In my kitchen: knives, toast and chicken chili

In my kitchen: knives, toast and chicken chili

Happy Tuesday!  Is everyone warm?  It is a good time to go with me in my kitchen to discuss knives, toast and chicken chili!

I want you to know I have a different take on Chicken Chili, and was asked to review a kitchen knife…I think you will want to know about both!


In my kitchen

Let’s go right into my kitchen and get the toast out of the way.

On Sunday, I linked to a German mustard we are now big fans of….Mr. B and I both are eating it quickly.

A friend asked me how are some of the ways I eat it other than the obvious sandwiches.

Well, I love it mixed with half a small avocado; a dash of garlic salt; and a 1/2 teaspoon of the mustard on Ezekiel Sprouted Grain Bread.   Such a great breakfast.

Mr. B and I also like to make charcuterie boards at home and it is so good with meats and cheeses.  I just purchased this local brand last week and we are scraping the bottom of the jar.


In my kitchen

Many of you know that unless it is an emergency, I do not use store bought chicken stock.

I always make my own stock and I believe it is the key to great meals which call for it…it also is the ticket to a healthier meal and makes chicken soup and stew way better.

This is one of the reason I have loved and used often crock pots!

In my kitchen

In my kitchen, it is often completely normal to see my crock pot hard at work.

So, my chicken chili begins with a hearty stock: one whole, natural chicken (I like to do a 6 pound chicken); one onion cut up; three cloves of minced fresh garlic; three stalks of chopped celery; a cup of shredded carrot; and a chopped small jalapeno. 

Cover with water and salt generously (I use the Himalayan pink salt).

I usually cook it on low for 10 hours and put it on a night to cook while we sleep.

In my kitchen


What you will need:

1 whole natural chicken (I use a 6 pound so that I have extra meat to freeze for later)

1 chopped onion

3 cloves of garlic, minced

1 cup of shredded fresh carrot

3 stalks of celery (cut as if for a chunky soup)

1 small, mild jalapeno. ( I make this stew mild and Mr. B can turn up the heat with more fresh jalapeno if he likes)

Salt for the chicken stock

2 cans of Bush’s Great Northern Beans

1 16 oz bottle of Salsa Verde (you choose your heat level…I like mild)

In my kitchen

1 teaspoon of cumin…I like this organic roasted ground cumin in my kitchen.  It has a hearty flavor and is so good in this chili as well as chicken enchiladas.


  1. Remove the chicken to let cool and use a slotted spoon to make sure all of the bones and meat are removed.
  2. Remove the meat from the bones and shred it with your hands.  You will put half of the meat in the stew.
  3. You will need 4-5 cups of the broth for the stew and make sure to include as much of the celery, onion and carrots to put in the stew

Note: extra broth goes in a jar and into the refrigerator for other meals during the week.  I do so many dishes with it.

In my kitchen

4. Pour the four cups of broth in a soup pot; add the beans and the Salsa Verde; stir in the cumin and taste to see if you need additional salt.

5. Then add half of the shredded chicken and stir it all together.  I simmer it for about 30-45 minutes and then declare it done and delicious!

Of course, you can see many ways to cut corners with this stew.  Also, it is good with corn in it.  But, I believe for maximum flavor, follow this route.  The stock is the key!


In my kitchen

As with most great meals, the work goes much faster and even cleaner if you have a high quality knife for chopping.

I have been seeking a knife a professional chef would use in a home kitchen.

In my kitchen

After we were sent home to work and spend more time here, Mr. B commented that our kitchen knives were done and we needed new ones.

Don’t you wish after 30-40 years of marriage that society gave us another shower to prepare for the next round??

Any way, when the makers of NAKANO knives asked if I would try one of their Classic Chef Knives for a review.  I quickly said YES!

And I am so glad that I did.

My kitchen knives

Not only is it an excellent knife for my home cooking, it is also a beautiful knife.

I have used it for about a month and I am pleased with it. 

This link to Nakano Knives is unique to me, and with the code PLUTRELL you save 20%!


Well, I want to turn to fashion for just a moment.  I know several of you are like me and purse shopping….I love the one I have but getting a little weary of only using one.

I am a new fan of crossbody bags.  Now, that I am not going into an office, I no longer need a large tote…though I have some beauties staring at me from my closet!

Also, it seems that everywhere, we are experiencing an uptick in crime where handbags are grabbed off of women on a daily basis….so I like a crossbody on me and not that easy for a hoodlum to grab and go.

Here is a slideshow of nice crossbody bags…some on sale…and I want to do this for you regularly so I can shop the market on your behalf.  Let me know if there are specifics you are looking for:

Thanks so much for joining me in my kitchen today!  if you have any questions or comments, please join in the fun…..and make sure that you….always….


By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I was gifted product for this review, and the words are my own.

By Pamela Lutrell


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  1. Pam: I need a dress for an en blanc– all white gala in mid-March. It doesn’t have to be after 5; I am looking for something fun. I am your size and age. Watch for something! THANKS!

  2. I am always interested to hear what people who like to cook think of different knives. I spend a lot on knives and have very high quality ones. You can really tell the difference. I have seen this brand before and have noticed how beautiful they are, even just to look at! I do need a specific one that I’ve been looking for for a specific task, so I’ll look into these. Your chicken chili sounds really good, we’re definitely having weather where chili sounds wonderful!!

  3. Love crossbody bags! There are some very specific features that make a bag good for me — zipper tops (no flaps), divided into at least two compartments (so there is a dedicated place for coupons, lists and sales slips) with an inside pocket for lipstick etc, wider than tall (so I don’t lose things in the bottom). If it has an outside slip-in compartment that my phone fits in, that is great. And if there are two outside pockets so there is a dedicated spot for my mask, so much the better! And finally, nice material, good looking, great color. It was interesting that the NordstromRack site did not list dimensions for the crossbody that I looked at.

  4. Growing up in a restaurant, I knew how important knives were. You have to have the right tools to cook & enjoy the process. Some of my knives will turn 50 this year since I’ve had them since I married. Did you ever hear the superstition that you don’t gift knives because it’s bad luck? If you do, though, include a penny. I still have a penny from a gifted knife! Crossbody bags have been my choice for the last year; makes shopping much easier and safer!

  5. A lot of things in your kitchen that I use and love. Avocado toast is a wonderful healthy breakfast or snack. I use salsa and cumin in lots of my cooking and your crock pot recipe looks delicious.

  6. Way to go, Elle. Me too, on all your points, except I need a small tote. We live in a condo complex with underground parking. We have a bit of a walk to our condo, and I’m often stuffing small purchases and even my (locked and lidded) coffee cup in my tote in order to keep at least one hand free for the elevator. I like the look of a flap, but find it’s constantly in the way when making a purchase. I am liking the leather bags that have interchangeable, colorful camera-type straps.

  7. I too am a fan of crossbody bags and totally agree with the woman who says no flaps just a top zipper and multiple compartments.
    Inside (3 -is great).
    Good knives are a must! I have used William Sonoma over the years but can’t even tell you the name of the manufacturer, since they’ve endured at least 25 years. (That’s a guess! )
    Whatever the brand (s) they are super! Just be careful cleaning them.

  8. Thanks for the stock making tips. I had never thought to use my crockpot to do this, but it makes perfect sense and I like that you’re getting several meals from one initial effort. With meat prices on the rise, I am more inclined to buy the whole chicken and make the most of it. I have long used a rub of olive oil, cumin, and lime to marinate and grill chicken thighs, so your cumin in the chili sounds perfect to me. I love your idea about having a second shower! I have sort of done my own replacements by handing down much of my kitchen and housewares to my sons as they started to set up their place, and upgrading to fresh and new for our home. 😊

  9. I keep saying I’m going to do this. 1) Send out save the date cards, so people can take advantage of sales. 2) This is a bridal shower for YOU. 3) Buy something you want (not need) for your house or your self. 4) Wrap and bring it to the shower. 5) Give a bridal shower, games and all. 5) Unwrap gifts. We are moving into a new house: maybe I’ll do this this summer.

  10. I agree that crossbody bags are the best no hand option, and the safest to carry. I dislike flaps and prefer multiple zip close compartments. For casual crossbody’s, I have a few different styles of Baggallini brand bags. Lightweight, lots of compartments and weatherproof. But I would like to find a nice leather crossbody. They are dressier. You found some great options. Your white chicken chili sounds delicious. Might have to make this for Super Bowl Sunday. Will also try the stock because the extra flavor and richness it brings sounds good.

  11. Chili recipe looks yummy and I love recipes that can be made from staples that are always in the cupboard and fridge. On the topic of knives, the most important thing is to learn how to sharpen them. I have fond memories of watching my grandfather and my father-in-law sharpening their knives with a steel but have never been able to successfully gain that skill. No longer do knife sharpeners walk the streets ringing their bells so one must invest in a good knife sharpener. You have to find one you like on the market. Even good, expensive knives are useless if they are not kept sharp.

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