What we wore on date night

What we wore on date night

Happy Friday and welcome to the weekend! Today, Mr. B makes a rare appearance here as I show you what we wore on date night!

We do enjoy an occasional date night, and this one was to honor his birthday.

But, unfortunately, I have a lesson learned the hard way when I discuss my outfit!

So, we will start with him!


What we wore on date night

Recently, I told you in a What I Wore post that we went shopping together for him, and that I convinced him to make a couple of purchases outside of his comfort zone.

Since the pandemic and since he is a runner and Pelton participant, he has become accustomed to athletic wear.  He even shops at lululemon.

So, I said…we need to mix things up a bit.

Ta Da!  Here is the official preview of the new and improved Mr. B! 

When we were shopping my eye went right to this leather jacket on a display at his favorite men’s store, and I was amazed at the sale price on the garment.

I thought it was beautiful and he owned nothing like this.  The after Christmas price made it possible to take home.

Here he is pretending to be me…without the smile!

What we wore on date night

I love this jacket on him and so glad he made the choice to go with it.  Also, I talked him into these dark denim jeans with a touch of stretch.  The fit was spot on.

The whole look was topped off with his favorite boots.


What we wore on date night

With my Chico’s gift card from Christmas, one of my purchases was the So Slimming Brigitte Diamond Jacquard Ankle Pants in jasper.

These are beautiful pants and the misses and petites are both on sale. 

What We wore on date night

Because I love textures, I immediately wanted to pair these diamond pants with this Eileen Fisher jacket I have owned for a few years.

It is a very similar color and the mixture of textures is so interesting.

I often have Stacy and Clinton in my head…they always said to dress with Color, Texture, Pattern and Shine.

What we wore on date night

However,  when I styled it in my head, the top I thought would work in my closet, just didn’t look good at all.  

I waited too long to have an issue with what top to wear.  Finally, I went for this Chico’s top In bright jade…which I like with it.

But I literally threw it on and ran out the door.  When I looked at the pictures, my eye went immediately to an area that needed to be steamed before I left.

LESSON LEARNED:  Prepare earlier for options and make sure to look in the mirror before leaving.

I will wear this outfit again…but with a fully steamed blouse.


What we wore on date night

Somehow, I love this picture I took as we walked through the Historic Pearl area in downtown San Antonio. 

Though the leaves are suffering from the cold, I still love the overall feel of it.

What we wore on date night

I realize I picture this area often, but it truly is one of my favorite places to go.

We returned to Jazz TX for the band everyone talks about here…Doc Watkins and his orchestra. 

When we were at the club before Christmas, we were told this band was a must see.

What we wore on date night

This is Doc Watkins on the piano, and we had requested to sit where we could see the keyboard.

During one song, his hands were moving so fast they were actually blurred.

What we wore on date night

We loved the mix of classic jazz with Texas Swing.  It was a fabulous show and perfect way to celebrate Mr. B’s birthday.

We ran into friends and visited with our son and his girlfriend afterwards …since they live nearby.

Except for a top which needed a touch up…it was a wonderful date night.

Here are some items currently at Chico’s I would definitely consider for a date!

Please share if you have a story of running out without checking your overall outfit…I want to know I am not alone!

Thanks for being here for what we wore on date night…Jennifer and I will have Would You Wear It tomorrow…have a fabulous Friday and always…..


By Pamela Lutrell


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  1. What a stunning couple! Mr. B looks so classy and current…great jacket that looks perfect with the shirt. When I saw the second picture of him I knew immediately what he was doing! Your jacket is so perfect with those pants too, love the textural look. We are so hard on ourselves and notice small things that probably no one else does. I’ve had things wrinkle just from sitting down in them and honestly didn’t even notice that about your top until you mentioned it! Rest assured that you both looked great, and what a wonderful evening. I personally liked the upscale look of it, the performers dressed as they were (that amazing dress!), and how nice that you saw friends and had a family visit too! Sounds like a perfect way to celebrate a birthday!!

    1. Awww…thanks Karen! I know you are right that we are our worse critics. It was such a fun date night! And, the singer’s dress was so cool!

  2. Excellent choice and combination, for both of you. I appreciate how your husband’s shirt incorporates a bit of the “leather” color of his jacket and how your choice of bags and jewellery matches your shoes, but not too obviously. And probably you both match also perfectly (a bit of blue and burnt yellow-brown for both). You are lucky to be able to walk outside in these clothes in the middle of the winter!

    1. Thank you Catherine! I had not noticed his shirt but you are right…it all goes. Believe it or not, to us this was a cold night. You can see the ladies behind me in heavier coats. He is wearing this jacket as often as he can because soon it will be too hot to wear it. Stay warm!

  3. hes a cutie, Pamela!
    my wardrobe OMGs usually involve cat hair. i always kept a lint roller in my work desk, because I couldn’t tell you how many times I get there, look at a cuff or a hem and be freakin covered in cat hair. and didn’t see it in the light at home. I have 3, and usually they are in the windows or in the evenings on the sofas with us, but sometimes they like to take a nice hibernation nap and that’s in the closet.
    I didn’t notice the top wrinkle until you said, lol….it was a great color combo, though.

    1. He is a cutie, Sheryl! I agree! I also agree about cat hair…while we only have one, I occasionally notice it on our clothing. So I understand…I can only imagine the challenges with three.

  4. That sounds like an ideal night and you both look fun and fabulous! I have been wanting to ask for a while, do you ever consider tucking or half tucking your top? I keep thinking a half tuck would show your figure more.

    I will be in SA in May and will try Jazz Tx

    1. Hi Darlene, with the puffy middle…I do not like tucks of any kind. I am still working on it and it is going down, but I am not there yet. Just not confident with my middle. Make sure if you want to go to Jazz TX that you follow their calendar online and buy you tickets early. Especially for Doc Watkins. This is a very small, intimate place and sells out fast. I like to purchase tickets for 6:00. When you go in early, you can get the better seats…that is how we requested behind the piano. But I really like this place and their food is good too. Let me know if you have any San Antonio questions…happy to help!

  5. You both looked super! The patterned pants are gorgeous; I’m glad you showed them close up. I like Mr. B’s look for sure, and the good natured pose he struck of you. 😉 I had, just two days ago, a mishap on my way to pick up my mother for our every Wednesday routine: her hair appointment followed by us going out to lunch together. I bought a cold green tea at a drive-up coffee stand, and upon lifting it to take my first sip, realized a smidge too late that the cap wasn’t properly seated. I dribbled this down the front of my white background blouse and navy blue cardigan. I mopped it up quickly, and with no time to run back home and still be on time, went about my day. The stain was faint in any case, but I felt a little silly all day even though Mom with her diminishing eyesight certainly would not have noticed. Thankfully I hadn’t asked for sweetener, or I’d have been sticky too! 😄 Thanks for the link to the musical group – going to check them out later today. 🎵

    1. It seems that when I was teaching and had three at home that I had a mishap like that all the time. In fact, I use to keep a stain pen in the drawer of my desk!
      If you like jazz, you will like this band and they have several performance posts on Youtube. Thanks for sharing, Connie!

  6. What a handsome /beautiful couple. You’ve dressed Mr. B just right for a birthday night out. Love his jacket!
    You look lovely too! My kind of dressing! As Karen says I’d never have noticed a small wrinkle. My eyes naturally gravitate right to your gorgeous smile ( a persons eyes and face) then a holistic look to the total outfit, which is just right! What a great night it must have been!

  7. You and Mr B both look fantastic! And I’m glad you had fun. Can you tell us the brand/model of your clothes steamer? Do you recommend it…or a different one? I need to get one and there are wayyyy too many choices out there! Thanks 🙂

    1. Hi Karen, We have owned this Rowenta Iron and Steamer for a few years and really like it. You can use it as an iron or a steamer. It is expensive but has been worth it and Mr. B loves it…he is very particular about his shirts. We have it in our laundry room by the pull down ironing board.
      Here is a link to the one we have:https://rstyle.me/+BQrLhl9j0sQE8I9JrrMXQw
      I would image a steamer by Rowenta would work just as well…like this one:https://rstyle.me/+7S5WZi8A7rSqP7Rd7tfm3g

  8. Count me in as one who didn’t notice the wrinkles or fold lines of your top. You looked very nice and put together as always. I often try to get my husband out of his comfort zone too, usually unsuccessfully. Mostly, he wears his few clothes too many years, saying they are “still good.” I finally got him in a better pair of jeans on a recent trip to Nordstrom, and even he had to admit they looked (much!) better, and felt better, than the ones he had been wearing. I find with my husband, if I can emphasize comfort or utility, I have better luck. Hope springs eternal … maybe I can even get him in a leather jacket a la Mr. B., who looks fabulous!

      1. Students loved it when I laughed at myself…as I had to do a lot. When always in a rush I made many a clothing faux pas!
        I hope you get back to normal soon! I actually have a need now for more going out clothes. Outfits that are more fun than my old professional clothes but a step up from casual!

  9. Mr. B looks so natty in his new leather jackets and dark jeans. He’s a handsome fellow, but looks so serious next to your always smiling face! Talk about dressing mistakes I’m reminded of the time I wore two different school to work. They were similar in style but different colors, and when I looked down while standing in front of my class, I started laughing. Then I showed my chemistry students my two feet, and we all laughed. I’ve also worn two different earrings before, and back when I wore dresses, my students were always astute to point out runs in my hoses. I’m trying hard to not buy more clothes from Chico’s or any place as I have so many that I do not wear. I keep thinking that if and when we have more normalcy in our lives, I’ll get to wear them. Glad you two had an enjoyable date night!

  10. Oh my goodness, Mr B is smashing. Effortless chic, he looks like he could say “Oh these old things?” This is one of those outfits that catch your attention and you ask yourself “what makes this work so well?”
    Job well done!

  11. Mr. B. looks so handsome in his new leather jacket and jeans. You styled him perfectly.
    You look great as well, I know what you are saying about wrinkles in your clothes. I’m
    not crazy about them either. I notice detail and I did not even notice the winkle until
    you brought it to our attention. See, you would not even had to mention it and I would
    not have noticed. You make a lovely looking couple. It sounds like you had a delightful

  12. Just look at everything you did right, not the one thing you would change! You and Mr. B are a lovely and handsome couple. Celebrate your blessings!

  13. Great looking casual chic couple! I love Mr. B’s jacket. My mishap involves wrinkles as well. Many years ago, I waited too late to iron a blouse. I had damp ironed it, & it was still damp when I put it on. After driving to work with my seatbelt fastened, the blouse was horribly wrinkled where the seatbelt was. I felt like an unmade bed all day. You wrinkled top is barely noticeable. It sounds like you had a wonderful celebration for Mr. B’s birthday.

    1. LOL…I am sure that has happened to everyone here, Becky. I remember a few days when I was teaching that I felt like an unmade bed!

  14. Mr B looks very dashing! The leather jacket was a spectacular find. I hope he enjoys it for many years to come. I love posts like this one where we see a glimpse of your life in San Antonio. As I look out on snow, snow, and more snow, I envy you your climate!

    1. I am very thankful for where we live…stay warm, Elaine! One of the reasons I pushed him to get it was because I knew he would enjoy it for years.

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