Would You Wear It – Monday Special

Would You Wear It

Happy Monday, everyone!  Today is a Monday special for Would You Wear It featuring random selections here and there.

While out and about with Leigh, I often see displays or accessories which make me wonder what you think, but are not big enough for their own Would You Wear it on Saturdays.

Of course, you can tell us what you think of one or all…but the main idea is to share if you would or would not wear what you see and explain your answers.

At the top of the post, we are looking at tie-dyed pants at JJill.  So….would you wear it?

Would You Well It

We have seen lots of berets in a variety of colors.  This display is from Nordstrom….so would you wear colorful wool blend berets?

Does hair length or its fullness matter in this decision?  Please explain your thinking.

Would You Wear It

Walking down the mall,  I spied this mannequin in a boutique window.

It is a high end shop called Purificacion Garcia.  Just pretend like money is no object…would you wear this if given the chance?

Would You Wear It

This necklace immediately made we wonder what you would think…Now, if you would wear it, can you describe what you would wear it with and where you are going?

I think that really helps others.  This is the Fringe Bib Statement Necklace at Chico’s on sale.

Would You Wear It

Finally…what about a message tee that says HUMAN KIND by Nine West at Kohl’s?  Would You Wear It?

There you go, esteemed panel of fashion experts, tell us what you think…..


Every day, more and more new items are hitting the stores…here are a few which have captured my attention:

I hope you enjoyed a little different take on Would You Wear It to begin your week!  Thanks for being here, everyone!  Leave those comments and always….


By Pamela Lutrell


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  1. always loved tie dye, but stripes in that direction wouldn’t work for me, cute outfit for a slender person though.
    that fancy dress, I don’t think even in my younger, braver days would I have attempted that one. pleats were never kind to my wide bottom. even the colors somehow don’t appeal and I usually love bold and bright.
    don’t wear many t shirts outside of the morning walk, so that’s a no.
    but the necklace…..now, ive seen it on other people on the Chicos shopper fb page, and it looks very nice. however, I know I would feel like a Budweiser clydesdale ready for a parade in it. I bought one statement necklace one year, wore it once, and it was donated….I don’t have the confidence for those big pieces.
    the berets are also a no, ive very seldom wore hats in my whole life. maybe a baseball cap by the pool sometimes…or a fedora in the younger days in winter when I lived elsewhere, to match the winter coat.

  2. I think the tie-dye pants are cute, but better suited to someone younger. The only item on a store mannequin that I would consider wearing is the graphic tee to wear with jeans. The large Chico necklace has made the rounds with several ladies on the Chico FB group, but I would never consider attempting to wear such a big, flashy necklace. I suppose I’m too conservative in my dress, plus my smaller body would be overwhelmed with such a large piece of jewelry. However, several items in the slideshow are much more to my liking.

  3. I would not wear the tie dye pants. I am pear shaped and have heavy legs, so I don’t want to draw attention to that spot. The necklace is too big and not my style. I prefer smaller, shorter necklaces that draw the eye up. The dress would best flatter a tall, slim shape and the pattern is too big. I also need cool colors and the dress looks like it would best suit warm coloring. I’m not a fan of graphic tees so I would pass on that. I might try the beret. There are bitterly cold days in South Dakota and a hat might help me stay warmer. I never wear winter hats as they wreak havoc on my hair but the beret might be small enough and not totally flatten my hair.

  4. Interesting selections, the skirt outfit reminds me of an outfit that would be worn in the 1920’s, the necklace during the gilded ages. I love love love the jeans outfit and the the tie die out definitely something I would wear.

  5. None of these garments appeal to me. The patterns are not something I care for, although I believe a white tee shirt is a wardrobe staple and would wear that, only not as loose as shown here. You asked about the beret, and while I do enjoy wearing hats, a beret would not work. I just look much better in hats with wider brims. I don’t think hair length or fullness matters as much as face shape. Although, someone with very thick hair might have a hard time keeping this on their head on a windy day. Berets just don’t work for me personally though I like them on others. That dress ..such a riot of colors that it’s too memorable, and I personally would feel old in the style and length. J Jill comes up with some interesting patterns, and while these tie dye pants might work for a pool party, they are also too memorable for my taste. I’m more into timeless pieces these days I guess. The necklace would be overwhelming on my frame and is just a little too much in general. I’m enjoying the smaller necklace trend, but this is just me personally. These are definitely interesting displays!

  6. Wow, lots to look at here. I can’t believe I’m saying this, because there’s almost no jewelry too big for me, but that necklace is too big. If I could get the tassels off it, maybe, but probably not. The dress or skirt/blouse is a no, just because a patterned dress always overwhelms me, but it looks fun and the cut is elegant. What I really want and would wear is the tan bag behind the dress! I’ve managed to get through both the tie dye and graphic tee fads without any in my closet, and see no need to go there now, with both trends waning. However, these are not bad examples, if I were interested. The berets look lovely. If I got one, though, it would sit in my closet along with my fedora. Absolutely no one around here wears a hat except a straw one to the pool or a knit beanie for serious winter walking. While I am me and dress to please myself, I do feel a little conspicuous in a hat. Moreover, because we don’t wear them here, I tend to forget they are in my closet.

    1. Love the Clydesdale comment re the Chico’s necklace! I am a Chico’s shopper, but some of their jewelry is too extreme. (I have never bought any of it.).

      I love the tan bag in the window!

  7. Quite a varied group of fashion statements. The first outfit I’d wear around the house but not likely out and about. I have a scarf that is very similar in design that I wear with a navy core and with white tops and a navy bottom. I’ve always wanted to wear a beret but they are not really helpful when the weather is generally below 0 degrees for 5 months of the year as it is here. The third outfit would not fit my 5 foot body but would be pretty on others if one worked in a professional office. The necklace would be perfect on a black outfit for a formal cruise night but again not on a 5 foot body. Though I don’t wear messaged Tees I like this one but would want to use some faric markers to add ‘ BE KIND ‘.

  8. Good morning,
    I’m sorry, but the first ensemble I would wear to bed or around the house, not in public.
    The second ensemble, um, why? It looks like the designer had a nightmare and translated it to the fabric. It could be free, and I would not consider wearing it. The colors don’t work for me (only the red and blue splotches appeal), so no. The shoes, though, just no.
    The necklace is on sale for a reason. Bib necklaces went out of favor a season or two ago, didn’t they?
    Lastly, I am not a fan of phrase t-shirts. I don’t feel like it’s my job to remind people they are “human or to be kind,” Nor do I feel the need to advertise my feelings, political or religious opinions, which bands I prefer, or blazing profanity across my chest. The sweater is out of my color spectrum and frumpy; the jeans work!

  9. No to these intriguing pieces…because my Foundational Five are quite opposite. Now that you’ve got me going on determining five words that describe my personal-style goals(!), I’m saving time, money and frustration by being more mindful of every purchase. Yet, I fantasize a luxury traveler wearing the colorful two-piece dress to dinner in Austria, NYC or where dreams take you. Fun post!

  10. Our clothing choices are so personal – aren’t they? I love berets & have several I wear often. Berets are easy to tuck in your purse & add a flair to your outfit. I would have worn the pleated skirt outfit when I worked in an office setting – love the colors & the unique style. You could wear a jacket or cardigan to “tone down” the colors. However, what I like is that the outfit doesn’t need anything more than a simple pair of earrings, shoes & a purse – a rushed morning choice that would make me happy & pulled together. I would wear the top with a pair of white pants too. And, I would try sweaters in one of the skirt colors with the skirt. I loved the bib necklace as I scrolled until I saw the tassels. I might buy it on sale & take off the tassels & last row of gems. I would wear it against a black turtleneck with a black skirt or black pants. I also would wear it in the evening with a black dress – most likely, a turtleneck but I would need to try it with different necklines. The “humankind” shirt as I don’t care for words across my chest. I like the look on other people – just not me. I would pass on the blue tie-dye pants because tie-dye doesn’t call my name anymore – ha! And, the horizontal stripe on pants is distracting & not flattering to me.

  11. Well, plenty of choice:) I do not care for the two outfits with pants, not my style at all. I would have had the skirt+blouse outfit 30 years ago, but my middle part is no more at its best nowadays and in any case, it would be a bit too “older-chic-style” for me now, as I am indeed older. No beret, as I do not find them practical, they tend to fall from my head one side or the other.
    Now, the necklace, ah the necklace… I feel a bit like Linda above: without the tassels, probably yes, but as it is, it seems very long for my bust. If by any chance, it would work, I would try it with a crepe creme-light brown top and black pants (or even a crepe creme-light brown outfit) and wear it wherever I need to go. Costume jewellery-extravaganza like this should be enjoyed all the time, my motto, it is a fairy tale-necklace, perfect if not taken too seriously.

  12. Well this is keeping me on my toes- lots to study and think about. I’m working from the end- the Human Kind with sweater and jeans. On a casual day I see myself wearing this, absolutely! I love the message and the sweater! I might mix it up and wear with my pale beige “ natural “ jeans too!
    On the dress in Center place – if only I were talker it would be a yes! It looks lovely and expresses happiness I think! But at 5 ft 3 I don’t think so.
    Finally the tie dye pant and tee. I would not wear this out of the home, but on a snow day in my house or to sleep in, it would be a definite yes. It looks like some of my pjs.

  13. I would wear the tie dye pants. Very cute. I am rectangular built with thin legs. I am looking for pants other than jeans.

  14. I wouldn’t wear any of these. The stripes on the pants would be very unflattering to my body shape, & they remind of pajama pants which I would never wear in public. I do wear hats on occasion but not berets. When I take a beret off, I’m sure my fine hair would be flying in all direction from the static. The necklace is too overwhelming for me. I prefer classic understated pieces. I’m sure there are some ladies out there that could pull off the bold printed outfit, but I am not one of them. The pleats would not flatter me, & the bold pattern & colors are just too much. Again, I prefer more classic looks. My days of wearing message tees are in the past unless I am participating in a fund-raising walk.

  15. I like the tie dye pants and would wear them to the beach or poolside (IF I could go anywhere). I also like the humankind and jean combo – love the jeans actually. Hats don’t like me; I wish they did b/c berets are great. When I saw the necklace, my first thought was Las Vegas showgirl, but maybe against a long solid kaftan, the impression would be quite different. Height is a requirement for the skirt as well. Both would overwhelm me.

  16. I haven’t worn a beret since my twenties … but those colors are very pretty. I’m not a hat person, but perhaps I should try a beret again!

    I’m also not a ‘message/graphic’ t-shirt person, but I would wear that t-shirt and sweater combo. I think it appeals to me because the colors are not overly bright and plus they coordinate so well with the sweater. It’s just a good mix and a fun casual look.

    Changing the subject — I just received my Soft Surroundings catalog today and thought of you, Pam. Your colors and styles are definitely featured in this one.

  17. I like tie dye shirts and have a JJill shirt in a similar design as the pants. I would not wear the tie dye pants. I don’t think they are flattering. The berets are cute and I would wear them in the winter. The dress is too busy for my taste. The necklace is too much for me. Too much stuff going on for me to wear around my neck. Not a fan of shirts with words across the chest. They seem to draw attention to the breast area. I do like the striped sweater that is shown over the shirt.

  18. I would definitely wear the tie dye pants with a white tee. They look very comfy and casual. I LOVE the skirt in the window but, the blouse is too much with it is too much for me. I’d wear a ivory silk blouse with it instead. I’m not a fan of graphic tees that have a message. I prefer graphic tees with a picture.

  19. Tie-dye tees, yes, but tie dye pants? No. Hats for warmth or sun protection? Yes, but no to berets. The bold print in the boutique window outfit is too large for my frame as is the chunky necklace. A message tee is a cute look that I’d wear although I prefer a graphic to words.

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