What I wore last week…almost every day!

What I wore

Happy Sunday 2022! Today, I thought I would fess up and show you what I wore last week…almost every day!

I told you that Christmas about wiped me out, and last week was my recovery time! 

What I wore had every thing to do with comfort, comfort, comfort.


What I wore

These wonderful SOMA Cool Nights long sleeve pajamas were exactly what the doctor ordered for my fatigue recovery.

Any of the Cool Nights selections at SOMA are my favorites, and I believe perfect for warmer weather climates…helps us survive the heat and humidity in comfort.

The fabric seems to adjust whether you need sleepwear to be cool or warm.  In my first picture, I am holding my SOMA robe. 

Last week was one of those comfy weeks I had to remind myself to change clothes…I wore these jammies most days…add comfy slippers and hot tea…and I am good to go…or not go that is.

Like most brands, SOMA does have a sale in progress!  Here are a few highlights from the sale…..I am watching the cool nights sleep shirts for spring and summer…buy two you get a discount.

I do not necessarily recommend wearing pjs for a week…but if you need the rest, this is the way to do it!!


What I wore

I go for a pedicure and manicure every two weeks…the manicure is for beauty reasons; the pedicure is more for health than anything.

I have confessed before that I have very funky feet.  In addition to hammer toes, I inherited in-grown toenails…such a pain, literally.

Since my feet are so “unattractive” I usually cover them up, so I have insisted with my nail tech that she doesn’t have to paint them…but she will not allow it. She insists I always leave with painted nails.

Last week, I tried this color OPI Do You Take Lei Away? (where do they get these names!). I really like it…kind of a slightly browner nude color. It is a soft color. 


What I wore

After six weeks of holiday nails, I decided to begin 2022 with a clean simple French manicure.

Kind of matched my relaxed state-of-mind…and no, I did not wear my PJS to the salon!

What I wore

Now, here is something I wear every day…my Chamonix skincare products.  I have worn this line for about five year.

I was watching a television show last week (in my pjs) and they advertised a well-known skincare line which had just discovered the merits of plant stem cell therapy.

I laughed out loud, because that is what Chamonix has always done…and I noticed a difference the day I began to use it.

What I wore

The Genucel DFS (deep firming serum) is my favorite! I use it every day…and it is my must-use after exfoliation.

I highly recommend this brand if you are looking for something new to begin a fresh new year!

They have extended the Christmas sale for now, BUY TWO. GET TWO FREE!


What I wore

Betty White on  getting older: “It’s not a surprise, we knew it was coming—make the most of it. So you may not be as fast on your feet, and the image in your mirror may be a little disappointing, but if you are still functioning and not in pain, gratitude should be the name of the game.”

Betty White’s life is the perfect example to remember to wear gratitude and joy all year long! Let’s make resolutions to do just that!


Thank you again to every one who made comments and sent emails on last week’s posts…you are simply the most wonderful audience in the entire world. I am going to implement a few of the ideas and see how it goes.

I also want to tell you that I am working with a new technology guru (so glad they exist for businesses like me) and there will be a few changes made to the blog this month.

My desire is to speed it up and get it to where it is more user-friendly.  I know some of you have contacted me about issues this past year.  So, please know, we are on it.

If any inconveniences occur while work is being done, I will make sure to remind you and let you know what is going on.

Also, a few of you noticed, the BUY ME COFFEE app is gone.  First a huge THANK YOU to all who donated to the blog through the app….your support and appreciation is critical to me being here every day.

The app owners changed the way money is collected and I was not comfortable with the changes, so I chose to remove my blog from the program. 

I was asked how to best support me.  Just being here every day, reading and sharing the posts is the number one way to support me….and making purchases with the links I provide gives me a stipend for the sales.

As long as I continue to generate income for me & Mr. B, then I can avoid heading back into the workforce beyond my home office.  Thank you again.

Did anyone else stay in their pajamas most of last week?  If you did, good for you…we need concentrated rest occasionally.  Please comment, and always …..


By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I was provided content for this post, but the words are my own.

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  1. What a great idea for a recovery week!! I’m going to need one this week but only have tomorrow until I’m back to my regular activities. My family has been here for four days, which is a wonderful blessing. My house is showing signs of the fun and that makes me happy. They are heading home after a big family breakfast today. Tomorrow will be a day to relax, and I like your nice pj idea! I do have Soma Cool Nights pajamas, and wear them more in warmer weather. They really are comfortable and pretty, and mine even have pockets. You do definitely look relaxed and I’m sure feel ready for the weeks ahead.

  2. Hi Karen, like you, it is time to get back to it! I have much to do to my house…but having a little down time was wonderful! Enjoy your family breakfast!

  3. today is a do nothing day, I promised myself yesterday when I was packing up all the Christmas stuff and putting the tubs and boxes back up on the high shelf in the master closet….I have such an envy for people with garages! so today you can actually see space in the master bedroom and closet floor…I think today I will just make some lists of what I see needs to be done…and some lists of what I want, and get serious about the difference.
    oh and I adore Soma products….I have some of the pjs and the nightshirts. my go to bras are the vanishing back for out in public and the enbliss for around the house. they have swimwear on their site that goes on sale every once in a while, ive caught some real steals there.

  4. I lounged around and read most of the week! I even ordered out for New Year’s Eve. I finally picked up my brush yesterday and painted in my journal. Your post made me feel ‘not guilty’! On to the new year!

  5. We are working all afternoon on putting Christmas away. I always get a little sad but now excited about new possibilities!

  6. We had a wonderful, extended holiday in which we got to see the whole (small) family. Although I dearly love my family and friends, I find after a lot of chatter, I need very quiet time to “balance out.” I was tired for a while, but rejuvenated now. I reflected on 2021 and realized I spent all but 10 weeks of it on a scooter or walker due to 2 foot surgeries. I’m cleared to walk as of yesterday. Can’t wait to hit the trails! Much hope and plans for 2022, including a deep clean of my house, a decor refresh, some longer trips, and getting healthier and more fit.

  7. I am with you on all accounts here, Linda! So glad you are walking again! Enjoy!

  8. I have worn the cool night sleep shirts for years. Love them! Thanks for letting us know they were on sale. Just ordered two new ones.

  9. Hi Pam, love your pjs! You certainly picked a flattering pair.
    I had one comment about your blog. Would it be possible to arrange it so that tapping a photo would allow it to be made larger for better viewing details? Now tapping it merely permits it to be saved to pinterest. Jennifer Connelly’s photos in her blog allow such a maneuver. Sometimes when viewing on a cellphone, being able to enlarge a photo is most helpful. Check out Jennifer’s blog photos. I think the first tap is pinterest, but the second tap enlarges the photos on hers. Would be much appreciated!
    Hppy new year!

  10. Thank you, Barbara. I will check with the web designer. I just tested it on my IPhone and it worked on the double tap. But I will still have him look at it.

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