Shopping Talbots with Leigh & Me

Shopping Talbot's with Leigh & Me

Happy Thursday!  We Are Back with Shopping Talbot’s with Leigh & Me!

Here are a couple of things to remember while we are shopping at Talbot’s:

  1. We went in looking for colors for other women…not our autumn colors….we are BOTH autumn palettes.
  2. Coming out of Christmas and with the Red Hangar Sale full on, this was a difficult time in store to find sizes.  My size, 16, which is a big size group was just about. non-existent.  So today shopping trip was more successful for Leigh Ann.



Shopping Talbots

Leigh Ann spotted this outfit on a mannequin in the North Star Mall location and wanted to give it a try…she looks great in skirts!

She is wearing the rib trim pullover in Blue Ribbon Plaid A-Line Skirt, and the Icicle Plaid Oblong Scarf.


Also in the first picture, I am wearing the Knit Band Jacketthe Sculpt Pull On Jeggings in Empire Wash; and the Band Collar Popover. 

Shopping Talbots

This was Leigh Ann’s favorite outfit…head to toe Talbots.  He is on baby watch for her first granddaughter …any time now…and she believes this outfit is perfect to meet her.

Especially the Authentic Talbots Tee Amour Stripe top…can’t you just see her holding that new baby!!

She tried it on with the Stardust Leggings in Indigo ; KEDS Champion Sneakers in navy; the Quilted Hi-Lo Jacket over her shoulder in Indigo.

Shopping Talbots

Pretty Cute for a trendy grandma…right?

By the way, Leigh Ann is a CeCe, and I am a Gigi!

Shopping Talbots

We both liked this look for women who wear cooler colors.

She has on the Crewneck Sweatshirt in Sea Print; and the Slim Ankle Jeans in Seasalt Blue

Shopping TalbotsShopping Talbots

To round out our shopping Talbots time with Leigh is the Quilted Jacket in Port Blue; and the Shaker Stitch Sweater Ombre Dip Dye in Cyan Blue.


Shopping Talbots

I may be wrong, but I believe navy works for everyone.

These high rise leggings were in the sale and I cannot locate the exact pair on line, but it does give you an idea of how XL looks for the leggings.

This is the Brushed Scuba High-Low Jacket in Indigo Blue.  Here are the jackets currently online for T for Talbots.

Shopping Talbots

In the mood for cozy?  This is the first time I have shopped Talbots for their HAVEN line of comfort clothing.

I tried two of the marled knit pieces and they are truly soft and cozy… look at the Haven Selections here.


Shopping Talbots

Shopping Talbots

Shopping Talbots is fun for Valentine’s Day or garments that say LOVE!

Here are some cute options…and YES, wear white pants with these looks in the winter…no rules….

Thanks for shopping Talbots with Leigh & me today…it has been a fun week on the blog…more tomorrow…until then…


By Pamela Lutrell

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  1. oh thats some cute items….I love the print pants and navy jacket on you. print pants can be so tricky….on me, anyway, mostly smaller prints work, but material matters too, and ive ended up with about half dozen pairs of pants with prints….but ive sure tried on dozens where I can’t pull them off fast enough, lol.
    im loving the variations of blue im seeing so far this year.

  2. I think you are right, navy works for everyone! My favorite here is your leggings with the scuba jacket. That’s such a great top and bottom combination, and you do look good in navy. The Haven line is surely geared toward comfort. I have some of the Haven lounge pants in a beautiful toile and a Haven sweater for winter and a tank for summer to wear with the pants (at home!). The jacket you tried looks like something I could really use for Ohio winters!! You both found such pretty things, and congratulations to Leigh Ann on that new baby!!

  3. I totally agree almost everyone looks great in navy. I’m getting more and more of it, and thinking it might be the black replacement neutral in my wardrobe. I have trouble locating marine navy, and when I do, I don’t feel it’s as versatile as that true, rich navy you pictured here. I think the navy you showed is flattering to you and to other autumns. I wear Talbots jeggings, the ones with the zipper, and am wondering how you found the fit and comfort of the sculpt. I would also love a post on shoes and accessories for various neutrals. Black was so easy re accessories … I usually wore black ones :).

  4. Hi Linda,
    Yes I will do something on shoes soon. I really liked the fit of the sculpt…very comfortable and flattering. Thanks so much for being here.

  5. I noticed that too— lots of blue! I love the turquoise Aqua with baby and all baby with small print blouse in the first frame. You both look so exuberant! Love you cuddling in the Sherpa jacket!
    I do like the “amour” tee for Leigh-Ann to wear as she meets her new grand daughter. Sweet.
    Thank you fir sharing

  6. Thank you for including many pieces for us winter gals. The different blues are so pretty. I’m trying to wear more navy as I get older, thinking it less severe than the black that I love. All of the heart patterns and items are so colorful, and would be perfect not just for Valentines but any time.

  7. I just put together a slideshow of shoes any autumn could look at as a neutral and I will have it in the Friday post for you!

  8. I love all the beautiful shades of blue, & many of them work for most color palettes. So many cute things for a Valentine’s Day pick me up that most of us need in winter. Congratulations to Leigh Ann on the upcoming birth of a granddaughter! The red striped tee looks perfect for their meeting.

  9. Thank you for showing outfits on both you and Leigh. So many blogs only show clothes on one petite person. Navy is my go to so I love those pieces but also love Leigh’s waiting on her granddaughter outfit. Love your blog and thank you for also going to JC Penney for those of us on a more limited budget!

  10. I have some Talbots pants, but overall their colors don’t suit me — too Winter-y or too pastel. My quick first impression is that you’re in the same situation. It’s too bad because they carry good quality stuff AND they’re one of few remaining stores in my town! Thanks for showing us the variety. You’re brave 🙂

  11. Hi Karen, I explained in the post that I was trying colors on for women who wear palettes different from mine. Readers asked if we would do that and I am happy to do it for them. No bravery required! It’s fun!

  12. I usually like everything Leigh Ann models but the A line skirt and stardust leggings didn’t appeal to me (nor did the plaid scarf in the background). The skirt might have been more flattering over tights? I liked everything you modeled except the scarf which would overwhelm my frame. I wear almost all shades and tints of blue and navy is a basic for me. Thanks for taking us along to Talbots with you!

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