New Colors for Spring 2022

New colors for spring 2022

Happy Tuesday, all !  Hope you had a lovely Valentine’s Day yesterday!  Today, I am discussing the new colors for Spring 2022.

Trust me, if you are freezing, then thinking about spring colors should help to warm you up a bit.

Let’s start off by looking at the colors predicted to be in the stores for spring and summer.

The Pantone Trend Report for Spring and Summer 2022 is here.  Typically, this dictates what we will see the most for fashion and home decor during these months. 

You can see that women who are warm and cool have beautiful options here…thought spring typically is a cool color time of year.


Spring Colors 2022

I love this new color Poinciana and it looks brighter on the Pantone website.   I will have my eye opened for more of this.

I also like the Harbor Blue, Coca Mocha, Skydiver, and Daffodil.  And, I am super excited about Perfectly Pale as an alternative to white for me.  I hope to see more tops in this sandy beach color.

Basil is another potential as long as it is not too light of a green.

When I first began to see the usual pastels popping up on the racks after Christmas, I did not think there would be anything for me…since I only wear colors in my warm palette.

But, looking over these colors gives me hope there will be more coming. 

I am dedicated to wearing my color palette, so I will find ways to make new and old color combinations work for me. 


New Spring colors 2022

When Chico’s recently introduced their new reds in Cherry Pop and Red Zinnia,  I knew this vibrant autumn would want to add a few selections.

Today, I am wearing the Travelers Side Split Tank in Cherry Pop. I like to have a large selection of sleeveless tanks for warmer weather to wear under toppers, kimonos and jackets.

So, this tank is a perfect addition to my color family.  Both of these reds are heavy with orange and depending on the light, can look either red or orange.

I like it with this “vintage” Chico’s purple jacket and my favorite Johnny Was scarf.   The reason I say this silk jacket is vintage is that I know I have owned it for over 20 years.

Spring colors 2022

The red zinnia at Chico’s is very similar to the orange zinnia jacket I wore in the fall from Talbot’s. 

It is a perfect, happy color, to take me into Springtime with a smile.

Here are more pieces in the red zinnia for all of you warm colored ladies…notice how good it looks with black & white:

I know many of you “cool” customers, are excited about all of the blue popping up.  There are lovely blues and greens currently online:

Your turn!  Which colors in the Pantone selections do you like the most?  Which one (s) would you like to add to your current color story?  Please share…I would love to know your color thoughts!

Then, make sure that you always……


By Pamela Lutrell

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  1. I do like the outfits you put together here. You didn’t mention the pants you’re wearing with the red jacket… they look like they fit perfectly. Would you share the brand? As for the Pantone colors, I know I’d look best in the saturated colors and pastels have to be used in accessories (for me). I am always drawn to their neutrals, and the others have to grow on me! Usually what works best is spending some time walking through the stores to see what catches my eye. I’m not in need of things for spring and summer because that’s where I’m kind of overloaded. Winter is kind of lacking because everything is hidden under heavy coats. I’m definitely looking forward to spring and will get out to see what’s in the stores. Last year I added some beautiful sweaters in spring colors since it’s often cold into May. Looking forward to getting those out!

  2. Good morning, Karen. I am wearing in both pictures different pair of pull on jeggings…I have them from Chico’s and Talbot’s. In the orange zinnia jacket picture, I am wearing the Talbot’s jeggings. They are a great fit for me and on me they fit more like a slim fit pant. But I really like them and know I wear them often.

  3. I so love your “vintage” purple jacket, one of my favorite colors! The Pantone Dahlia is close to your jacket color. I also like the other saturated colors, especially Innuendo and Skydiver. Naturally, I would like the Snow White for basic color, but also like the lighter and darker grays. I’m also looking for more of the Pantone Color of the Year, the Veri Peri…that lovely purple-blue shade. Those reds from Chico’s are so pretty and available in so many different styles, but they appear to be orangey-reds rather than blue-reds. However, they fit your colors perfectly.

  4. I love this jacket and so glad I kept it through closet cleans! Yes! The reason I like the reds at Chico’s is they are orange reds…perfect for warm ladies!

  5. I love that shade of red, especially in a tank to wear with navy and khaki this summer. It was very pricey, but maybe it will go in sale. I’m seeing some price creep in clothing now. For a while, it seemed immune.

  6. Hi Linda,
    I understand with pricing. I always purchase on sale….one of the reasons I sign up for emails and, even with a couple of favorites, I do texting so that I see the FLASH SALES that happen randomly.
    There will be some President’s Day sales happening at the end of the week.

  7. Hi Pam! I was surprised to not see periwinkle on Pantone’s color chart. It’s one of my favorites, although I like most of the others with the exception of the pastels. I looked for your cheetah print shoes on the Dillard’s website. Are they the Alex Marie brand? Also, how do you find the fit? I’m a little hesitant to order sale shoes since it said that they’re final sale and non-returnable. They’re a great price! Thanks and enjoy this beautiful day!

  8. Hi Sharon, yes the shoes are Alex Marie! I got them because the fit was good, And they are a fun style. I walked around the store and they were comfy. Dillard’s does have that policy with clearance items so I understand they are a risk.

  9. Thanks again! I’ll give them a try. I like that they have a slight platform and they don’t look too narrow. We have a great shoe department in our Dillards, but I haven’t tried the Alex Marie brand. I saw where they also come in black and a silver color.

  10. I think Skydiver & Harbor Blue might look good on both cool & warm. I like Innuendo & Glacier Blue, & I think the pale pink would look very pretty with navy. I also would like to see the periwinkle color of the year in stores. I have been looking for a color like that for quite some time.

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