of caprese salad and we are drooling.

Then from Eat This, Not That, I was excited to discover more ideas for roasting with The Best Sheet Pan Dinner Combinations for faster weight loss, nutritionists say


Todays News

I find these little article from Very Well Fit to be helpful.

Read:  Everyday Superfoods to keep in your kitchen.

Today's News

I thought this picture was a great way to close out Today’s News.

Please feel free to comment on one or all of these articles….Leigh and I go shopping tomorrow…hope to see you there!


By Pamela Lutrell

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  1. Lots to read here, and I have to say I’m going to try adding tangerines to my caprese, even though it sounds a little weird! Can’t hurt to try! Sorry to hear about Macy’s, but only because I am sad to see brick and mortar stores closing. Like you said, Macy’s has been a mess here too. There is one in Columbus that is orderly and clean that I go to, but the local one is in shambles! I’m not big on online shopping so I hope my favorite retailers stay open.

  2. I agree! I would hate to lose our stores and I don’t want to lose small community retailers either! May they all survive!

  3. Several enjoyable articles today. I was pleased to see clogs as one of the shoe trends since I love my clogs and my jeans. We are hopeful to do some kitchen remodeling this year so I’m always interested in those beautiful Southern Living kitchens. Anything to do with food catches my eye as I enjoy cooking, and try to cook in a healthier way as we age. However, I’m not sure I understand the Pantone Skin Validation technology. Lots of stuff today!

  4. Pam, I’m not sure what’s happening, but today’s post didn’t come to my inbox. I’m reading it on your site. Macy’s here is understaffed (with the nicest people), a hot mess, and clearly repairs are not being made to the restroom area or even the doors. It’s not slated to close, but it sure looks like it.

  5. Hi Linda, I do ask everyone for patience as I make upgrades to the site. It might take awhile, but know there is a new post every day so you can just go to the site and I will be there to greet you!!

  6. 5 shoe trends? Who is that article aimed at? Haha. Silly. I like black leather or suede booties with jeans. I wouldn’t wear anything is that article.

  7. Lots of good reads today. It was nice to see the trends featuring lower heels for those of us who can’t do heels anymore. I have been contemplating the purchase of a pair of white sneakers for a while, so I might take the plunge. It looks like my Macy’s store is safe for now. I hate to see the closure so many stores & businesses. The labor shortage is certainly a big factor.

  8. I also want some KEDS…just white or navy KEDS. I am enjoying the sneaker trend and most likely will always wear them with some of my looks. And you are right, labor shortage is hurting many, many businesses. Thanks Becky!

  9. Do you know of any other well-known retail stores that may not survive? Will some of them become on-line stores only? Do you remember the Frost stores in San Antonio? They were delightful and I was sad when they went out of business.

  10. I have only seen this article so far, Jill. I am like you and miss Frost Brothers and Foley’s from the past. I hope we do not see many go online only.

  11. I really appreciate all the links to various articles. I think Sheet Pan Dinners might be just what I’m looking for! Thank you!

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