My February Sale Finds

My February Sales Finds

Happy Friday, ladies!  Welcome to an update on my February Sales Finds.

Of course, we are entering a big sales weekend…President’s Day Sales.

I hope this post will encourage you to find some amazing deals out there…as well as, sales on new arrivals which transition us to spring.

After I purged my closet of professional styles no longer me, and colors not in my new autumn palette, I decided to sell the ones no longer wanted or needed.

I had some very nice clothes and the sales have gone well and provided the income for me to do some sale shopping!


My February Sales Finds

I am wearing three of my favorite sales finds in this picture.

From the Talbot’s WINTER CLEARANCE Sale, I purchased this Notch Collar Sweater Blazer in the SPICE HEATHER color.  I paid 60% off…and today, you can get it for 70% off through Monday.

I really like it and am so happy to have it in my autumn wardrobe…there are other colors still available.

Underneath, the blazer is a new navy top I purchased with at Loft.  This is the Ruffle Mixed Media Shell….and through the weekend everything there is 30% off with the code WKND.

This is a perfect lightweight shell with great detail in the ruffle collar and gold buttons…it fits my climate perfectly…and will be worn often. The color is called Forever Navy, and it is also available in white.

I noticed it is going fast.  At the same time I purchased at Loft, the Bee Ruffle Shirt…I am wearing it below and love it…a new favorite in navy.  Remember, use the code WKND to shop Loft…for 30% off.

Finally, I already shared with you the fun shoes I found at Dillard’s Clearance Sale by Antonio Melani.   Just go to Dillard’s, then click Sales and Clearance, and then shoes.  Some great finds there.


February Sale finds

This weekend Chico’s offers savings throughout the store and website….The navy stripe and paisley scarf and navy plush shacket  I am wearing would be included as well.  The shacket is down to $59.

You will receive $25 off each $100 spent…$50 off $200…$75 off $300 etc. 


February Sales Finds

I want to show you a couple of items I tried on at Dillard’s.  Though I like them I did not purchase them, but someone here may want to.

This jacket is a Bryn Walker piece and I wanted to show it to you because typically I am an XL, this is a small…so it is quite oversized, but I liked the way the small looked from the front.

However, it is a High/Low hem design and that shape has never flattered me from the back…thank goodness for three-way mirrors…my backside looks too large.

So, despite a great price and there are other Bryn Walker pieces on sale on the website, I did not purchase this one.

February sale finds

This is also Bryn Walker and not on sale…but I tried in on for those of you “cool” palette ladies!

This is the Debo Draped Neck Short Sleeved High/Low Hem Tunic in the color Menorca…the top is a Medium.

The Oasis Print Basic Jersey Crop Pull On Leggings are XL. 

February Sale Finds

Both the tunic top and this vest are Eileen Fisher and were on sale at great prices.

They did not really fit my colors or my adjectives, so I left them there.  Again, just showing you ladies, where many of you would love the colors and have different style adjectives.

As I said, there are many great sales happening this weekend…just about every retailer for fashion and home have big markdowns.  Please check my SHOPPING LINKS to see what is happening at your favorite places.


My February Sales Finds

Recently, I told you I was shopping for a new cross body bag….only because I used my beloved Patricia Nash bag so often, that I wanted to mix things up a bit.

My older bag is amazing and in my orangy-brown-red colors. So, when Leigh Ann found this Patricia Nash at our nearby Marshall’s, she new I would love it…and I do!  

This gives me the blue/greens in my autumn palette….really, Patricia Nash must be an autumn!  But, I do not know that for sure….just observing the prints! 

At Marshall’s, it costs the same as her bags on sale at the major retailers.

February sales and winter clearance are so much fun…my money stretched far!  I have a couple more pieces on the way to show you soon. 

Hope to see you all tomorrow for Would You Wear It with me and Jennifer!  Until then, let me know if you discover any great February Sale finds…always share with us…it is fun!

ONE NOTE ABOUT SPRING SHOPPING:  I received a little ribbing yesterday (not mean)  about posting a spring outfit when many of you are looking at snow!  I only want to remind you that retailers are offering less these days and if you see something you love in your size and colors, you might want to get it now even when you will not wear it until later.  When spring does bloom, it might be gone.  Just something to consider while you shop!


By Pamela Lutrell

Big news:

Chamonix (my favorite skincare line) has extended their Valentine’s Day sale, you purchase two items and get one free.

My favorite skincare line, Chamonix, has a Valentine’s Sale Buy Two Get one Free.  I use these products every day!

Also, remember, savings on the immunity building products from GOLI.  Use savings code over50feeling40 and these links:



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  1. Hi Pam! Happy weekend! I spent a lot of time wandering around looking at sales yesterday…as you said, there are many. Sizes are very limited though which can be frustrating, but certainly expected with those prices. You found some really nice pieces, even the ones you didn’t buy. I’m definitely on the hunt for a new handbag or two, one in a fun spring color. Patricia Nash makes some very artsy ones! That Talbot’s sale is pretty amazing at 70 percent off, but really limited sizes. Might be a good source for a handbag though since they have quite a few real leather choices. Have a good weekend!

  2. Even though we are such completely different in colour choices, I like that I can get a feel for the fit when you model these things. I love the plum jacket, that is a colour that I do wear. What you said at the end is so true, if I find a style and colour for the next season, even when in the depths of this one, it is best to snap it up if it is what will truely work in the wardrobe. Too many time the right size is gone later and no way to order and you are left searching for another alternative. I am dreaming of spring getting here eventualy even with another foot of snow last night. Dreaming…….

    1. Keep dreaming, Diane…it will come. I do believe the changes in retail over the last two years will change the way we shop…that is why I keep a close eye on what is happening with retail and the sales they offer.
      Thanks for joining in.

  3. After watching you wearing so much navy, I realize that I should be buying more navy instead of black as it is not as harsh a color close to my face. I tend to wait until items are on sale before buying, and then, of course, my size may not be available. However, I am fortunate to be able to still wear many clothes I have bought over the years so really do not need, but rather, want new items. BTW, this morning I noticed that your dining room curtains fit your color palette to a T! Did you buy them before or after you had your color analysis done?

    1. Hi Celia, my home is mostly decorated in warm colors! That should have tipped me off to my true color palette! I was told that typically women will be drawn to decorate in their true palette. All so interesting. I did a test in my mirror of how my complexion looks in black and navy. It is amazing on me how you can actually see black cast dark shadows on my skin and how navy lightens it…and I did not touch the lighting!

  4. The sweater blazer is very nice and the color suits you perfectly. Black is harsh for many, many faces… I tend to use scarfs or necklaces (or prints) to soften it when I have a black top (rarely). We just had pouring rain here, very spectacular, maybe it counts as an announcement for Spring (being optimistic). Have a nice week-end!

  5. Pam, this is off topic for today’s post, so you might want to save it for later. I’d like for you to talk about socks, high length and low. You wear cute, comfy shoes. I too, have tender funky feet and feel most comfortable with a layer between my skin and the shoe material. Somehow knee hi stockings seem out of place and dowdy with most casual shoes. Ankle high socks seems out of place and really low cut sock sink into my shoes and rub. Low cut socks look weird barely showing at the top edges of my shoes. Should I wear a color that is neutral to my shoes and or pants or should I embrace it and do a contrasting color or match my shirt? What’s a girl to do? Summer can’t come soon enough so I can pull out my sandals and free my toes! Thanks for your thoughts.

    1. Jane, I recommend Sheec socks – there are various styles and are a no-show option for sneakers and loafers and ballerinas. I love them.

  6. Could you please share with us how the sizing is on the Talbots sweater blazer? I love love love the style and you look amazing in the Spice Heather color! Thank you for a wonderful blog, I am a fan. Women over fifty have been a neglected demographic for far too long.

    1. Hi Lisa,
      I just got back to my desk after stopping by Talbot’s and they still have some lovely items on sale at 70% off. This jacket is an XL and that it what I typically wear at Talbot’s, so I believe it is true to size. I have had it on all day today since we had a little cold front blow through. It is definitely warm. And thank you so much for reading and for the encouraging words!

  7. I love, love, love your blog!
    The Spice Heather jacket truly suits you. Beautiful color for an Autumn! It is definitely Spring in Napa and has been so the last several weeks. Although it seems out of place to look at Spring attire now, you are so correct, if we do not shop for Spring now clothing we like will be gone. I look forward to reading your inspiring cheerful post everyday! Thank you! Have a blessed

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