Would You Wear It 2022 – Different Pants

Would You Wear It

Happy New Year!! Welcome to Would You Wear It 2022…today discussing here different pants!

I am happy to join my friend, Jennifer, with the first Would You Wear It collaboration of the year and bring to you two fashion displays from our different communities.

So, here we go….


Would You Wear It 2022

This display captured my attention because it shows three different types of pants and provides a great discussion opportunity on the pants you like to wear.

Remember, you may discuss your body type, fit, and fabrics (Such as the velour here) when commenting on the mannequins. 

Consider how you can look at the styles constructively and comment in such a way as to help other women reading.

Also remember this is only about if you would or would not wear the fashion…it is NOT about would you buy it…or do you need it?

Just have fun and pretend you are considering whether to wear these or not.

Would You Wear It

Remember, you may always offer styling advice to the fashion merchandising department at these stores.

Also, you may comment on the tops, as well as, the pants.  Both tops have sparkles & shine….WOULD YOU WEAR IT?

Would You Wear It

So please look over my display with a constructive eye…then, tell us, ladies………………………………………………….


My display was found in the Calvin Klein department at my favorite Dillard’s in The Shops at La Cantera.  This slideshow will show you more…..


Would You Wear It

Tomorrow, I will have a couple of beauty tips within my post….wanted to give a heads up.

I want to say a HUGE thank you to every one who participated last week and expressed opinions on the three posts, REAL WOMAN, WORDS FOR WOMEN OVER 60; and my blog goals for 2022. 

Hearing what you think was so helpful and Leigh Ann & I cannot wait to dive into creating interesting content for you!  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

I will have a couple of important blog updates for you tomorrow.  Also, thank you for supporting this blog shopping with my SHOPPING LINKS.

Now, please tell us what you think about today’s display….then head over to A WELL STYLED LIFE to see what Jennifer has…and make sure you begin 2022 with a determination to always…..


By Pamela Lutrell


Would You Wear It


I just had to add how sad I am to begin this year saying goodbye to Betty White.  She truly was one of my favorites, and her life should encourage all of us to persevere and do what we love as long as possible.

She was an amazing talent and one of the few whose performances have brought me to tears and uncontrollable laughter.  She will be missed. 

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  1. I was sad to read about Betty White. She is still such an inspiration, and she truly lived her best life. I know she inspired many of us! The display…..I do like red and black together, and I’m wearing this combination today. The loose-fitting and lantern pants are a trend I’m passing on. I think they might work on a taller woman, which I am not. I just don’t care for that look. One mannequin appears to be wearing leggings as pants, and that doesn’t appeal to me. The long red shirt is nice and provides coverage, but it looks like the crotches on the pants are hanging. Maybe just the way they fit the mannequins. I personally prefer straight leg pants and jeans, and still like slim-fitting jeans, not necessarily skin tight. I would wear flares if they came to the floor and were slim through the hip and thigh. The loose ones just don’t appeal to me, and crops are out for me too. The display is okay, but could use a little inspiration with accessories.

  2. Seeing red and black together, I’m reminded how 40 years ago I accepted a teaching job here in South Georgia at a high school where the colors were red and black, and I had none to wear on football Fridays. I started buying a few items and over the years when I went shopping, as my children would say, I always came home with red and black clothing. Obviously, I like this display and would wear any of the tops. However, I’m still hesitant about wearing leggings or jeggings as well as flares, preferring straight leg pants. The death of Betty White felt so personal yesterday as she’s been such a favorite for most of my 75 years. I had just Thursday read the issue of People Magazine where she is on the cover.

  3. Happy New Year! Yes to all the pants. I like Calvin Klein and I like black pants. I don’t wear sparkles. The black sweatshirt would be fine without them. I don’t wear red either. The red sweater has interesting sleeves. I would try in on in another color – navy or periwinkle. Thanks for the blog.

  4. Good Morning, and Happy New Year! Betty White was such a classy woman, even when she was cracking salty jokes, a real inspiration to keep mind and body active.
    I don’t care for any of the pants pictured, I do have some black jeans in my inventory, and probably one pair of black slacks that haven’t seen the light of day in awhile….with 3 cats the color black is a challenge to get out the door, I stick a lint roller in my purse on the occasions I chose black. my favorite style outside of denim would be palazzo pants, I do have leggings but they are for around the house and cool morning walks.

  5. I too was very saddened at the passing of Betty White. I just watched a segment this week talking about the birthday celebrations coming up for her 100th. I adored her work and animal advocating. As for the display today, I am afraid I would not wear any of these outfits. If the black hoodie with sparkles was in a different colour I might try that outfit, but the other two show the drop crotch look that I really dislike. I would like to think that the display was not just slapped together with no regard for the fit of the bottoms. Wishing all a wonderful beginning to the new year.

  6. Like so many others I too was saddened and quite frankly I was shocked to gear if Betty’s passing. Despite her advanced years I thought I had read somewhere where she was in great health ( for her age) and was looking forward to her birthday.
    On the display I’d definitely wear the leggings far right with lovely red top! I also might wear the center outfit- jacket and velour pant. It looks cozy and warm. The other outfit does not appeal to me(left joggers and blouse). I’ve found jiggers to be a non flattering look but have seen other younger women looking very good! To each her own.

  7. The bling makes it a no. I buy a Calvin Klein velour athleisure outfit every year; I always choose one with no bling. Mine this year has joggers and a jacket with a faux leather strip down the sleeves. It is a weekend go to outfit. I always wear red and black so these would work for me.

  8. I wear slim fitted (not pasted on) jeans and jeggings, and also dark leggings. I just bought two pair of navy ones when out shopping yesterday (miserable, picked over experience with uncaring help, even in my favorite stores … I think everyone is exhausted). I like a straight leg too, and am getting used to the wider leg, but as my legs are one of my better features, I hate to see the wide leg arrive. While I wear black bottoms, as I’ve transitioned my wardrobe to warmer tones, I’m trying to find navy bottoms. I also dislike velour, which I associate with the track suits that were popular years ago. So, while I don’t hate any of these looks, I don’t think I’d wear them.

  9. Happy New Year! Betty White was such a fabulous gal, she will be missed.
    These aren’t my favorite colors or shapes so I’d pass on these pants.

  10. Happy New Year, Pam! I would wear the central outfit at home, and perhaps this pair of velvet pants also outside (if the velvet is not too thin and light). Bu not with the homewear hoody, in this case, perhaps with, say, a black silk tee and a long cardigan. I have a light velvet cardigan/jacket, with a black-and-creme-and-a bit-of -orange pattern which would be great with the velvet pants. The other pants are much too tight for my body and lifestyle. I do not care specially for the tops, although I would wear (not buy!) the simple, red shirt on the left. Probably not with black pants, more easily with beige or creme or grey pants, or maybe navy (your navy, the French one would be too bright). This top would be great with printed pants, too, for women who have the body or the taste to wear them (sadly not for me). The top with the complicated sleeves is … too complicated for me, at the wrong place.

  11. Happy New Year Pam.
    I thought Betty White wuuld live forever…
    Black and red is a good combo but I think mixing white or ivory in would lighten things up. The center outfit works the best, with the sparkly top. My main objection, though, is that the outfits seem same old / same old, which is not the way I want to start off the New Year. Also, as much as I like many of his clothes, I do not buy anything that is Calvin Klein. I’ve been boycotting him for years due to his depiction of young girls.

  12. Black and red is one of my favourite colour combos. However, I would not wear any of these outfits – the reds are the wrong shade for me. Not sure about any of the pants. Not a big fan of velour even though these pants seem like they would be comfortable. I tend not to wear cuffed leggings – personal taste and I have long legs so they often ride up.

    Happy New Year!

  13. Day-in/day-out, my “go to” is an untucked, no iron shirt and comfortable pants, so I’d be in on the red shirt and joggers. I’d add a slip-on athletic shoe, and I’d pump up the look with a few well-chosen accessories. Velour hoodie? No. The straight-leg pants? Maybe. I like the sparkly top with its V-neck and fun sleeves. If it was mid-November, I’d be thinking holiday gatherings and special events; but it’s January 1 and I’m taking down the tree and my mind is elsewhere. If I come across it on a sale rack, however, I’m going to snap it up for next year. So, that would be a “yes, I’d wear it.” And, I, too, ache that we lost Betty White. What a treasure.

  14. I like the velour/velvet pants on the middle mannequin. I can picture wearing them at home with a long black t-shirt or long white flowy blouse. I don’t wear black and red together (just not a good color combo for me).

    The fit on the leggings on the other mannequins seems off to me — the “crotch” seems to hang too low.

    Hard to believe that Betty White has passed. She was an amazing and inspiring woman. She’ll be a guidepost and model for me and so many others I’m sure!

    Happy 2022 — looking forward to the year ahead!

  15. So sad that we have lost Betty White. She was a true icon & animal lover.
    As to the pants, I am not a fan of velour pants, so these are a no for me. I prefer jeans or classic cut pants in a slim, not tight fit.

  16. Maybe I would wear the central outfit at home, or with family / close friends around for a meal. The other outfits look incredibly boring to me, at first glance they remind me of a uniform, so I would find no joy in wearing them.
    So sad about Betty White.

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