Would You Wear It – Hues of Blue

Would You Wear It

Happy Saturday and welcome to Would You Wear it – Hues of Blue!

This is the day I join forces with my friend Jennifer and we show you two fashion displays to scrutinize.

We ask that you give the displays your fashion attention, and tell the readers what you think.

The comments are read, enjoyed and help to teach one another.


Would You Wear It

On this blog on Thursday, we discussed how different hues of blue are every where right now. 

That is why this display captured my attention to bring before you.

Would You Wear It

Please don’t just answer …yes or no.  Explain your reasons why you believe what you believe about the styles.

That is what helps others and may cause them to look at the clothing in a different light.

Of course, you may comment on the display itself and offer advice on how to improve the styles and thus motivate buyers more.

Would You Wear It

So, look these three mannequins over carefully from this display and tell us…………………………………………….


I would like to add…don’t allow the young models in the background to influence you.

Leigh Ann and I both have tried on the a.n.a. brand at JC Penney’s and liked it…in fact I purchased a pair of the jeans and wear them often.  We have been impressed with the quality of what we tried on.

So keep to the clothing on the display for your answers.

Now, here are more items currently at JCP…use the code NEW LOOKS for additional savings…and notice there are plus size and petite options and pretty amazing prices:



Now, please tell us what you think of the garments on today’s Would You Wear It...then head over to A Well Styled Life and comment on Jennifer’s display…and make sure that you …..




Would You Wear It

My sidekick, Leigh Ann, has just welcomed into the world a new baby granddaughter! Everyone is well and happy and rejoicing.

Congratulations to her family!!

By Pamela Lutrell


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  1. I like to think of myself as a neutral tone so along with corals and greens I like to wear blues just as well. I get compliments when I wear most blues. We all enjoy that!
    I would wear the blue turtleneck right now ( it’s 9 degrees and frozen) ) paired with my good ponte leggings. Boots of course!
    It looks like a cuddly fabric and I like that too.
    The Cardi is a maybe. I would have to reconsider the color of the under layer piece but cannot think of a suitable color- maybe deeper jasper?

  2. The short pants are a “no” for me. This look makes my legs look shorter, so those I’d pass on. I want to like the tops, but don’t care for the over-sized sweater look that is so popular. On me, speaking for myself, it looks sloppy. I have tried them on because they always look so cozy, but the look falls flat on me. I have changed out my looser fitting sweaters for sweaters that are more fitted. As far as the colors, I do like blue, especially sapphire shades, navy and ice blue. Blue shades are definitely in my closet in the more saturated hues. The two sweaters here would wash me out, but the color of the top would be okay. I don’t care for the style of the top, but could wear the color.

  3. I have noticed that may manufacturers and stores are catering to the denim factor and everything that is for sale looks good with denim(for the most part) i would nor wear any of the offered items because I rarely wear jeans,mostly black or ten slacks. I like the color of Jennifer’s items because terra cotta is a color I wear a lot of. I have found, with the covid situation and my own health issues, I rarely go out, so the need for lots of clothing options is limited. But please keep posting I enjoy seeing what is out there and the selections of other people! Congratulations to Leigh and her family. New life is always wonderful!

  4. The blue mock neck sweater on the left is so cute. I like the color, neckline, all of it. The problem for me is 100% acrylic. NO. If the sweater was 100% cotton, then Yes. The cable cardigan is a NO. Lovely color and style, but hate the big buttons. They are so distracting. Happy Saturday!

  5. Because I see myself as a Neutral tone I think blues are a good color for me- navy blue or indigo are best! Given this I definitely would wear these sweaters! Love the turtleneck since it’s going to top out at 14 degrees here today! Yikes. I’d pair this pretty sweater with my navy blue ponte leggings or my dark wash jeggings.
    The cardi id change up a bit wearing it with a white layering piece/cami

  6. I like all of the blues although I tend to wear a more saturated blue. And these prices are certainly reasonable if the quality is good. However, many of the petites are either not available in multiple colors, or the colors are sold out. I suppose fewer clothing is manufactured in petite sizes as more people wear larger sizes.
    Many congratulations to Leigh Ann and her family on the birth of a grandchild. Grandchildren make us view the world in such a different light and joy.

  7. I like all shades of blue, especially the ones that lean towards green or purple tones. none of the display is for me…the tops are too bulky, they would make me look bigger, and I don’t like short pants at all…for my body type they just chunk me up. and on my denim, I always like a dark wash, in either the blue or black jeans, don’t care for distressed, and im trying to get use to raw hems, I have a couple pairs and when I style them, im careful..I know they have to be part of a casual outfit, but I don’t want to lean too far that way and look either like I don’t care at all, or im trying to hard to look like the younger girls.Congratulations to Leighs family!

  8. Out of the three I prefer the p l aid blouse but would like it even better as a button down shirt. The jeans look comfy. Uli love comfy and classic. To dress this up I would add jewellery. Likely turquoise earrings and a matching necklace or bracelet. Congrats to Leigh Anne on having a new baby grandchild!

  9. Sending congratulations to Leigh Ann and her family. A new grandbaby to spoil is such fun.
    As for the display today, I am not sure I would stop for a second look, except I like the colour of the chuncky sweater. I prefer to wear all types of pants and jeans to the ankle or longer, especially in the winter when, like this morning it is so frigid the cars will not start on their own. If the light blue sweater had the shoulder seams actually on the shoulders, I might think about that one.

  10. The colors are fine with me (although there is a difference on my screen between the blue of the sweater in the middle of the text and of the same one in the display – I prefer the greyish blue tone of the first one). But the styles are not. I do not wear turtlenecks or high collars (bust obliged). I would certainly wear the oversize blue sweater with a V neck instead, for instance. I would wear the Cardigan with longer trousers and if possible nothing (visible!) underneath, but with a scarf of some kind (I would probably not buy it, though, it is a bit too classical for me). Congratulations to Leigh Anne and of course to the parents of the new baby!

  11. I am partial to saturated blues, especially navy/indigo. I love the jeans and would definitely wear them. I love the plaid top and the pullover, although I prefer shorter, more fitted tops. The longer length that is popular now seems frumpy to me and drowns my figure. I would not wear the cardigan: it’s got a greenish cast (to me) that is not flattering to my coloring.
    Sheryl, whenever I see a raw hem, I itch to get out the scissors and cut! Maybe 20-somethings like this sytle, but I feel (w/o evidence) that the under 50s and all men are laughing at this look on us.

  12. I like the two options on the left for their colours. I would wear the plaid top as I like the feminine touches and it would go nicely under a sweater or jacket. The two sweaters have dropped sleeves which I have found do not suit me at all and being petite the sleeves would be too long even in a petite size.
    Congratulations to Leigh Ann on the arrival of her new family member. Nothing sweeter than holding and smelling a newborn. Lucky lady.

  13. I love the silhouettes of these clothes and their casual vibe. I really need to get to a JCP and try on some sizes! I would need warmer colors on top, though the aqua cardigan might work. Because of my tummy, I might need a longer, dark tee to peep out underneath the cardigan and cover that area, if in real life it’s cropped. I am 5’5” and find the ankle length jeans perfect for me (sometimes I even cut off half an inch and leave the hem fraying). I can wear them in winter too, with a pair of mid calf boots. I’m a little confused as to why tops are so oversized at the same time pants are becoming more voluminous; when wider leg pants were last in fashion, tops were fitted.

  14. The sky blue sweater on top with black, ecru or white on the bottom is always classy. I’m not a fan of the washed-out jeans. I’d add an athletic slip-on for casual wear or a metallic flat when I wanted to kick it up a notch. The aquamarine cardigan is a great winter-into-spring piece, but not with brown. I’d wear it over a column of cream, white or pale gray from February to June. I’m not feeling the love for the plaid shirt with the medium wash jeans. It looks like “September.” We still have a couple months yet of cozy fires, but I’m starting to dream of longer days and the promise of spring. Leigh Anne’s tee is another good transition piece. And congratulations on the new grand baby.

  15. Hugs to Leigh! So exciting! The blue rolled turtleneck jumps out at me as a great basic for comfort wear. I love cardigans but am uncertain if this shade of blue is in my wardrobe so I would need to try it on & think a bit. It would look classy with a brown skirt & tee-shirt plus a blue printed scarf. I would want to see how the cardigan looked with a belt over it. The printed top is interesting because the print is usually made into a button down shirt. It looks roomy enough to wear a turtleneck under. I would wear it with a pencil skirt. The three bottoms are basics so I would need to see & feel the quality.

  16. The sweater colours are too subdued for me. I’m a winter and these colours would wash me out. I like the colours in the blouse but not the neck line.

  17. I love blues (almost any shade or tint) and wear them often. I’d wear all these pieces except the pants on the right; can’t judge length on the jeans in the back). If my shoulders need a sweater, then my ankles need to be covered as well.

  18. I would wear the cardigan. The color is good for me, & the cables add a vertical line. I would wear is over a sleeveless top since I wear my cardigans unbuttoned & tend to run a bit warm sometimes. I like the color of the oversized sweater but wouldn’t wear it. The neck is a bit high for my short neck, & the oversized fit doesn’t work for my body type. I like the plaid blouse but would need to try it on before committing to it. That style doesn’t always fit my chest properly. I don’t care for the pants. The length is not flattering & don’t care for frayed hems-just personal taste.

  19. The mock turtle neck is a definite yes! I would wear it with leggings and a long-sleeved t-shirt underneath for these chilly weekend when I don’t have to dress up for the office. So cozy!!! And, I love that color!

    I also like the color of the cardigan but the style wouldn’t be flattering on me.

    These colors/hues do appeal to me and I hope to see more of them!

  20. The shades of blue are pretty, but I would pass all of these. The sweaters are just plain and unimaginative. Plaid is just not my thing; Cabled cardigans have been worn for years, and the other sweater looks like the quality is poor and would be stretched out after one wearing. And aren’t we all tired of seeing faded and ripped jeans, even on the young?

  21. First off re the new arrival of a baby girl; a big congrats to the happy parents and of course grandma Leigh Ann. As to the mannequins a ‘no’ to the jeans as prefer finished hems and the closure of the blouse is questionable to me. i.e.: Buttons, zipper, pullover? Whereas a big ‘yes’ to the sweaters as never have enough of them in the climate I live in with temperatures like today being -14° F with a wind chill factor of -29° F. Also pretty well love any shade of blue as works with my colouring. -Brenda-

  22. I would try all of these items, they would fit very well with my current working-from-home lifestyle and the fluctuating temperatures.

  23. I would definitely wear the outfits. The sweaters are in my favorite colors, especially with me having blue eyes. . They look cozy and comfortable!!!
    Love the jeans with them, too!!!

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