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Would You Wear It

Happy Saturday, everyone!  Welcome to Would You Wear It with my focus on feathers & skirts.

On Saturdays, I team up with Jennifer of A Well Styled Life to find out your opinions on displays we have discovered in our respective communities.

We really need to know more than Yes or No, but ask that you explain why you would or would not wear an outfit on a display.

Of course, offer your styling suggestions, but make sure you help others understand why you believe what you believe.

Would You Wear it

It is rare that I find a display with a single outfit…I like to bring you displays with style stories within them.

But, this is one I walked by…it caught my attention…and I wanted to know what you would think.

So, tell us……………………………………………………………………….


This display is from Dillard’s and is part of the Reba collection from country-western star Reba McIntyre.  Her clothing has a bit of a western flair and there are fun pieces on sale.  Here is a slideshow for you:


In my kitchen: knives, toast and chicken chili

I am often asked about my soup bowls since I feature them with many of my recipes.  They are made by a brand I love called Demdaco.

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Just click on Demdaco and see what you think!


Stripes for Casual Fun

For two days this past week we discussed the fun of wearing stripes!  Stripes come in so many color combinations now.

Blair's DenimEase

You might check out what I shared in the Monday Post and the Thursday Post!  There are so many fun stripes currently on the market.

Now, it is your turn!  Tell us what you think of WOULD YOU WEAR IT today…then go over to A Well Styled Life and comment on Jennifer’s display…and finally, make sure that you…..


By Pamela Lutrell

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  1. I think the ‘belt’ goes nicely with the colours in the top, but I wouldn’t wear this outfit. I think the black in the top is too dark to go with the skirt. I would feel top heavy. Also, I would feel frumpy in the skirt – it’s too long for me and would swamp my frame. It would not flatter my body shape. I do like the blue blouse in the slide show. Perhaps with shorts, jeans or a knee-length skirt?

  2. I’d pair thus full skirt with a trim (not boxy) summer weight tee shirt in black or grey,even white. A cute necklace that perks up the skirt might be nice. I thought about a red or blue tee too, but not sure. Espadrilles would be a nice footwear choice.
    The top could be worn with pale ivory/beige or white crop pants? I personally don’t care for the top but it might be nice for a tall gal? That’s my thinking right now! Happy Saturday!

  3. I think it’s a cute outfit for somebody but not for me. For me to be comfortable the fabrics need to match. The top is smooth and closer fitting, and the skirt is a loose crinkly fabric. I think the top would work better with jeans.

  4. I love the outfit, but it would not work for my body type. The skirt wouldn’t work, that is. The top I would definitely wear with pants.

    1. They must have sold out of it, because I could not locate a link. Things go quickly these days. Sorry it was gone so quickly.

  5. Initially, I thought why was the skirt on display so wrinkled, then after looking at the outfit, realized I liked the outfit and even the permanently wrinkled skirt. I especially liked the blouse but would feel more comfortable wearing it with slacks or black jeans. There are several items in the slideshow that I like although many are pictured in colors that suit you, and not me. I’m on the lookout now for stripes as they are lacking in my wardrobe. Have a good weekend.

  6. I like both pieces but not together – the colours and textures don’t complement each other. I would wear the skirt with a plain t-shirt/blouse and perhaps a shirt with a smaller print. I would drop the belt and add sandals or one of my (many) pairs of floral Keds (my favourite kicks). I would wear the shirt with jeans or black ankle length/ capri pants.

  7. I like the skirt a lot, and would wear it with a white shirt, left tucked out, belted with a wide belt. The top is beautiful, but it is a bit too busy for me. Thank you for encouraging me to shop at Dillard’s!

  8. I kind of like the outfit, but I would not wear it now. The top is too black for my already pale face and a tucked-in top with a skirt (and a belt) is a very bad combination for a short-busted person like me (specially with a waist that tends to disappear…).

  9. I like the cut of the top, in a different print, I would wear it often. I’m just not fond of the feather print. The belt I would have worn in the 70s, but it isn’t my style now, the skirt is just a plain no…it’s seems to look like a rumbled mess, and I don’t think steaming would help. Had to chuckle , being from Oklahoma, that you d know from the background that’s definitely the Midwest, between the Reba line, the turquoise jewelry and the snakeskin purse……I did spend quite a few years in fringed jackets, big belts, boots, big leather bags, still like the style.

  10. I’m not a fan of this outfit for me. The feathers are fun but the top seems an unusual mix with the skirt. The fabric of the skirt looks shiny? It’s hard to tell.

  11. This outfit is definitely not for me. The shirt being permanently wrinkled makes the outfit look shabby and unkept. A wide black leather belt would help coordinate the top and the skirt. The string belt to me is an eye sore.

  12. I’m also not a fan of the outfit. I would not wear the shirt: once you’ve seen it, you’ve seen it, so how often would you actually wear it? I go back and forth on the skirt. It’s too long for me, but Paulette had some great styling suggestions. I don’t object to the permanent mussy look especially for a picnic or casual meal on the deck. I am sure I can find better options though.

  13. Love the skirt but not the top. I’d wear the skirt with a white T and cropped denim jacket or a light / faded chambray shirt with sleeves rolled up. I’d add a straw belt, espadrilles and straw bag or tote and head out to the Sat am organic market or al fresco lunch

  14. I’m in the minority in that I love this look. I wouldn’t wear the skirt because in addition to me being a “pants person,” it has too much fabric for my 5’5” frame. I absolutely love the feather blouse and think maybe I could get away with it because it seems like more of an off black than a true black, and the feathers have some warmth. A western vibe is hard to pull off in northern Ohio, but I always love this style and wear some of it judiciously.

  15. I have a similar top, so yes.
    Although I excel at the just rolled out of bed look (not in a good way), that skirt is a no.
    My first impression of the belt was…not kind…then I realized if you changed it from a belt to a kind of lariat necklace, it would work

  16. I think the two pieces are fighting with each other for center stage. I’d separate them. I’d pair the feather top untucked with white jeans and sandals or flip-flops. I’d accessorize with a light hand; sometimes the Southwest influence can come off as a costume. I’d wear the skirt with a black or white tee or perhaps a saturated color tee like red, sapphire blue or fuschia and fun accessories (I’m thinking a scarf or semi-precious stone jewelry). I’ve never been a fan of macrame belts, not in the ‘70s and not now, but maybe this is when I’d bring out the concho belt.

  17. I would wear the top but not the skirt or the belt. The top is a little different than what I normally wear, but the black background is good with my coloring, & I like the colors of the feather print. The print is not overwhelming. I don’t like anything that looks wrinkled as the skirt does. I’m not sure about the length either. The belt is just not to my taste.

  18. Am loving the belt as speaks ‘artisan crafted’ to me and feel that the skirt would be a great traveler, however a ‘no’ to both garment pieces as am currently seeking more color to add to my spring ‘n summer wardrobe.

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