What I wore this week

What I wore this week

Hi Everyone, happy happy Friday! Today, I thought I would show you what I wore this week!

On Tuesday, I explained how I style my looks using my Foundational Five Personal Styling Blocks, so here is what I wore this week with those five in mind.

Both of these outfits were fashioned from my wardrobe.

I also have a shoe slideshow below in response to a request for possible neutrals in shoes for women in the autumn palette!


What I wore

I met one of my former students for lunch and she is also in the creative industry.

Just to remind you, when I dress I look in the mirror and ask…does this outfit say I am joyful, approachable, creative/artistic, polished (put together) and current.

I actually began this outfit with the scarf, bracelet (a Goodwill San Antonio find), and bronze ballet flats.  I thought they looked awesome together and I wanted to work around them.

What I wore

What I wore

Elephant gray and deep purple are both in my autumn palette, so I selected my gray JJill tank top, and my purple Chico’s Travelers long cardigan.

I sat these on top of my black Leonisa Extra High Waisted Firm Compression Leggings.…I adore these leggings.  They are comfortable and include a body slimmer which stays up and is the easiest to wear. 

They have been worth every penny with a low cost per wear because I wear them often…and the black works as long as it is not near my face. I believe the leggings say CURRENT.

By the time we got to taking my picture, the scarf was not even, but I just wanted to add that this length of scarf is my favorite.  I own the really long ones but prefer a length like this.

Of course, the creative side of me is expressed in the accessories.  I hope this helps you to see how I work with my adjectives.

And, let me add that the bracelet is covered when my sleeves are down, and the white elastic you see on my arm is the mask.


What I wore

For this outfit, I began with the Chico’s quilted ecru-lace jacket from last year…that would be the creative side.

I added my new favorite color from Chico’s, a jasper touch of cool long sleeve layering tee. The color is so amazing I hope to add the Beaded Travelers Tank when they re-stock.

In the picture, the color is difficult to see, but look at it on their website…this autumn lady loves it.

The Chico’s faux opal goldtone necklace (which sold quickly when it was marked down to $19) was my jewelry of choice that day.  It looks so pretty with the jasper color.

I am wearing my Chico’s jeggings, and my Rockport Cobb Hill Laci Twin Slip On in Metallic Leather slip-on which I purchased in a big sale in the fall and am so glad I did. 

I tend to go in styles which are simple to doctor’s appointments since I am using dressing and undressing during that time.

Speaking of shoes,  one of our Lindas requested ideas for neutral colored shoes for women in the autumn palette.  I do wear my metallic shoes…gold and bronze for neutrals…and here are some other ideas:

Any of these would go great with an autumn-palette wardrobe. 

What I wore

I hope this helps you to occasionally show what I wore to different places and how I have the adjectives in mind when I get ready.

Let me know if you have questions…Would You Wear It will be hear tomorrow…and I so hope during the day you will…..


By Pamela Lutrell

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  1. This is a good visual for using the Foundational Five. With this in mind, I now see how having them posted in the closet will be helpful, so I’ll be doing that today! I still carry the laminated card when I shop. I like both outfits you created, and love the beautiful scarf. That’s a good idea to make that the jumping off point in creating a look for the day. You picked some great shoes for the slideshow too. I think neutrals are essential for every color palette, and would wear many of these. I see in the first picture that you are carrying that fabulous handbag. I kept mine boxed up when it arrived (without peeking) and wrapped it to put under my tree for Christmas. It’s really so unique and beautiful, I’m using it a lot! Have a good weekend!

  2. I do love my Patricia Nash handbag! It goes with my autumn clothes so well and I am glad you gave yourself that gift..have a wonderful weekend.

  3. I do love my scarves, and surely have more than I need, but often decide what I wear based on a particular scarf. Most of my clothes are solids and I often wear a scarf for color near my face as well as warmth since I am very cold-natured. I enjoy seeing what you wore as it gives me ideas of how to better put outfits together. Even though most of my shoes are dark or black, I like to have a neutral pair to wear with khaki and white pants. You’ve given us a nice selection to investigate in your slideshow today.

  4. I like to put outfits together around my scarves…it’s a fun way for me to communicate my adjectives. Thanks Celia!

  5. ‘Began the outfit with the scarf, bracelet & bronze ballet flats’

    That’s a “beauty bundle,” if you can build another outfit around it

  6. I too plan outfits around my scarves (many still with black prints, of course, but if other, more favorable colors predominate, I’m finding them good mixers with black bottoms). I loved that top outfit, and I’d like the analysis of what you actually wore to be a regular feature. So many times I can identify a well put together outfit, but am not sure how the model got there, so can’t really recreate it from a process standpoint. Thanks for the shoe slideshow … I already own the Rockport sneakers, and am considering adding a metallic flat. I have many tan, beige and brown shoes (am something of a shoe collector :)), but I think I’m going to focus on some navy shoes and bags. I love the sleek look I would get from black accessories with black, and think navy shoes/bag could be more elegant with navy than the tan has been for dressier occasions.

  7. I definitely see a more natural you as you use your Foundation Five. The outfits you show here are much easier to translate into other seasonal colours. A beautiful scarf, a solid coordinating cardigan and a dark neutral bottom. Your flair for statement jewelry has always drawn me in. A Thank You as well for yesterday’s fashions in a wider variety of colour choices. Hooray for ‘Periwinkle’ which can be interpreted in so many different ways.

  8. I really appreciate how you’ve showed how to dress according to your foundational five. I’m reviewing my “five” and this will help me incorporate them into my wardrobe.

    I’m also smiling at the way your are smiling prior to your visit to the doctor!!!

    As a side note, I have to mention how nice your blog is. I had a bad experience on another blog this week where comments by the blogger and several followers were quite hurtful and insulting. I know you make it an enjoyable place for all of us. Just wanted to thank you and let you know that is why I return.

  9. My heart goes out to Beth! I am sorry you had a rough time with comments. We can count on Pam to use her faith & values to maintain a friendly blog community.

  10. There is so much enthusiasm for periwinkle…they obviously made a good choice for color of the year!

  11. I am so sorry that happened to you, Beth. A comment came through a couple of days ago which was a direct attack on me…my hair and glasses. I did not post it because it would not benefit anyone. It was aimed at me. I am not going to allow vitriol on this blog. Glad you are here.

  12. @Judy, thank you.

    Pam makes this a comfortable and supportive place for women of all ages!

  13. Just lovely! Your outfits today are so elegant and wearable. Love your “Goodwill” bracelet – you have the best jewelry collection! Thanks for the continued inspiration and sense of warm camaraderie that your blog brings into my life. I can’t tell you how much your Foundational Five has helped me in planning my daily outfits the past few days. Getting my closet in order too. A heartfelt thanks to you and all your lovely readers whose comments I also enjoy.

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